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Sleepwalking to Another Mideast Disaster


Sleepwalking to Another Mideast Disaster

Robert Parry

If sanity ruled U.S. foreign policy, American diplomats would be pushing frantically for serious power-sharing negotiations between Syria’s secular government and whatever rational people remain in the opposition – and then hope that the combination could turn back the military advances of the Islamic State and/or Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front.


"The danger from Obama’s elitist – and manipulative – attitude toward information is that it eviscerates the American people’s fundamental right to know what is going on in the world and thus denies them a meaningful say in matters of war or peace."

Robert, I’m sure you would probably agree: Obama et al. have no interest in providing the American people with a meaningful say in matter of war or peace… nor in many other matters.


Did Zinn really assert that Ford and Carter were “worse presidents” than Nixon? Not saying they were “good,” but did Zinn actually say they were progressively worse than Nixon?


For some time, through numerous office-holders, i’ve been telling my friends that we have “the worst president in US history.” i probably would not have said that of Ford or Carter, although i was younger then…

i know Carter published the Carter Doctrine, asserting the Middle East oil reserves were a strategic US interest that the US was willing to go to war for. And he started the massive nuclear escalation that is associated primarily with Reagan. And, what, E Timor? No that was Ford / Kissinger. Bad president, bad president!


This is why we need to get rid of these Interventionist/Neo/Cons. Because they’re taking the world to Nuclear War if they are allow to proceed.
Take a look at the video of what was drop on Yemen twice a few weeks ago.


“the American people are being led toward the precipice of another Middle East war, guided by neocons and liberal hawks who are set on “regime change””

Neo-liberals, not “liberal hawks” which is an oxymoron.


It again needs to be pointed out that the US state department meddles in Macedonia attempting to force regime change in that country as well.

Regime change in Syria will allow a US backed initiative to use that Country as a corrider to get Natural gas to the EU. Regime change in Macedonia is to get the Government of Macedonia to change its policies regarding its promotion of a Russian backed pipeline that bypasses the Ukraine running into that country.

US backed destabilization attempts in Syria, the Ukraine and Macedonia are all linked. The US wants to ensure it controls transit corriders(especially of energy) into Western Europe so as to ensure West Europe remains under the dominion of its Empire. They need to maintain Empire so as to ensure the Empires currency remains the reserve currency otherwise it game over for “The world’s only superpower”.


“But sanity doesn’t rule. Instead, the ever-influential neocons and their liberal-hawk allies can’t get beyond the idea of a U.S. military campaign to destroy President Bashar al-Assad’s army and force “regime change” – even if the almost certain outcome would be the black flag of Islamic nihilism flying over Damascus.”

Sanity doesn’t rule because reliance upon, identification with, and homage to weaponry is all part of a complex that astrologers identify as Mars’ rules! It’s a make-war paradigm that creates enormous profits (for a few) from war, and then uses war to create yet more war. Of course, it’s insane! But so long as dominators can dominate society through political, financial, media-focused control of messaging influence, and brute power… the maniacs at the top who use war for their own profits and privileges will continue to make it.

Destabilizing regions and inflaming ancient internecine conflicts is GOOD for business; when business is of the make-war, MIC-oriented type. Israel is a loyal client, but many here have a kneejerk need to make Israel into THE central player. This is fascinating since it takes the spotlight off their own nation’s FAR greater reputation and history for using war, violent methods, naked aggression, and Force First.


“So, “regime change” remains the neocon prescription for Syria, one that was almost fulfilled in summer 2013 after a mysterious sarin gas attack on Aug. 21, 2013, outside Damascus – that the U.S. government and mainstream media rushed to blame on Assad, although some U.S. intelligence analysts suspected early on that it was a provocation by rebel extremists.”

Wow. The above is indicative of rather “short attention span memory theater” in that the Bush Administration’s key neo-cons made perfectly clear that a NUMBER of nations (the so-called “axis of evil”) was due for “regime change,” and so did the Project for a New American Century.

Just as inroads into S. E Asia called for the constant re-articulation of The Domino Theory; for the Middle East, it’s the Regime Change theory.

A 4th grade student could connect enough dots to logically conclude that the pattern of bludgeoning a nation always divides its existing survivors into struggling forces willing to fight each other for whatever security they can eke out. This “program” has smashed Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan, Mali, Yemen, and Syria. It is a recipe FOR disaster; yet the ruling Disaster Capitalists are enamored with this particular protocol since being sociopaths, the HUMAN costs and ruination of nature (in such things as trails of Depleted Uranium left behind to ensure high Cancer levels and birth abnormalities to future generations) are immaterial to them. Only power, profits, and control of the masses matters to this toxic group.

Matters are SO sick and SO out of balance that whether David Icke is correct, that a different reptilian-like (being callous & cold-blooded) blood-line is “at the wheel,” or rather it’s more in keeping with Tom Sheridan’s research on sociopaths and their dominance in the modern world’s pecking order, or some New World Order featuring the old royal families, the Vatican, and old money… the bottom line is that this ilk seems intent upon destroying lots of nations and likely culling the human herd. Their nonchalance about Monsanto’s dangerous practices, the impacts of deep sea oil drilling, fracking, and nuclear plants added to the dire prospects of massive global trafficking in arms’ sales all support this thesis.


“Even in the propaganda-crazy days of the Reagan administration, I found it easier to consult with intelligence analysts than I do now. While those Reagan-era analysts might have had orders to spin me, they also would give up some valuable insights in the process. Today, there is much more fear among analysts that they might stray an inch too far and get prosecuted.”

And the above has nothing to do with 911, right? When Germany experienced its Reichstag fire, immediately instituted were protocols aimed at decimating Civil Liberties under the guise of protecting citizens against terrorists. Sound familiar?

So much of what passes for U.S. policy after the seminal false flag event is directly modeled after Nazi Germany down to its omnipresent Stasi state keeping tabs, its necessary scapegoat (this time, an alternative Semite people), and its expert and extensive use of propaganda.

How about the relevant back-story when making a comment of this nature, Mr. Parry? Time is imbued with quality, and each decade expresses its own flavor as time pulses between periods of expanded freedom and contracted freedom… for most. It’s not difficult to guess which cycle phase humanity is now in.

This IS an excellent insight & observation:

“This problem is made worse by a mainstream U.S. news media that marches in lockstep with neoconservatives and their “liberal interventionist” sidekicks, narrowing the permitted policy options and guiding an enfeebled public to a preordained conclusion – as New York Times correspondent Anne Barnard has done over the past two days.”


Again, this is making the matter about individual Presidential personalities and leaving out the far more comprehensive picture. Since you borrowed from my observation in your earlier comment, how things are framed to blame the victim, I hazard this info knowing that you and your pals will likely lift it and use it as if it were your own insight. Nonetheless:

A progression of events is at work that’s allowed control by a few of many previous entities that answered directly TO the public. I think it’s been gamed for decades… and like pieces on a chessboard, the parts have GRADUALLY been moved into place. (Checkmate for “the masses” is its goal.)

Jeanine Wedel documented the process of privatizing previous govt. functions in order to not only put them into for-profit private hands, but essentially erase any command chain of accountability.

Without Reagan’s “ah shucks” hillbilly charm in his demonization of government, the public consciousness would not have been massaged sufficiently to allow in the full-scale privatization efforts of “bi-partisan” master, Clinton.

So the banks end up deregulated with the wall separating pure speculation from genuine investment banking torn down.

And the Fairness Doctrine is eradicated so that a handful of corporations can control media and therefore, the STORIES that the public is fed, 24/7.

And trade is deregulated through treaties that began the Exodus of good jobs OUT of the U.S. while starting a process intended to diminish safety, labor, and environmental standards across the board. (The maturation of this incentive is TIPP and the TPP).

Welfare as “we know it” is ended and compassion vacuum-suctioned out of the equation.

In this era, Thatcher said there WAS no alternative to the neo-con model, and the “700 Club” began the process of indoctrinating millions of conservative Christians to a pro-war (in the Middle East) philosophy.

Financial changes associated with lots of mergers and acquisitions also sent rents sky-high and universities had to campaign for high-dollar donors just as political candidates do. That meant that corporations began to influence content particularly with respect to the types of research (hello–Monsanto and behavior mod. drugs) funded.

My point is that all of these (and other) phenomena took place to create a climate conducive to all-out corporate control.

Add in a particularly odious Supreme Court and all that was needed was a spark like 911 to immediately rollback all significant Civil Liberties, mug the press and call it patriotism, silence critics in academe, and call on the conservative churches to anesthetize their congregations to the vile sin of War of Aggression.

Carter’s doctrine set forth a philosophy that made the plunder of the Middle East–primarily by associating oil access with National Security–a staple of U.S. foreign policy. Nonetheless, each of these administrations built upon the sins of its predecessors in a chain of events that was planned by the same covert Deep State “coup-sters” who set up the NSA, imported countless Nazis (via Project Paperclip), got rid of JFK, Bobby, and Dr. King, and have been able to 'take the gloves off" since they pulled off 9ll and used it as a false pretext for not only destroying the M.E, but giving Civil Liberties the FINAL kiss of death.


Again, emphasis on individual player rather than the progression of events that made all this graft, corruption, and duopoly deceptions possible.

Is it juvenile on the part of those assigned this thread? Or that as boys, they can’t help but identify with the Team Sport construct…

Your post reads like a dog trainer, “Down, bad dog. Down! Now!”

Hmm… Do you intel guys have a workbook along the lines of “Dick and Jane” readers?


I agree but would add that these efforts are also in place to block a Soviet-Chinese alliance that will send gas to Europe and expand markets throughout South East Asia and the Middle East. (Pepe Escobar has written on this in detail.) The U.S currency is paper backed by little more than military muscle and other nations are aware of the graft; nor does Putin want NATO in his backyard; nor does China want an Asian pivot up its metaphorical ass.


Again… drumming in this idea of INDIVIDUAL presidential players on some kind of ranking (sports style) sheet… and ignoring the constellation of influences that allowed for press, TV, courts, academe, churches, and congress to fall under thrall to corporate monetary interests.

The emphasis on People Magazine style “personality politics” is an adjunct to the “blame voters/citizens” clause that was the #1 meme propped up in this forum’s threads.

People who push these frames don’t WANT to discuss the issues in-depth. Much easier to just tag a President as bad, or worse than this one or that one and leave the matter at this superficial level of purported discourse.

I say it’s planned Talking Points as predictable as the pro-nuke power shills showing up after every oil spill or earthquake compromising these effete technologies, and as predictable as those who can’t frame any argument outside of blaming Democrats or Progressives for what they are not in a position to stop… as if the incapacity to stop the BEAST is the same thing as being responsible for its actions.


Correct. The destabilization of the Ukraine and Macedonia have nothing to do with Israel.


Yes I would agree. In a recent speech Putin indicated that Russia had long known that the CIA was behind the rebellion in Chechnya and provided arms and training to the same. They kept this intelligence close to the vest for Diplomatic reasons. The attempt yto destabilize Russia before that nation could reestablish itself as a world power is a long standing one.

Much like the PNAC documents the book “The Grand Chessboard” reveals a lot about US intentions towards Russia. In the chapter called The Global Balkans the author outlines how nations are to be broken up and Balkanized into smaller states even as the USA remains unified so as to dominate the globe.


Thanks for that. Can you suggest reading?


“It’s a make-war paradigm that creates enormous profits from war, and then uses war those profits to create yet more war.”

I think my correction reflects what you meant.


Global research has articles on this . Look for an article called "Macedomian Patriots defend against another color revolution. Also look for anything by Pepe Escobar. He writes a lot on the energy angle.

For a much borader perspective as to how the ultimate goal here is the balkanization of various nation states so that there no rivals to US power and dominance look to the book “The grand Chessboard” by Zbigniew Brzezinski


There is nothing truly new under the sun. We are all learning here. If people learn from your insight, then please relish this victory, for in the absence of a special pedestal here on CD, that sort of victory is the best that any of us here on CD can ever hope for. Either the information you provide will be absorbed and re-used, which I hope is what you actually want, or it will be ignored, and the fact that you posted at all tells me that you dont want that.

Your point is well taken. Deep down, I sure I knew it, somehow, but listing the ways in which this happened helps it to gel. I would like to see it developed further.