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Slogan Voters – The Road to Political Masochism


Slogan Voters – The Road to Political Masochism

Ralph Nader

Nearly a year and a half into his presidency, Donald Trump continues to hold his base and maintain an approval rating of around 40% – close to the same percentage he polled at just after his inauguration. Let’s try to figure out why.


Spot on, Mr. Nader.

When I lived in Germany four decades ago I was surprised at the number of Germans whose only gripe with Hitler was that he lost WWII, and they would have no problem with him continuing in power if he had not perished more than three decades earlier. That mindset was nowhere near a majority mindset at the time, just a significant proportion of voters, not unlike the relative size of Trump’s eternal base.

Trump voters have perceived themselves as losers for many years and Trump’s personality and slogans takes enough of the pain of being losers away from them to make them his lifetime loyalists. They will NEVER let facts get in the way of a favorable personality, great story or slogan.


As I have begun saying over the past couple of weeks is simply, “what the fuck can you say”? Stick the fork in America, we’re done.


My father was in WWII and served in Germany just after the war ended. A funny thing he told me as a kid that I still remember to this day is he never talked to a German that supported Hitler. Weird ain’t it? I’ve got a feeling that when the shit hits the fan here, the same phenomena will appear.


During the 70s Germany had nearly completed rebuilding from the destruction of WWII and the modern infrastructure was perversely attributed to Hitler getting Germany blown up.


Poor white trash at its most intelligent.


From the article:

“Unless someone comes up with a secret key to awaken the minds of Trump’s Slogan Voters, the best response is to draw some of the more than 100 million eligible non-voters to the polls for the crucial November elections.”

Although you didn’t specify, Mr. Nader, I assume you mean for those 100-million to vote D. Need I remind you that habitual D voters have their own slogans, most recently “Whatever we do, we’re not as bad as Trump?”


The “slogan voters” are basically morons. They latch on to a personality and their “brand” or “slogan” and become entrenched in the morass of mindless actions. I do understand that we had the absolute worse choices for the highest office in the last election. I watch the poles and only vote when I must. But because I use absentee ballots the last general election is most likely my last. BTW, absentee ballots are only counted if the race is really tight.(Less than 1% or so.) They cost me a$1.50 to mail in and today I’m already broke on the 6th!


“Unless someone comes up with a secret key to awaken the minds of Trump’s Slogan Voters, the best response is to draw some of the more than 100 million eligible non-voters to the polls for the crucial November elections.”

I doubt progressives can awaken the minds of regressives. Regressives are conservatives after all, who are allergic to change and want to take America backwards to the Dark Ages.

Better to change the minds of progressives and get them to vote by giving us good candidates to vote for instead of DNC, DCCC and other neoliberal Democrats. They will not give up the corporate bribes the system wickedly requires to get elected however, and they will sell out.



The blinding leading the blind


I’ve encountered many of the same Trump voters. They voted for him “to shake things up” and now that Trump is in office, they’re content. The more they hear people complaining about Trump, they more they’re convinced Trump is doing just that. They never bother to check the details. Facts, analysis, reason, and truth simply do not compute with these people. They’ll put on their Trump hats in 2020 and vote for him, again.

To be fair, though, slogan voting is hardly a new phenomenon or an exclusively Trump one. It goes back to the very beginning of this country. To be sure, I’ve had my share of conversations with equally ignorant and intellectually lazy Democrats. They’ll dust off their Hope and Change hats and vote D no matter who the Ds run in 2020. Both parties have their share of brain dead voters. Elections in this country are anything but an exercise in critical thinking.


Well stated Mr Nader. My response … give me a choice that WILL make a difference, then I’ll vote.


Many of the Trump voters are older dyed in the wool GOP voters who got theirs and are adamant that social justice will not take it away, it’s all about protecting their established status that was earned when economic conditions made it possible. They brag about what they have and the guns to protect it. My two brothers and two sisters always voted Democrat, but all voted for Trump. Arguments get me nowhere.


One of the weaknesses of democracy is depends on voters having a lot of knowledge about what is going on in government. Clearly in an entertainment-drenched society such a ours this going to be a problem. But I think Trump’s political strength is based on three things. One is the tremendous influx of Hispanics into the US, including millions without proper papers. Another is the terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic jihadists. And the third is the US just having had a two-term black president. I think Trump’s support largely derives from negative views toward Hispanics, Muslims, and African Americans. Make America Great Again means make America white again. That is the slogan that really attracted people. People don’t really have to know what is going on every day in Washington to support Trump. As long as the believe he supports the interest of white people that is all that matters.


whole system is corrupt from top to bottom w dems and reps leading the way. We will never know if Bernie Sanders was allowed to run at least he would have stirred the pot. We talk about other countries and democracy. How many countries as the U.S. interfered w in their elections.


“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”
–Thomas Jefferson


Betsy Devious is making sure that there is barely a trace of “an educated citizenry” assuring that we get even worse presidents after Trump moves on.


The dumbing down strategy didn’t start with DeVos. Although she is the most effective at it so far.

Idiocracy ahead. You can see it and you can smell it.


Another article by Ralph that highlights a problem, draws a reasonable conclusion that we need to mobilize some of the 100 million or so non-voters to the polls and then fails to provide any way to achieve the mobilization of said voters.

People vote when they either think it can make a difference (Jesse Ventura, Bernie Sanders, Ralph Nader) or send a message (Ross Perot, Trump, Ralph Nader). There is way for citizens to both make a difference and send a message and it can be achieved in 2018 just by mobilizing one third to one half of the 20-30% of voters that vote in presidential elections but do not vote in off year elections to vote in 2018.

Instead of not voting, these citizens could write in their own name to register a vote against the Big Money candidates of both Current Major Parties to create and demonstrate demand for small contribution candidates in 2020. These citizens can make the purpose of their vote clear by registering their intention to vote this way at www.onedemand.org now. This will also let other citizens know what they are doing BEFORE the election so citizen will know others are participating and will not feel as if they are acting alone.

When those in the 20-30% that still don’t vote in 2018 see what the citizens that participate did in 2018, some of them could be inspired to participate in 2020. It could even inspire some of 40% that don’t vote at all to start voting or start voting again in 2020.

This could form for 2020 a national organization to create and demonstrate demand for and provide support for small contribution candidates to counter the national effort of the Big Money interests.

It is important to note that participants will make contributions DIRECTLY to the candidates rather than through the organization. This gives the participants control of who they support.

The party faithful will not be swayed (You can lead to horse to water, but you can’t make him drink if he’s used to drinking the Koolaid), but the rest of us need to work together,

And we can even have our own slogan and it can be a slogan that really means something.


But we need people like Ralph to inform citizens about the opportunities available that could achieve our goals instead of just writing about the problems and providing superficial concepts of a solution without any way to achieve it.


Please consider voting Green instead. The Greens need to get permanent ballot access in all 50 states so that the time and resources now spent on repetitive petition drives could instead be devoted to organizing, campaigning and getting voters to the polls. The message sent to the duopoly parties would be the same, but the protest votes would go toward building the third, a true alternative.