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'Slippery Slope to Dictatorship': Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections


'Slippery Slope to Dictatorship': Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections

Julia Conley, staff writer

Identifying it as part of the "slippery slope to dictatorship," critics are pointing to a new poll as evidence that Trump's base would likely support him even if he were to propose postponing the 2020 elections.


It’s nice the see the GOP’s commitment to democracy laid bare.


More evidence that the republican party is a domestic terrorist organization intent on overthrowing democracy.


The way the GOP (mis)leadership lets DJT (or his puppeteers) do whatever he wants to do to destroy freedoms, suggests those same misleaders would let DJT do what he did to the 13 year old – to their own mothers, wives, and daughters–and they would not just allow it, but sit, watch and sell programs as well.

But would they cheer?


B-b-but the Democrats and their followers are at least as bad!


Anyone here having serious levels of anxiety alternating with depression - with physical symptoms and all? I’ve had some problems with this on and off since Jan 20, 2001, getting worse on Sept 11, 2001 - but boy the symptoms really exploded starting on November 9, 2016. Only sleep and dreams are providing for a temporary escape. Anyone here seeing a therapist? Is it helping? What about meds - Effexor, various SSRI’s or the like? (this is a serious post)


If the GOPers allow elections and we survive, we may have to swallow our bile and gather round Democrats, Progressive Democrats.

Progressives might be wary of Koch backed phonies calling for a third party to divide and conquer, a logical tactic.


Natureboy! Your job is to promote Direct Democracy! Don’t let go of your vision - we need it, and you.


Yes 68% and 52% sound scary. But let’s not forget that his base is, AT BEST, 25% of the American public. I still think the overwhelming majority of Americans would push back hard against any type of attempted voter coup. We may LOOK like Nazi Germany in its lead up to Hitler and his fascist state, but the dynamics are entirely different. For one thing, our democracy, such as it has been flawed and all, is still ingrained in the psyche of the people, and I think any true attempt to take away the promise ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ will ultimately fail.


Yes, just like they pushed back against the coups on 11/22/1963 and 9/11/2001, and of course the chadless coup in Florida where GWB was selected President.

What really happens is the media and government manipulate the populace so that all Loyal Americans will “Stand United” behind the Flag while our liberties and freedom are stripped away.


Thank you LadyK.

How powerful is a Direct Democracy?


“The role of media in influencing minds is critical and today’s highly monopolized and corporate controlled media gives large capital greater influence than ever, we have to think of ways of combating monopolized control over knowledge, information and analysis”


Ha, ha, a’ ha, ha! I’ve been speculating on the possibility of Donald Trump calling off the upcoming Congressional election for several weeks now. However, I thought such would be because of a “terrorist threat” or some such nonsense, but perhaps not. Perhaps it will be because of “VOTER FRAUD”! Ah, the “post-modern” age where facts are non-existent, so that despite what passed for evidence in “modernism”, now passes for “alternate facts”. Yes, although Damnocraps are hopelessly wandering within the “New Democrats” policy desert of William and Hillary Clinton, they are the only alternative to the Republican disastrous failure. Although with a dim sense of policy, Republicans are still little better than the destitute Democrats, stumbling among the ruins wrought by the chaos of the Trump administration, and fecklessness of Congressional Republican policy confronting strong public disapproval.

Confronted with a political system devoid of the ability to govern, commensurate with a society of ever increasing class separation, I am despondent. Not metaphorically so, but literally so. Neither is there intellectual hope. Still dedicated to the STEM disciplines in desperate prayer of material salvation, when such cannot resolve the ethical, social, and cultural, no substitute for devastation comprising the contemporary American sociopolitical environment is forthcoming.

Considerate of this, I am despondent. The American population is trapped within a post-apocalyptic world with no identifiable way out. Indeed, eyes are averted from what is, supplanted by the hollow ring of repeated declarations of being “The Greatest Country”! The America of now is like a child walking through the dark repeating, “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared”. Well, I am scared, despondently so.


Talking with like-minded friends and family always helps as does Xanax when the anxiety level elevates to unbearable levels: XANAX - Alprazolam is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It belongs to a class of medications called benzodiazepines which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a calming effect. It works by enhancing the effects of a certain natural chemical in the body (GABA). Effexor did not work and served only to exacerbate depression and had beaucoup side affects (severe headaches, increased anxiety, nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc.).


Our nation under the tryanny of the current unhinged iconclast, has slid down to the cliff’s edge and is hanging on for dear life.


Thinking Germans in the 20’s and 30’s, "It can’t happen here, it can’t happen here, it can’t…What? Oh damn, Seig Heil! Seig Heil! Seig Heil"


These voters on the right have been subjected on conservative talk radio and in other places to so many lies about African Americans cheating that it is not surprising that they believe there is widespread voter fraud, which is dog whistle language for African Americans voting multiple times. How many stories were there about African American cheating on welfare payments. The welfare queen stories were well known. There is a lot of anger out there about widespread cheating by African American on all kinds of government benefits and then there is this belief that the Democrats are winning elections because so many African Americans are casting more then one vote. I think these Trump supporters really believe they would be saving democracy from being undermined by voter fraud. When so many people believe in lies such as the case now in the right echo chamber, democracy is in trouble. And this is being compounded by fake news distributed through Facebook news feeds and journalists being silenced on Twitter by coordinated personal attacks as well as lies being spread though Google searches with mostly right wing websites winding up at the top of the list. Search for global warming and see what happens. I don’t think that many Americans would support a dictatorship but they believe so many lies from the right wing machine that they can be fooled into supporting a dictatorship. That is how Hitler got support, by lying about Jews.


Yes, the 25% who are mostly represented by the Freedom Caucus in the House. And, a 3rd Way Republicrat coalition in the Senate. Has anyone taken the time to ask them, " Whose freedom are we talking about, here? Why are Corporate Dems and Republican moderates always in charge? "
And, the Sanders supporters and the alt-left ( not necessarily my label ) we ill be thrown into the developing " political and economic sacrifice zone " by this right-center ( consensus ) and the hard right. The striped flags of so-called incrementalists, conservatives and dulll nativists will wave in unison, hanging from something resembling a damn thin barber’s pole. But, in the end, they all turn into just a bunch of Sweeney Todds, in new suits and formals.

This is exactly what makes the term Centrist Democrat a swear word and deadly epitaph in this country. 40-45% of the country is very progressive, left-center in economic positions, personal freedom and multi-cultural orientation. But, again and again. we have to put up with a political system that only caters to the this center-right and right wing, Big Brother and Big Mother, type of governing politics.
The only identity politics that seem to matter is comforting wealthy and middle class white folks.
Who get to salute those patriotic flags, hanging from that old barber pole, flapping in the dirty breeze. A false, Norman Rockwell kind of Main Street patriotism, if there ever was one. We’ve all seen this b.s. before.Trumplandia is for Real, Red-Blooded Americans. Only! Got that? Only!
It’s all getting very tiresome.


Mindfulness meditation and exercise, IMO, are better than meds in the long run. However, if in serious distress, discuss it with a mental health expert you think you can trust.


Who says that? The results in this poll are horrible, but let’s not pretend that many Democrats (especially in power) are democratic. If they want to continue on with policies that the public doesn’t want because of corruption, that isn’t democratic, and continuing on with those policies has contributed to the anger that people feel against this system. There’s a large gap between public opinion and government policy, and studies show that the rich get what they want policy wise. The right wing fascists are open to cancelling elections, and many in the DNC want to make it so that we can’t change much of anything through elections, cause no matter who wins, they won’t change many things that need changing and won’t change things the public wants them to. I also think that lots of people in both parties do in fact have authoritarian mindsets, in the sense that they don’t think for themselves but instead listen to propaganda that tells them how to think. The right wing is worse, without any doubt in my mind, but I could not reason with many people that were full on for Clinton during the primaries. There was no facts or logic that could pry them away from the DNC propaganda, and many of them are still lost to reason. I think that this poll just shows a more extreme and potentially violent variant of an anti-democratic mood in the country that takes many forms. From where I am standing, democracy has been slowly dying in this country for a long time.