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'Slippery Slope to Dictatorship': Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections


Try the urban dictionary? :grinning:


Thanks, Chicken! I’ve already informed my PC that that is my intention. I have nothing to loose trying it as soon as I have a little cash in September.


Conserva-Dims=s Blue Dogs. Pelosi-Bots with red wine and soft French cheese? Who knows if that even works, anymore? Color me skeptical.


we asked that question with W. Bush, and obviously they are still here…
these are really scary people…
are they (1) so bigoted or (2) so scared they would give up
all their rights???( the ones left)…and they call themselves Americans? ? since when?
what the heck is going on here?


This might be the end of our country. In the end, there will be no more USA, states will secede following this madness. This is no longer about country, this about what we believe in…democracy, and a fair shake for everybody, not just for Trump, Ryan, and their ilk.There’s a line now: remember what this country is about, stand by it, or perish with Agent Trumpov and the Washington establishment. In the end, I trust we will do the right thing. Trump is a fake, now let’s see how far his base is willing to go to for him.


I am sure the Dems will give their requisite lip service of “Oh no!” then quietly retreat to count their corporate money.



Maybe it is a cultural thing, but growing up in the 1970s, I tend to associate pot usage with the bullys who made my aspie life hell…


Indeed! Noam Chomsky was correct in naming them “the most dangerous organization in the world”.


‘Slippery Slope to Dictatorship’: Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections

I hate to say “I told you so,” especially under the present circumstances, but I do remember saying something to the effect, "If there even ARE elections in 2020 (or 2018?) . . . " five or six months ago.  But I can’t prove it, 'cause unfortunately (at least so far as I can tell), CD doesn’t have a ‘find all posts by so-and-so’ function. Or,
if it does, I’m way too much of a neo-Luddite to have figured out what it’s called and how to use it.

Close, Yunzer, but no cigar.  If you had said “any rational person” Instead of “anyone”, of course I would agree with you.  Unfortunately for those of us who are – in spite of our rapidly approaching senior dementia – at least somewhat rational, IIRC recent polls indicate something around 25 to 30 percent of Amurikan adults are Funny-Dementalists and are looking forward to Tweetle-Dumb bringing on ‘The End Times’ and ‘The Rapture’.   Sad.
Deplorable, actually.


I’m managing without meds, but I understand your heightened anxiety since last November. I have noticed it in myself and others close to me, as well as by observing the behavior and non-verbal cues in strangers just about everywhere I go.

I cannot see why any intelligent, sane person with even average levels of empathy and sensitivity would not have some heightened anxiety and depression these days.

Stay strong and keep your chin up! We need you and appreciate your honesty!

Wishing the best for you,


I agree with your views. Your reference to ‘dynamics’ is pertinent. For me, did the promise ’ of the people, by the people, and for the people’ arise from a grassroots movement of people in the late 1700’s, or was it a sop in order for the elites to maintain status quo power. If the latter, the ‘psyche’ is not ‘ingrained’ in the sense that the Labour Party in UK, born of the trade union movement, is often regarded as the natural ‘ingrained’ party of ‘anti fascism’. Is there an equivilent mainstream party in the US? Without roots and foundations things fail. Build.


And keep in mind always that there are some very deep pockets funding this propaganda, no doubt in ways that most people would not expect


People are always angry at politicians for one reason or another. Show me a country were people aren’t angry at politicians. The art of politics is compromise. That means not everyone is going to be happy, perhaps nobody. If you change the tax laws there are winners and losers. No matter what politicians do there will always be winners and losers. There is no way around it. But the point is Trump’s politics is entirely based on lies. That not only distinguishes him from essentially all Democrats but all quite a few Republicans. That is completely the opposite of what is required in a democracy. Yes we have always had racists and maybe even fascist but what the lies do is turn resentment into outright rage. Trump is pouring gasoline on a fire. The lying by Trump is very dangerous.


Also, I was responding not to you but to the responses more broadly.


How many Germans in the 1930’s were actually members of the totally dominant Nazi party, and how many Russians were members of the ruling Communist party from 1925 through the collapse of the Soviet Union?
A much larger percentage of American “patriots” currently support Tweetle-Dumb, and that includes 95% or more of the heavily-armed NRA . . .

Are they going to rename Charlottesville to “Nuremberg” only while they’re there, or permanently?

And where is Leni Riefenstahl, now that Tweetle-Dumb really needs her for his daily ‘propaganda’ fix?


The past several years have seen certain words morph into the exact opposite of their original meaning. They include, among others, “freedom”, “liberty”, “patriot/patriotism”, “Christian” and “democracy”.


Yes, indeed, the dead zone for sure!


Yunzer, try moving to a state where Medical Marijuana is readily available, and self medicate.

This works wonders for anxiety and depression.


Germany quickly became a dictatorship after Hitler took power and Russia was a dictatorship during the whole time the Communists were in power. So far the US still has a Congress that is acting independently, an independent judiciary, a free press, and the constitutional right for people to assemble and protest. I don’t think comparisons of the US with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are easy to make.


Slippery slope? Been there. Done that. We are now at the bottom where our governance is not even close to democracy or a republic with representatives. Call it what you want.

The only valid system for elections is detailed in the Constitution. You have a town record of citizens of that town eligible to vote. For each legal voter there is one ballot. That ballot is paper with squares to be filled with an X with a #3 pencil or left blank. The ballot is then placed by the voter into the hands of an elected election officer or the town clerk or those deputized by the town clerk. The Ballots will be counted and secured for the length of the term of the people running for office.

Fat bellies standing in front of a machine pushing buttons is a video game not a voting system that is valid under our rule of law. Allowing this to happen is the American people’s fault but you keep on slamming “the other guy” for the cause of your impotence. Russia did it. Trumps fault. Hillary’s fault. Nope your fault for allowing the degradation of your countries honor and pride and standing by while the rule of law became the rule of men and corporations.

As a country no matter the size or numbers of people if you can not accomplish a proper and legal voting system you fail as a nation.