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'Slippery Slope to Dictatorship': Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections


This “poll” of trump supporters and people who obviously will believe any political red-meat lies means little or nothing. We know what they believe and “think” - clearly education has failed us and not by accident (along with the Fourth Estate) - the trump support (at this point in time) is in the neighborhood of 30% and falling fast.

"Our recent survey interviewed a sample of 1,325, then focused on 650 of those respondents who identify with or lean toward the Republican Party and supposedly “suggests” (a very very long stretch) about half of “Republicans” would agree to postpone elections if trump and/or Congress agreed - utter nonsense garbage…even for R’Cons and mindless trump supporters…This rubbish warrants a spot on CD??? Are you freakin kiddin me?

Sanctioning actual treason and a de facto coup is a far different reality than some hypothetical scenario asked of a selected 650 respondents “who identify with or lean toward the Republican Party”…and this leads to all this BS speculation and agita - WTF?

These “pollsters” and their findings “suggests” nothing except trump voters are idiots…and whoever included this rubbish has failed due diligence…


Do you think the policies that people like Clinton have supported have helped to feed into the anger that people feel towards, and the alienation from, the political system and the government? People need to keep in mind that only a quarter of the country now identifies with the Republican Party. So, we’re talking about right wing fascist and racist elements that have always been present in our society. I don’t think there’s evidence that these groups are growing, they’re just emboldened. Seems that people are largely showing their anger at the system not by supporting Trump, since he entered office with support from only about a quarter of the voting age population and is now historically unpopular, but by simply not voting. Turnout in the last two elections was abysmal, and the DCCC is now going forward with a dated (and intentionally tone deaf) strategy that is guaranteed to keep that trajectory going. They aren’t proposing much of anything that will get people to really want to vote, and I don’t think they care if they lose to the Republicans as long as the left doesn’t win. Even if the Democrats do take over in the Senate or something, if many of them are the types that the DCCC is targeting, what the hell will it matter? Policy wise, they have no solutions and will not put in place popular and progressive policies. So, what’s the point of voting from the perspective of most people? I’ll vote, but even I don’t see much of the point anymore, since few politicians that get support from the donors have any damn solutions.


Perhaps not but they sure are enablers with their limp dick resistance.


to sum up, I think, it’s mostly an indictment of the iron grip that partisan propaganda has on the remaining faithful in the US.

Fortunately, the superfans of both parties are now a minority. People are coming around. Thy’re just trying to figure out what to do about it.


I’ve been open about my life long struggle with anxiety/depression on this forum, so I sincerely empathize.

As EdsNote notes, mindfulness meditation along with exercise is very beneficial. I tried an SSRI just long enough to know that it was NOT for me. I hated the feeling of dullness and detachment.

High CBD cannabis strains, and especially standardized CBD products provide an excellent lowering of anxiety and depression as a temporary respite, and are NOT addictive physically or mentally. High CBD strains and standardized products do not produce any strong high typically associated with cannabis use.

I use such typically in just a few hours prior to sleep, as a means to experience anxiety relief, a bit of euphoria, and to reconnect with my artistic side still in tact despite the fucking craziness and stress that has become our collective experience in the US.

If you are in a state that hasn’t legalized cannabis medically or otherwise, there are some companies that sell CBD products derived from hemp, and ship to those states. There is some ambiguity as to the actual legality, but orders are indeed processed and shipped.

For what it’s worth, there you go Yunzer.

Hang in there.


"Identifying it as part of the “slippery slope to dictatorship,” critics are pointing to a new poll as evidence that Trump’s base would likely support him even if he were to propose postponing the 2020 elections."
Slow day at CD???
DT has been trying (along with the other crappy politicians from both sides of the aisle) to do “changes” and he has been mostly stopped…to contemplate NKorea and how much he is driven to war posture…
Gimme a break!
And, since I’m on the subject of crappy news and DT AND NK…Kim Jung should tell DT to blow it all out his A#$!!
Do some deep research on the history of the US/Japan/Korea from the early part of the 20th Century…you might learn something.



A therapist and Trintellix are helping. But I know I’m still living the Amerikkkan nightmare.
This is the worst administration I have witnessed in my fifty-nine years. Time to levitate The White House and dump out the trash.
As Psychedelic Chicken clucked about above. Cannabis Sativa/Indica have provided sound sleep, improved mood and some back pain relief.:maple_leaf:


You’re looking at wag the dog, writ large, on the N. Korea front. Trump is getting his keys to the car, slowly taken away, here. He knows it, too. Soon enough, Mueller & his White Hat Posse, will be no-knocking on lots more doors. WH doors, too.
The long-term problem is the eventual Constitutional Crisis rising from Trump & Cos. money problems; compromising the near past and ongoing, the presently visible. The 25% loyal to Trump-style authoritarian governing will not desert him. Or, their long-held preconceived notions of who gets to run this country. The show must go on Trumplandian political chaos is about over, imo.


Shit, I am still waiting to hear what they mean by ‘freedom’.


Yep. They are banking on Trump being so horrible that we will go out and vote for them with tail between our collective legs.


They’re organizing against Berniecrats and other left, left-center coalitions as we sit here. The vote-counters are going to suburbia and to the New South. The dead zone of progressive politics, imo.




I have tried the really potent stuff THC but it made me so high and NO pain releif. Great, I thought, now I am so high and the pain is getting magnified! Wondering if CBD works on nerve pain…I have a very close friend who suffers from anxiety/depression and told me she has PTSD. I have been educating myself on this subject. My heart goes out to both of you.

I am going to let my friend know what you said as to the real relief she can get.


I have not had a pleasant experience with pot. The inhalation of any kind of smoke cannot be healthy. And I don’t need help sleeping - I sleep like a baby. It is facing my waking life the next morning that is hell.

Yeah, I tried SSRI’s, not for me.

And no, I refuse to get involved in any kind of therapeutic process that entails “accepting” or “letting be” or that Niebuhr “serenity prayer” crap.

Yes, not having “Democracy Now” on the clock-radio every weekday morning would probably be a big help - but do I really want to seek bliss in typical USAn ignorance? No.

Frankly, anyone NOT suffering from depression and anxiety must not be paying attention right now.


You do not have to inhale any of these products. They come as candy, salve, etc.


Interesting you mention suburbia: I know several former Republican families that changed to ‘Democratic’.


The CBD strains that are tested for almost no THC are amazing. Definite pain relief, anxiety/depression relief and almost no effects associated THC.

The best thing since fried chicken.

Cluck cluck cluck!


Hell yes. We should not be the ones jumping out the windows.


Yunzer, I’m not suggesting any of the “crap” you are projecting regarding meditation.

That’s none of the “crap” that I associate with it.

Keep doing what you are doing.

Good luck.

By the way, I use a vaporizer so no smoke enters my lungs and it takes me over a month to go through a single gram of weed. The CBD oil of course is consumed. But I just use the flower because of the simplicity and effectiveness.

And of course it comports with all of the new ageism that you imagine I’m engaged in, and suggesting.

Off to a future life progression meet up!!!