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Slip-on-the-Wrist Sentence for Petraeus Reveals 'Leak Prosecution Double Standard'


Slip-on-the-Wrist Sentence for Petraeus Reveals 'Leak Prosecution Double Standard'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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The light sentence a federal court gave Gen. David Petraeus on Thursday is indicative of the hypocrisy in the two-tiered justice system that aims to aggressively punish whistleblowers, rights groups have charged.


OK, so does Mr. P have to wear just one tiny slip on one wrist, or does he have to wear one on each wrist? Or could it mean that he has to wear one of Ms. Broadwell's full size slips on one or both of his wrists? I supposed that would be at least an inconvenience to him for a couple of years in areas like fishing for instance. But still much better than going to jail, but more of a pain than a slap-on-the-wrist sentence...


It would appear as if privilege has its' perks.


Another fine achievement from the "Mission Accomplished" gang.


Rank does have its privileges (and money is power vis-a-vis, Gen. P. is a multi-millionaire with deep pockets to pay a battery of attorneys in order to keep his case ongoing until he could potentially see complete exoneration). As it now stands, he simply steps over this miniscule "bump-in-the-road" and continues commanding huge speaker's fees paid by his adoring conservatives to whom he panders unashamedly.


Too bad. A jail sentence would send a message to him and the other criminals in the pentagon...Since this IS a felony conviction, it will cost him his security clearance and prevent him from being hired by the government again... I don't know how you stop the war mongerers from giving him fat speaking contracts.


The two-tiered system makes the "rule of law" a joke. The corporate government has no moral/ethical compass. The whistleblowers are trying to live up to the values upon which the US was based. It makes me gag everytime I hear Obama and others talk about the US as THE exceptional nation, paying lip service to these fundamental values while trashing them at the same time. How much more injustice are people going to put up with? How long with the people's anger simmer? How long until it boils over and burns the oppressors?


The Laws are just fine, it is the Application of the laws, in an unequal manner, that is the problem! Justice is Blind, Man, not so much.


If the General had obtained a banking charter, the fine would have been less and there would have been no probation..


Quote from NYT, 4-23-15.
A two-tiered justice system demonstrates a complete disrespect for American citizens by our government. The very foundations of our Nation are crumbling as this democracy is consumed by oligarchy. Our Bill of Rights and Constitution give we the people a chance to save ourselves and create the country that never was intended by a few but never was.


The quote by NYT:
Mr. Petraeus had been a vocal advocate for the close protection of classified information by government officials. “Oaths do matter,” he said in October 2012 after a C.I.A. officer accepted a plea agreement for disclosing sensitive information, “and there are indeed consequences for those who believe they are above the laws that protect our fellow officers and enable American intelligence agencies to operate with the requisite degree of secrecy.”


He should be in Chelsea's cell but Chelsea should be freed immediately!