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Slash Meat Consumption and Avert Climate Catastrophe, Says New Blueprint for 'Sustainable Food Future' by 2050


This video should be broadcast instead of useless commercials.


I’ve seen it- thank you.


I’m sure you have. I hoped other posters might view it. PETA doesnt get the coverage it deserves.


Long time member of PETA and HSUS.


Plus when cattle graze, they use acres of land- and do we humans really need to drink cow’s milk- actually made for baby calves? Do cows drink human milk? Nope- wow that would be freaky!


It’s both consumption and population explosions.


Been a vegetarian myself, before becoming Vegan –
Wanted to be veggie when I was 6 years old, but family panicked.

There’s a wonderful artist now writing books for children on vegetarian menus/cooking.


Ruby Roth –


I am not sure if there is a corealation… but ever since I moved to a (mostly) plant based diet, my arthritis has all but disappeared. We need to stop eating dead animals!


Excellent logic, Greenwich.


Meat consumption should be slashed, because the current method to produce and sell at the cheap prices is bad for the animals, and the environment. Just as importantly, and rarely emphasized, is that cheap prices crowd out those farmers who consciously produce high quality grass-fed meat. The ultimate solution is not to deprive people, children especially, of nutrients they need to grow a big brain, but return to a grass fed, environmentally friendly meat.


I am vegan as well.


Kids do not grow a big brain by eating dead animals. You obviously do not care about ethics or other animals. People like YOU are the problem- you not only want to populate but to continue to eat meat.


Humans evolved as omnivores. There’s nothing immoral about eating animals. A wide variety of other animals do it as well. Are wolves immoral? Sharks? the lowly maggot?


Because cattle are herbivores, feeding them cattle products has helped generate mad cow disease. Not healthful to the cattle.


smile –

There seems to be a very large VEGAN movement in NJ –
but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from looking at prepared foods at our deli
counters or offered for catering. Or the “meat” counters of supermarkets.
Though, I have read reports of restaurants being “vegan-friendly.”


Excuse me- but that is your opinion, and I have mine.


Saying that a “wide variety of other animals” engage in a certain behavior in order to justify your own behavior is a little silly, don’t you think? They also eat their prey raw. Oh, and try walking about nekkid and then say to the judge that a “wide variety of other animals” also don’t wear clothes and see how that works out for you. It’s a common tactic, but so silly I can’t believe people using it have even thought about it for a second.

The fact is, we’re in a position to choose to eat what we please, and that is a moral choice we all make every day.


The evolution part isn’t opinion. As for the morality - is it immoral for any species to eat what it evolved to eat? Why are people different from other animals?


No it’s not “silly”, Humans evolved as omnivores. Why is it “immoral” for humans to eat meat, and not other animals.

As for walking around naked, there is nothing moral or immoral about that - although it can get you arrested in some places (but the whole question of morality v. law is another question for another day). As for eating food raw, there are people who love steak tartare, or fresh oysters.

Yes, people can eat as they please. Some people choose to eat meat, some choose not to. It’s not a moral question though - merely one of taste.


Other animals do not have quite the stunning intelligence of human beings and so we do not expect any sort of moral philosophy from them. It’s staggering to me that this even needs to be explained.

A few months back I read an article about chimps who went on a killing frenzy. They just ripped other chimps apart. This has been documented before. Are you sure you want to continue with your argument that animal behavior justifies human behavior, because then you’d be arguing that wholesale slaughter isn’t immoral, or perhaps you think those chimps should be arrested and have their day in court?

Many years ago I read about a guy who set a kitten on fire. If you scan the news, you’ll probably be able to find other examples of that kind of amazing cruelty without much difficult. Most people are repulsed by such acts, and yes, we question the perpetrator’s morality.

We live in a world in which it is no longer necessary to eat animals, and so yes, it’s a moral choice. When we choose to inflict harm without cause, morality and ethics come into play. I would have thought this is obvious.