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Sleeping Outside Is Not Voluntary Conduct: The Homeless Fight Back


Sleeping Outside Is Not Voluntary Conduct: The Homeless Fight Back

Fighting back against clueless city officials who believe homelessness should be even more difficult so it won't seem so enticing to so many, several homeless men are suing Manteca, CA. for passing ordinances last year banning encampments, sleeping outside or urination in public. Arguing poor doesn't equal criminal, one homeless man explains what shouldn't need explaining: “Sometimes things happen and people fall off their feet (but) I shouldn’t be arrested and dragged off."


Ain't Deregulated Capitalism grand?


"Land of the free and the home of the brave" - NOT .
America - a Christian nation - most emphatically NOT - our Bible-thumping politicians notwithstanding .


The obscenity of disparity between rich and poor is growing far beyond any justification or rationalization. The ultra wealthy live lives of opulance and ease undreamed-of by most, and along with corporate pirates evade fair taxation via elected representatives, corrupted by the wealth of the few, who now serve those who give the most in campaign-contribution bribes instead of the people! The now sanctified notion that "money equals free-speach" is as vile, corrupt, and distorted, fabricated vision of democracy and one-person, one-vote, as any evil dictatorships iron-grip on power!

To have millions so poor and dispossessed that they are hungry and homeless and lack basic human necessities/rights while the uber-wealthy feast and luxuriate in their purchased status is truly an obscenity - there will probably always be "rich and poor" but the power to corrupt through accumulated wealth and the corresponding hopelessness of those who, for whatever reasons, have no power or ability to change their existance to even very modest lives makes any nation morally bankrupt and close to death or violent revolution. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!




Once California gave birth of a legendary novelist, Steinbeck who was once regarded as a great humanist. But if he is alive today then he would be more despaired that his birthplace remains unchanged even after so many years. The great depression reappears and turns to great repression. I have a question to the government officials where these poor and homeless will go. They didn't arrive to this stage not by their choice.


I think you mis-spelled "has grown".


Exactly so, thank you Mairead. mea maxima culpa.......


Deregulated Capitalism has lead to Corporate Feudalism-
I can hardly wait for the Fascist TPP to rear it's ugly head-


Yeah Stuart,

TPP equals Corporate Anarchy. The fox guarding the chicken coup. We are going to be so screwed it's not even funny. We are planting fruit trees like crazy and boycotting everything from Wall Street as much as we can.

Congrats on become a Regular!


Thanks TJ- Hope all is well with you and yours! And good luck with those fruit trees-