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'Sledgehammer to Permanently Silence Opposing Voices': Outrage Over Florida Gov. DeSantis' Proposed Anti-Protest Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/sledgehammer-permanently-silence-opposing-voices-outrage-over-florida-gov-desantis


De Satan wants to get a jump on new fascist controls. A complete fool, but a very dangerous one. He denigrated and derided blue states in the early stages of the Trumparonavirus, but itblew up in his face. I wonder how many snowbirds are staying home?


Their 2nd Amendment Trumps our First? If we dare protest; there’s a subordinate clause in the 13th Amendment, just for THAT? So our bitching, online is conspiracy? Protestors will be attacked and incarcerated for assulting police, strikers… trying to avoid infecting loved ones & coworkers will be imprisoned?


So DeSantis is not only a moron for his handling of Covid-19 in Florida; he is also a fascist.


According to the U.S. Crisis Monitor—a joint project between the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) and the Bridging Divides Initiative at Princeton University—over 93% of this year’s racial justice protests have been peaceful.

But almost all of those have blocked or disrupted traffic - and as everybody knows, in the USA, the rights of cars always trump the rights of people.

This measure alone, of course, basically outlaws all effective mass protests except those the government agrees with and provides a "permit’ for.


Is an anarchist jurisdiction an oxymoron?


Dark days, America. Good luck to you all.


And when any case gets to the trump/GOP scotus, wham! its all “legal”, slicker than snot!

Four more years? you all better think again and do something now cause this fascist shite will eventually come for you!


This guy DeSantis is a dangerous banana republic dictator and should be removed from politics ASAP


And Obama squashed Occupy Wall Street. Nothing would make elected officials happier than seeing the right to protest end, so they chip, chip, chip away at it.


What a horrible thing to say to those of us stuck in the u.s. . . . those of us who have been advocates for peace, social and environmental justice our whole lives.

This is like telling people who were targeted by Hitler in Germany: “dark days in Germany—good luck to you all”.

Very insensitive and counterproductive.


I am seeing/feeling what this article (interview with Dahr Jamail) linked below describes on a daily basis in the rural communities where I live in the upper midwest:

Who here feels it takes nerves of steel just to read the news on a daily basis? We are now living in a low-grade war zone in this country. If you go to any of these Black Lives Matter protests on any given day, at least subconsciously, you know you could die. A white nationalist could show up and drive a car through that demonstration or show up with an AR-15 and go off. You could get COVID-19. I mean, there are multiple threats to our health right now.

Understand the psychic trauma and the psychic stress that we’re all living under in this country, at this time; meanwhile the empire is essentially in its last stage. This is where it eats itself and starts attacking its own citizens.

These protests are more than just people yelling at you. People are brandishing guns and might shoot you for even participating. Going out in public, seeing people driving around with Trump flags. There’s this feeling in the air that, We are in a war zone, we have factions of our society that are willing to engage in armed conflict with whole segments of the population. And then you have the Trump campaign posting ads on Facebook(h-ttps://www.vox.com/recode/2020/6/18/21295226/facebook-trump-campaign-nazi-symbol-antifa) , for instance, dog-whistling to white nationalists and white supremacists.

Usually there’s a pickup truck, either grossly oversized or rather beat up, flying an oversized American flag in the back of it. Oftentimes there’s been some adaptation, there’s either no muffler or a louder muffler installed, and sometimes you can even see their weapon in the back of it, or not, maybe it’s concealed. It’s an intentional show of force.

In Iraq, this was a common tactic, just as the U.S. military would run patrols all around Baghdad and other cities, letting people be aware that you are under occupation and we are the ones in control now. That’s a tactic with the U.S. military, and it’s a tactic adopted by these militias. There’s been a dramatic increase of the number of these people driving around on the roads, especially in the small town where I live, which is largely progressive politically. That’s not by accident, that’s by design.



LOL Yes, it is.

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Antifascists could safely put a stop to these idiotic “Trump Truck Parades” by using paintball guns.


Thanks for these visceral posts - it helps - a lot.

That bad - well, I shouldn’t be surprised.

There is definitely a mega trend underway - towards a police state -

Are there islands of security - New York City perhaps, or NY State ? California & the West Coast ?

Anywhere in between ?


Anarchist jurisdictions are regions of real democracy able to assist focus of distributed intelligence within a population.

Seattle, New York and Portland must be advanced. Possibly not quite to the level of Venezuela, yet advanced enough to attract hostile democracy crushing US government attention.


Who knew compassion was such a terrible crime?


No. Not at all. Anarchy is actually a quite demanding effort to maintain focus of distributed human intelligence.

Anarchy means focused human intelligence without a leader. That is no easy task. It requires participation. A political entity in, for example, Portland and Seattle, with ability to focus distributed intelligence of millions, is an anarchist jurisdiction of immense power smack dab in the heart of Pacifica.

You are correct about the rights of vehicles and property being more important to the power elite and the police than the rights of humans and the First Amendment.
DeSantis would have been fine if a group of KKK thugs in trucks had run over the protesters in Selma.
He’s former military and a hit man for empire, as well as a Trumpsucker.


Read the truthout article - systemic PTSD - one way of putting it. Moral outrage & moral injury might be another.

But with those police departments looking dark - pretty much everywhere it seems ? - and those white militias actually killing and getting praise from Trump - that’s definitive in my mind - fascism has come to the USA. Too bad Cohen is not here to help out.

Vandana Shiva has an article here on CD - on Bill Gates and the world situation in general.

On the Vandana/Bill Gates thread, @wildfire said:

“In response to the way this ends…I think it’s going to take some kind of “stop the machine” movement to rescue both biodiversity and humanity. It simply will not happen via reforms, by voting in the right people and hoping they will pass the legislation we need. But the madness of the likes of Gates, their refusal to accept any limits, coupled with their power, lead predictably to breakdown. Breakdown is the one thing that finally breaks their hold on power–after that, every community will self organize in myriad different ways, some horrible and some wonderful.”


That’s been my sense for sometime - too little too late - breakdown is coming - and if this is a method of breaking the power structure now in place - well - a silver lining around a very dark cloud.