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'Slippery Slope to Dictatorship': Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections


“That means not everyone is going to be happy, perhaps nobody.”

Do you have any knowledge of the decades long macroeconomic data? Does your employer, the DNC? You think anyone but the rich and the relatively well off are happy these days? Wake up, honestly. You live in a bubble.

“The art of politics is compromise.”

Yeah? What was the compromise when the New Deal financial regulations were gutted by Clinton? Gutting welfare? It was a compromise between which groups? How about the NAFTA? The WTO? It gutted portions of the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments and portions of the Endangered Species act within months of its existence. It claims that its rules take precedent over any environmental agreements. At the WTO, what is the compromise in regards to intellectual property? I’d love for you to tell me the groups that benefit, outside of big pharma. Were labor, environmental and consumer groups at the table, or corporate lobbyists and economists, when the WTO, NAFTA and the WTO were being negotiated? When the TPP was negotiated, which groups were involved in the compromise? Seems that it wasn’t a class compromise, it was a big group of negotiators from their respective countries and their affiliated lobbyists. Labor wasn’t at the table, neither were environmental groups or consumer rights groups. Our own elected reps couldn’t even see the damn deal. You are pretending that these things are compromises between workers and capitalists, or workers and rentier interests, when you know that isn’t the case. The compromise is between our out of touch elites and the same rough group of people in other countries.
Who was at the table when Clinton was negotiating, behind closed doors, the privatization of Social Security with Gingrich? If that did go through, and we can thank Lewinsky for it not, who would have compromised? The 2014 Princeton study shows that the rich simply get what they want, and it is outright absurd to claim otherwise. There is nothing in the data to show otherwise and I know the data. You can stop posting those same links too. Yes, racism played a part, as did the far right. They always have. The fact is that they have a lot of power now because you party is rotten and no one is bothering to vote.

To brush off what has been happening in decades and to say, aw shucks, democracy isn’t perfect, is nonsense Lrx. I don’t know why you bother posting this stuff here. People know too much to fall for this silliness, and I don’t believe for a second you even believe most of what you post. Honestly, if you did, it’d be worse than if you didn’t and were just providing cover for your employer.


And whoever had the bone headed idea to slam into Manafort’s home had better have a bullet proof case. Talk about jack booted operations. Shades of Kent State Ohio State, Wako Trump just won er-election by popular acclaim. To hell with the electoral college kabuki.


That’s so much b.s. in one short statement it would take a week to unpack it all. Where was it that you got run over and bumped your head again? Think hard.


I shouldn’t say this, but your comment gave me the laugh I needed. It was really needed after reading this:

That story sure fits this anxiety-focused thread. Thanx.


1.I exercise like I eat, as a mandatory daily thing.
2. I take a deep breath and smile real big,for me, often.
3. I sing and hum to myself.
4.I do daily B vitamin supplements along with my adult daily multivitamin. I heard about this from a friend who was getting help for depression.I can be incredibly together after horrific experience now, bounce back quickly .
5. I stretch. I have just started a weekly massage, which Iuckily is not too expensive around here.
6. There are other supplements recommended to deal with stress by putting your body in its best shape, such as lecithin, NAC, zinc, COQ10.
7. Monitor your blood pressure if it becomes an issue.

Read carefully about anything for effects and side effects and drug interactions before you take anything, especially big pharma stuff.


There is often winners and losers. That is why it is so hard to get tax reform. Somebody is going to be unhappy. When environmental regulations are passed the winners are the public and the losers are the polluting corporations. That’s why it is hard to get such regulations passed. Those trade agreements certainly produce winners and losers. Generally high tech workers have been the winners since the agreements opened up new markets abroad while factory workers were the losers since many jobs were lost to foreign countries. The people in the US who seem to get the least are low paid workers. They make too much money to receive benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps but not enough money to really get by. The system really works the worst for this group.


I don’t have Yunz’s issue (knock on wood) and I really appreciate your advice.


That’s very paranoid reading material. I watched Colbert all week. By last night he clapped his hands three times and for some reason I couldn’t stop drooling.


Paranoid is right. And McMaster is in danger for firing the guy who wrote it.


I caught that, too.:wink:


Yunzer, you are reacting perfectly normally to a very abnormal set of circumstances, so hopefully, normalizing what’s happening to you should help reduce anxiety or fear a little bit. You’re not weird. Most of us here are in various stages of anxiety, grief, and/or some sense of helplessness.
My suggestions:
1–first of all, do not criticize yourself for any of your feelings or perceptions/interpretations of the events around you, including the media’s crap. Accept that it’s vital to experience and heed our feelings–they’re trying to tell us something about what we need.
2–find some outlet for expressing self, such as art, music/listening, dance, creative writing, even gardening or messing with potted plants inside your home, etc.
3–avoid high-drama, violent or suspenseful movies or tv programs. Those raise cortisol, the “stress hormone” which we need but levels can go too high.
4–watch movies and read things that will make you laugh, thus reducing cortisol. Also do other pleasurable activities as much as you can. As others have said, exercise is very helpful, even walking, especially in nature. Walking meditation is cool! (Google that.)
5–if you journal your feelings, limit the number of minutes you allow yourself to write (I’d say less than 30 minutes per day).
***6–yes, get to a good therapist who’s a good listener. If you can, get a therapist who is trained and experienced in doing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is the closest thing to a panacea that I’ve found in over 20 years of doing therapy, even with combat vets.
7–if you use any substance (meds, pot, etc.), I’d recommend being under the watchful eye of a good medical provider or healer. Be aware of possible side effects and make sure you stay attuned to your bod so you can monitor whether the stuff really helps or gives you other symptoms.
8–believe it or not, acupuncture has helped many people suffering from anxiety or depression. Again, you want a good provider.

There are other things you can do to help with this anxiety and depression, and a good therapist can help you route out causes and set up your own program for self-care. You obviously want to stay abreast of what the current cabal (Orange Cabal) is doing, but give yourself breathing room, balance, a break from it each day.

Keep us posted. We care. And good luck!


Some more approaches, purely mental.
If the present is overwhelming, go to the past or the future. If the future overwhelms, stay in the present or visit the past.
If dealing with your own personal problems is tough,… help someone else. :slight_smile:


Nature, nature, nature, cannabis (cbds), and gardening…


“Somebody is going to be unhappy.”

THIS is how you respond to the rich monopolizing all of the gains from economic policy in recent decades, to systematic corruption and studies showing that democracy itself is being undermined? This is how you respond to a system that is without any doubt contributing to the environmental collapse? My god, how tone deaf are you? You could say the same thing about North Korea. Yeah, you can critique the system, but there are some winners and some losers. What are you going to do, right?

Thank you for the talking points of your employer. NAFTA and similar deals aren’t free trade agreements, they are investor rights agreements. Most of NAFTA has nothing to do with trade. Chapter 10 deals with government procurement and it makes it impossible for the government to take into account the environmental or labor record of a company when bidding for services. If a government picks a company because it doesn’t pay slave wages and if it doesn’t pollute (i.e. create costs that are then passed off onto others) it can be sued. Chapter 11 deals with investor state disputes. Chapter 11 is what allowed Keystone to sue the Obama administration, it is being used to challenge environmental protections in Canada regarding fracking, it has been used in many cases (especially against Canada) and the banks have talked about using it to undermine financial regulations. The power for them to do this has massive impacts on regulating these companies. There are components regarding intellectual property rights too, which benefits monopolies and oligopolies at the expense of the general public and healthcare systems.

Just so you know, in regards to actual free trade, the US developed behind protectionism. It had the highest industrial tariffs in the world and it relies heavily on an agricultural system that might be the most protectionist in the world. In fact, no country in modern times has developed behind free trade. Not a single one. These free trade agreements are entirely based on the internationalization of production. Many of the components that go into the advanced products people buy were made in multiple countries. If taxes were paid each time a component crossed a border, the products they go on to make would be much more expensive. So the components are made in multiple countries and are then assembled in China, where the value added is incredibly small. The establishment of this makes it so that organizing unions is impossible, environmental, financial, and labor regulations are increasingly difficult and the majority of benefits go to the corporations that control your corrupt and dying party. This whole thing is, by the way, harming high tech workers too, since there are plenty of intelligent and educated workers in China and India that can do the same work for a fraction of the cost. Then there’s automation, which the Office of the President under Obama said could result in 40% of jobs being lost in the next few decades. Other studies show that as much as 80% of all jobs could be lost and the jobs being lost could, and likely will be, from highly educated and well-paid workers. You really have no solutions at all to offer people, and that is why your party will not recover.

Oh, and if you look at the original ideas that Adam Smith and David Ricardo, they made it clear that when they talked about free trade, it was the trade of goods. They assumed, they said so clear as day, that factories stayed put because the factory owners had a “home bias”. In fact, the only mention that Adam Smith made to the invisible hand in the Wealth of Nations was part of an argument he made against what you seem to favor. He said the invisible hand was capitalists choosing to stay in their home countries even though shipping their factories elsewhere would be more profitable would benefit people in their home country. It wasn’t their aim, but it would. That was the invisible hand.

Like I said though, NAFTA and the WTO have little to do about actual free trade (they are highly protectionist in many ways and the average industrial tariff in the US is below 3% as is) and you have absolutely nothing to offer working people. If this is what your party offers, I hope is crashes and burns, and it is crashing and burning. If it has no solutions and nothing to offer, it can go away.


And your party, your employer, has no solutions. It sees this rotten system and the trajectory we have been on, poses no solutions and says take it or leave it. Was it propaganda that has gotten you to think in this way or does your paycheck require you to say these things? Or both? Could be both.


" It is nice to see the GOP’s commitment to democracy laid bare."

I agree. If there is any good about the Trump administration, it is that they have exposed the fact that America has been for a long time, a democracy in name only, it has really been a military, congressional, industrial dictatorship waving the false flag of patriotism and democracy.


I give you a sincere reply with good intention to your post, and what the hell do I get in return?

A bunch of fucking grief.

What the hell is your problem anyway?


Geez, Psych… That was pretty harsh, no?:confused: Depression by definition means that you’re not looking at anything thru clear lenses, much less rose-colored ones. You know it’s hard to find hope ropes if you’re mired in depression or anxiety… Plus if Yunzer has Asperger’s Syndrome, which he might mean by “aspie,” then perceiving social/emotional cues is compromised or inaccurate and responses are…well, can be inapt.

We gotta stick together and not let all the OC’s sh** split us apart. In fact, we gotta split THEM apart…


My point is not that the U.S. is already a dictatorship, but that those who want to impose a dictatorship need the support of only a very small percentage of the population — and we’re certainly headed that way today:  Con­gress, most of the Judiciary, and much of the “free” press are owned lock, stock and barrel by Multi-NaZional Korporations. The Right of Assembly is under direct legal attack in several states and is being suppressed by militarized police forces nearly everywhere.  Comparisons of the U.S. with Germany under the Nazis and the Soviet Union under the Communists are becoming easier and easier to make every day.

a. Cacastocracy
b. Kakistocracy
c. Kleptocracy
d. Korpocracy
e. Oligarchy
f.  Plutocracy
g. All of the Above.


RIGHT ON, Joan!   CAFT-exit, NAFT-exit and WTO-exit NOW!!   TORPEDO the TPP!!!

Defenestrate the DNC, Stomp on the Stupor-Delegates, and DUMP Debbie Duhby-Ass!!!