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Slavery, Endless War, and Presidential Politics


Slavery, Endless War, and Presidential Politics

Robert C. Koehler

As I watched “unity” take hold of the Democratic Party this week, the believer in me wanted to be imbibe it — bottoms up.

Michelle Obama ignited the crowd. “That is the story of this country,” she said. “The story that has brought me to the stage tonight. The story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, who kept on striving, and hoping, and doing what needed to be done.”


Next week the media will refocus by ignoring Stein and making sure that only insignificant issues are discussed in the presidential election.

There are more slaves today on planet earth than there were when slaves built the White House. Add to that the ever increasing members of the 99% who fall into defacto slavery, whereby the owners don't need to purchase them, just work them until they are replaced by fresh defacto slaves. As wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1% expands this condition will be exacerbated.


Once again, thank you Mr. Koehler. If ever humanity needed a peace movement, it is now.


Thank you, Mr. Koehler. As far as I am concerned, endless war is THE major issue. I remember when the news showed the caskets of our dead being unloaded from air carriers. That 'disturbed' some people, so now MSM does not tell us anything about the death and destruction our MIC perpetrates on ourselves or others.

Out of sight, out of mind seems to be the strategy - unless, of course, an event here can be linked terrorism by 'those others'


Really good article.
Besides all of the lying and stealing of the election, the D party has shown it's reluctance to any rational change demanded by the Bernie revolution.

But as Mr. Koehler points out, the real elephant in the room is the militarization of this country. It has sucked the life out of everything we hold dear.
In the 60's it was anti-war that drove the revolt. This time, not so much. Even Sanders had little to say about it.

I am sooo voting for Jill Stein. Not being attached to the two party system frees her to say what we all know. The military industrial complex is out of control and is pushing for world dominance. Hillary is in full agreement. Even Trump knows we don't need to have bases all over the world to police the world.


Thanks for speaking up again, Mr. Koehler! A lone voice in a flood of propaganda that has little to do with the realities around us!


Hear Hear!! Koehler said the unspoken. If the goal is truth then Peace must be the target - sans conflict and violence - the road is rocky and full of hidden agendas, but the very immediate demand is for consultation. Pass the 'walking stick' around and let's listen to each other's views with compassion for the fears that are fed by the power-hungry few.
To be rich in integrity is to bring true wealth to those lacking in material riches. PEACE,,,,


Yes, but we have to elect somebody in November. And we have exactly four choices, two of which have statistically zero chance of being elected (and dubious qualifications to be President, it must be added), and one of which should never be elected in any universe. So what do we do? Not being sarcastic. . . I really don't know and would like any helpful pointers.


My father fought in WWII to eliminate fascism. Jill Stein wasn't able to garner even 3% of the vote in Massachusetts when she ran for governor in one of the most liberal states in the Country. Voting for Jill - who can't win votes in a local election and who has no real experience - is voting for Trump. I'm voting to continue the fight my father fought. And I, unlike many loud mouths, will continue to work for chance when the lights are dimmed and the rest of you all go back to whatever you were doing that wasn't political before now.


yep, right as rain, ray! capitalism presumes in defiance of all logic that our earth, gaia, is a virtual cornucopia of resources allowing humans to continually grow the economy and create wealth out of thin air. the earth is a closed system meaning once our natural resources diminish we continually get less return for our anthropocentric effort. at this time capitalism has created so much debt that even our ability to encourage renewables like food , clothing and building materials to maintain a growing population--over seven billion at last count--is dwarfed by the continuously growing debt. and yes! both war and climate change exacerbate the problem. it's high time we humans pull our collective head out from our wallets, tighten our belts and take care of our only home in the cosmos. because if we do not. . .?

the politicians make their appeal all about the shrinking middle class, never acknowledging the expanding numbers of destitute, homeless and hopeless. even the so-called richest few factor interest on uncollectible debt as economic growth. watch out! when this bloated bubble bursts things could get really ugly!


"Voting for Jill - who can't win votes in a local election and who has no real experience - is voting for Trump"

Does it work the other way around? In other words, I intend to vote for Trump. Does that mean that I am therefore voting for Jill? I'm confused...


oops! ray i meant to respond to your post, but accidentally responded to another excellent post by 'thylacine' who probably wonders why i began with "right as rain, ray!"


never Hillary.....start there.


Homage to Mars Rules in the modern form of the MIC renders this key item a 3rd rail:

"What he failed to call for is, at the very least, a discussion of the disastrous consequences and hemorrhaging costs of the American war machine, which is the primary cause of the nation’s social impoverishment."


I would add that it's not just about profit--it's about power through the control of citizens. And there's nothing like war abroad for circumscribing liberties (long-established ones, at that) at home. It's an old recipe.


This is the 2nd post of yours today that pillories fellow citizens as "sheeple."

Seems you're taking over for "andrew boston" today.

When people fight for a $15 wage...

When people collect to oppose the little that government officials are doing about climate change...

When people mobilize to fight fracking...

When people show up at Sanders' rallies hoping for a better life and more just society...

When several million showed up as Bush began the run-up to the endless wars...

It is the ELITES who have thwarted progress.

People know what's going on.

You refer to your FELLOW citizens as sheeple yet majorities, when polled, show they understand the issues and OPPOSE what the elites are doing.

And now, when the revolution begun under Sander's leadership is folded back into the Big Dem tent by every sort of hook and crook, you turn this INSULT upon the PEOPLE onto them... by blaming them.

This is what soldiers do, Thelma.

They first are taught that the citizens of Iraq are not human beings with families like their own. No. They are Sand n-----rs, or Haji.

That's what Hitler did to the Jews.

That's how the rabid cops can so nonchalantly fire upon innocent Black citizens.

This use of the term SHEEPLE when there's an obvious AWAKENING in progress is both a false characterization and one that places blame where it does not belong.

Frankly, I'm very tired of it.


Well, we don't exactly see the masses marching in the streets for peace. As long as we don't get all that heavy news coverage of war, like we did during Vietnam, we're OK with it.

Decades of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues. While liberals spent the last 8 years marching in solidarity to maintain the status quo for the middle class, Democrats resumed whittling away at Social Security last year, targeting the elderly poor and the disabled. Obama put his arm around Clinton and gave his final "F--- You, suckers" to masses of those who had voted for him. It would not have been possible for Democrats to dig up a more anti-poor, anti-New Deal pol than Hillary Clinton. This gives the election to Trump. (No, the poor, etc., are not voting for Trump or for Clinton who, after all, have strikingly similar ideologies.) Once again, the middle class alone will choose the next president.


Fighting to nudge up the minimum wage is critically important for those who are fortunate enough to have jobs. That was one of the most positive things to come out of this administration.

On cops killing black people, we can note that it has virtually been open season on the homeless poor for years, as they've been beaten, even killed, by citizens and cops alike. Most of these are white. There are no calls for justice, no interest, no concern. Their lives don't matter, and that's just wrong. (But we aren't supposed to talk about that.)

I hear people talking about that "awakening," and frankly, I've been hearing that same talk since the late 1970s. Meanwhile, hopeless poverty has only grown (albeit a bit more slowly), families in poverty continue to be torn apart, and the overall life expectancy has already fallen to age 60, thanks to the Clinton agenda.


"...a wonderful thing for the world if the USA and Russia worked together for World Peace."

The USA and Russia, represented by JFK and Nikita Khrushchev, had, through private negotiations with each other and Pope John XXIII, facilitated by Norman Cousins, made plans to end the Cold War, having been sobered by their clash during the Cuban Missile Crisis, going so far as to plan a joint venture to the Moon.
That was undermined by the Powers That Now Be in murdering JFK.

50 years later and here we are.

Read about it in James W. Douglass's work of Historical Non Fiction "JFK and the Unspeakable- Why He Died and Why it Matters."

Order it online, Bookstores won't stock it.


Mr. Koehler must be new to U.S. politics. Talk is cheap. U.S. politicians will say anything, promise anything, discuss anything to get elected. Once the votes are cast, their words are gone with wind and they go about serving their corporate, Wall Street and oligarchic masters. Anybody with even a cursory familiarity with politicians, i.e. Ms. Hillree, knows that it not what they say but what they do that counts. Another good example was Michelle Obama talk - only in a great country could she wake up in a White (supremacy) House built by slaves and watch HER privileged children play with their dog on the lawn. Then there is not-so-privileged Samaira Rice, who woke up in a ghetto and watched her 12 year-old son, Tamir, gunned down like a dog by the slave patrol. Why weren't any of the politicians talking about how the police will face no accountability for murdering a small black boy?