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'Slippery Slope to Dictatorship': Majority of GOP Would Back Trump Postponing 2020 Elections


The similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler get scarier and scarier. Is anybody watching this? Members of Congress are violating their oaths if they are not taking steps to prevent our drift into Fascism. What do they think will happen to them when their branch of government becomes irrelevant? And the media are not performing their Constitutional duty if they are not constantly calling attention to this alarming trend. And as for the idiots who back Herr Trump no matter what, do they think they will be special? Hell no, they will be in the same helpless pit as the rest of us. They may have a license to hate - and to act out that hate - but it won’t put food on the table or clothes on their children’s backs.


The Republican end of the DemoPublican party have always had wet dreams about setting up a dictatorship with them at the top of the heap. Remember it was a group of rich Republicans that tried to stage a coup with FDR. They probably would have succeeded had it not been for that great American, General Smedley Butler. Even they none of them got into any difficulty over their attempt, (with a lot of aid from the Democratic end of the DemoPublican party who refuse to allow any politician to have any justice applied to them) most of them came out smelling like Roses instead of being put against a wall and shot for being the traitors they were. Sooner or later they will get it done if we allow the DemoPublican party to continue running things.


DARK MONEY by Jane Mayer, it’s all in there. Read it!


Thank you! I certainly plan to read it.


Spare me.

He reached out, I extended a helping hand and he spat on it.

I couldn’t give less than a flying cluck what he has.

I once, in a gesture of comity, shared the fact that I also love micro brews and that San Diego had some excellent micro brews that he could order online to try.

What did I get for such a kind suggestion? Insults that’s what.

I definitely won’t try again that’s for damn sure.

As far as anxiety, depression, etc. Tell me about it. I’ve been suicidal in recent years and have endured crushingly dark times.

That experience makes me appreciate much more, small acts of kindness.

Oh well.


Oh, psych… That’s so awful. I’m really sorry to see someone like you be descended into that darkness, too. I see your point. It’s sad not only for the obvious, but also because there really are so few of us that (imo) we really need to stick together…otherwise what happened in Charlottesville is going to happen with exponential numbers of good people literally fighting the myriad abysmally ignorant and hateful…(and armed).

Have you ever read Games People Play? “Yeah, but…” is the umbrella or categorical game between you and Y… It takes one of you to stop the game, and you did it.

Endogenous (as opposed to situational) depression is like a curse… I hope you can find affordable treatment. If you read my long post to Y, you’ll see that I love EMDR… It’s worth a try? (EMDRIA can provide names of therapists in your area if you’re interested in checking into it.) Also, I hope you have a helpful support system. At the least, you’re on good forums…the kinship helps even if the overall outlook is grim with these asshats in power.


Reminds me of a Buddhist saying “Thinking of the past is depression. Thinking of the future is anxiety.”

Meditation (daily) helps me stay better grounded in the present, which is a great antidepressant of its own as you suggest. But I get your point about past and future, those do not have to be as the quote stated.


I feel your pain, as Bubba would say. I have felt it for over a quarter of a century, and have tried many supposed remedies with the following results/suggestions:

  1. SSRI’s like Zoloft did nothing, but Buproprion helps me focus, and energizes me enough (it is a stimulant that can also make some sleepy) to do the other things I need to do to get along well. By itself, I would be focused and depressed, instead of unfocused and depressed, which is way worse.

  2. Exercise – must be something you can stick with, and is convenient daily.

  3. Nature–being in ‘green time’ is the tops for immediate and ongoing relief. Combining exercise with nature you kill 2 cows with one stone (I like birds)

  4. Mindful meditation. I read books and tried for years with no luck. Then I went to a free session in my town directed/maintained by local Buddhists. Sitting in a chair, with eyes lightly closed, I followed the direction of the leader. When it was over I felt it had been about 8 minutes long. It had been 30. It is not religious at all. It is simply focusing on your breath, which helps you stay in the moment. I began to realize that my pains are not constant, but come and go, and are as variable as thoughts–and we are not our thoughts, emotions, or pain–we are much more than those. This is not new age psychobabble–it is grounded in the basic meditation practices going back in eastern culture over 2000 years (that we know of–is documented) It is very simple, but not always easy–a learned practice. What it does is enables you to have more control in how you view your own emotions/thoughts and how they relate to pain. Are you looking AT your emotions, or FROM them. Therefore, you have more choices in how you view such things. This book/CD did it for me too. You can try free guided meditations online here. I like the free CD with the book much better. It is narrated by one of the authors, Vidamamala Burch, who discovered meditation after getting in an horrific traffic accident in early 20’s which kept her in a wheelchair. I cannot recommend this highly enough, as I have to every one of my dear friends and relatives. I cannot relate all the benefits here–just too many.http://www.vidyamala-burch.com/index.php/mindfulness-for-health

  5. Laughter. Be around people that are easy to laugh with. Or watch/read comedy.

  6. Having a pet you love.

  7. Medical Cannabis–this is not one herb, but thousands. Some put me to sleep and kill pain, some make me energized, and focused totally and I feel perfectly normal–yes normal–only the best normal I can be. CBD oil daily does work great. But I am in non-med state now so order CBD oil online. I use the sublingual, under the tongue kind.

I can tell you this in all honesty. The most powerful enhancing, almost magical experience I have ever had when I felt suicidal was (for about 4-6 months) using an antidepressant was vaporizing medical grade CBD wax (in Colorado–the most highly regulated legalized MMJ and REC in the world) .

In less than 10 seconds after inhaling, I said to myself the following: “I’m OK. I am a good person. It is not worth dying to make some statement. This is a beautiful world, and I’d like to stay longer. Everything will be OK.”

But seriously–I was taking it to see if it could take away spinal pain and neuropathy–I did not even know at the time it was an antidepressant. It did take away my pain, and one small hit (called a ‘dab’) lasted over 2-3 hours, very gradually diminishing. As were the anti-depressant effects. But that was the start of my healing.

It is psychoactive, but not in a groovy kind of way. It just made me feel the best–feelings I had had before, like when I sat on a mountain top. Or had a hummingbird buzzed within inches of my face, hanging there for like 20 seconds. Or maybe when I finished a woodworking project that made me feel proud. It did not make me feel any thing I had not felt similarly before–just felt great.

If you want to learn more about CBD, I would suggest

  1. Pubmed for researching it medically https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

  2. Project CBD (a free site by a group of doctors–selling nothing) https://www.projectcbd.org/

Cheers (In the British greeting sense, and literally)