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"Slave Ship Conditions" for Somalis as Deportation Flight Sheds Light on Horrific Practices Under Trump


"Slave Ship Conditions" for Somalis as Deportation Flight Sheds Light on Horrific Practices Under Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

For nearly 48 hours, before a deportation flight bound for Somalia was rerouted back to the U.S., 92 people on board were shackled and denied food, water, and access to bathrooms


“I’m not terribly convinced we’re deporting the worst of worst,” Hunter told the Guardian.

Partial “Worst of the Worst” list who should be “deported” to a prison cell:

  • Trump
  • Kushner
  • Flynn Sr.
  • Mannafort
  • Gates
  • Moore
  • Icahn
  • Arpaio
  • Bush
  • Cheney
  • Rumsfeld
  • Yoo


Of course not: They and their descendants–rapists, thieves, murderers, enslavers-- from Europe are still illegally occupying Turtle Island.


Reports indicate that a major U.S. military operation is getting underway in Somalia. Irrespective of the merits of the individual deportation cases, could we not have waited before we sent them into a war zone? Or have we lost our way utterly, a country that used to take pride in being humane and considerate, now adrift in fear.

Speaking of individual cases, ICE tells us that a large proportion are murderers and rapists, presumably while in the U.S., else how would ICE know? If so, shouldn’t we support the victims of their crimes by prosecuting them? By sending them to Somalia, they go scot free. Only a Trump, with no concept of justice or jurisprudence, would decry the clothing and feeding of criminals versus deporting them.


Given our history of slavery, theft and genocide, the US was NEVER humane. Oh but it likes to babble on about its “Christian” ethos.


Shackled? Seriously? This is eerily similar to Gestapo and Stasi behavior. The USA seems to be losing its moral compass. This isn’t about “security” at all. It is pure racism and xenophobia.
It is intentionally and unnecessarily cruel. There can be no excuse for this. If this does not bother most Americans, then we are truly in deep trouble.


Frankly, I don’t believe a damn thing ICE says. They are a bunch of sadistic goons who love their job way too much!


This is an astonishing new low for America, brought to us once again
by the right wing in America which seems to enjoy attacking the
vulnerable at every turn.
How long would Trump have survived these conditions?


Only them ?
I could ad a few more.


As far as rump and his cabal are concerned, its obvious to all to see that they believe brown skin = worst of the worst.


The inhumanity of man seems to be growing and tolerated at the highest levels. The evil even occupies the WH and Congress, ignoring all criticism and the common good or decency, putting a small minority ahead of millions - under trump.

The inhumanity often cites a “religious” base as rationale for their actions. That claim of religion has justified some of the most depraved actions, often against the most vulnerable of every demographic, black, white, native American, male and female, young and old - the following story/expose’ made me react and rocked me to my core, and I want to pass it along - even as enormously disturbing as it is - there are other crimes being committed this very moment. Claiming such heinous crimes this example portrays “are past” is not enough - and not true - a culture of abuse often becomes part of a system, institution, business, culture, or government. This depraved inhumanity is growing before our eyes at this moment in another guise…

"Steve Smith was just eight when his mother left him in the care of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, a Texas institution for at-risk children. From the moment he got there in 1959, the place didn’t sit right with him.

“I cried probably more than any boy that I know that came out [of] there, just homesick, and I didn’t take it very well.”

Almost immediately upon his arrival, Steve was subject to the first of many beatings. For the following decade, he endured regular and arbitrary violence at the hands of staff. He also had to watch helplessly as his younger brother, Rick, was beaten by adults until he couldn’t stand.
Along with the physical punishment, Steve’s pets were killed, and his friends were worked to the bone in atrocious conditions. Some boys, including Rick Smith, were also sexually abused while under the care of the ranch."

“Steve and I will die. We’ll go to our grave and I’ll guarantee you it’ll be one of the things we think about when we take that last breath: how they got away with it.”


Seems to be? You haven’t been paying attention for the last 2-1/2 centuries.


Sounds to me like ICE brought these people back to the US because they couldn’t get off in Senegal.
This is sucked for sure but is this seriously being compared to a trans Atlantic slave ship?

A few years back passengers on Air Canada flight were stuck on a plane for 12 hours in Vancouver.
A bit of hyperbole here methinks, because you know, Trump!!


It’s becoming much more openly thuggish, though. Let’s not minimize what’s going on.


“US federal district judge Darrin Gayles halted their deportation hours after lawyers filed a class action lawsuit against the government that alleged the Somalian immigrants were held in “inhumane conditions” on the airplane and faced heightened danger in Somalia because of subsequent media attention”


I just had a Facebook exchange with someone who actually said, regarding the children starving to death in destabilized Venezuela:

“Those people made their choice. Too bad for them.”


Slave-ship hyperbole, really? That’s messed up, CD.