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Slow and Steady Just Won't Do: Why Biden Must Move Fast—and Go Big—on Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/slow-and-steady-just-wont-do-why-biden-must-move-fast-and-go-big-climate

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Biden has come up with a detailed outline (_https://joebiden.com/climate-plan/). It includes proposals for more solar, wind, and nuclear, but has no outright plan to end fracking or other fossil fuels. There is no focus on, or support for, bottom-up approaches. Instead, the plan puts a lot of the onus of change on the for-profit corporate energy sector.


If the authors of this article have any hope that Biden will listen to a common sense approach to the climate emergency, someone should explain to them why they’re delusional.
If the authors had a better understanding of our current corporate dictatorship, they would have focused all of their attention to what a new ‘third party’ will require to seriously address the climate crisis.
I am really sick and tired of people writing articles pleading with our disconnected, corporate bought politicians to abandon their corporate funded, lavish lifestyles for the sake of the public interest. These so called ‘elected representatives’ have all been carefully selected to ensure that they will collectively throw the 99% under the bus to advance narrow corporate agendas. Therefore it would be easier to get a leopard to change its spots compared to getting these corporate lackeys to do the right thing.
The time for a Progressive Party was 200 years ago, but ‘late’ is better than ‘never’.


“We must move full speed ahead toward a system that prioritizes a clean economy as well as an equitable one by centering health, community wellbeing, and climate action.”

In other words: We need to move toward Life affirming systems based on Life affirming narratives rather than capitalist narratives.

The proverbial “fire” that must be kindled under the corporatist Biden’s ass will need to be the size of a huge bon fire.

It would help too if we could come together virtually to define a human scaled society we will need to move away from the capitalist, destructive model. The kind of society we actually want to live in. One group which has done a recent study and has been hosting webinars is the Culture Hacks and they are supported by the Schumacher Society.


Dont spend money to make millions of Americans living in older housing homeless, the price of energy is about to skyrocket.

With our government captured, money spent will all backfire and result in huge numbers of families losing their rented partments and zero actually affordable housing.

Redevelopment post Kelo is a scam thats used line the pockets of corporations.

It wont create jobs for US young people because of trade deals, procurement rules. Several years ago they started a scheme to eliminate rent stabilization by exporting all the remaining natural gas, making heating several times more expensive. Evetually, but so far, two reasons why the price of natural gas has not soared, yet.

  1. Warm winters, for the most part, in the parts of the US that would be most effected, so people used less natural gas… But the next cold winter, people or in many cases, in older buildings, landlords, will suddenly find they cant afford heat any more. Unless they raise the rent a lot. Or retrofit apartments with modern windows. They will try to use the higher heat costs as a way to get out of the landlord business, sell the buildingto other developers, to tear down, they will get money from the government, that money will be used to raze older buildinsg and put new ones in their place by the thousands, completely forcing out huge numbers of toidays residents. Ive seen this hapopen many times, and it destroys vibrant neighbohoods, like an atomic bomb. Ask anybody who grew up in San Francisco about the Fillmore district of the past.

This happened in many cities all around the country in the 70s, it was the response to the activism of the 60s. The tearing of huge amounts of affordable housing and replacement with the uliest, cheapest made buildings you have ever seen. Thankfully now most of them are gone, replaced by million dollar condos, no, two or three million dollar condos, many occupied by foreign absentee owners. So they sit empty most of the time!

and also

2.) Covid 19 which has dramatically cut consumption of energy, this change may continue if people change their habits permanently. That makes it wise to wait, and incredibly stupid to rush into another corporate bailout scheme that will invariably make a lot of people homeless.

Redevelopment is a nightmare for poor and middle class people because they rarely or never can afford the housing that eventually replaces the apartments they had affordable rent for, (their affordable rent is tied to the one apartment they have been living in, often for a decade or more. )

and they are not eligible, because they dont make enough money for even the “below market rate” apartments. They end up forced out of cities forever.

How many urban dwellers have incomes high enough to rent an apartment in those cities today, very very few.

Thats what happens, all the time.

People are falling for a trick.

Biden won’t be going Fast and Big on anything according to Ro Khanna on Hartmann’s show today. Ro was already lowering expectations and making excuses for NOT getting much done (outside of what the Reich supports- my comment) even IF the Dems get both of the Georgia Seats. The excuse was (roughly) There are vulnerable Dems in Red areas

So, what Khanna was clearly saying was: don’t get your hopes up kids

This article is like the ones a little while ago about Biden finding his inner FDR.
Nice dreams though.

Well, I guess this is: Common Dreams

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Nuclear fission is a ticking time bomb because of the high risks of solar storms.

A solarstorm could cause multiple nuclear power plants to lose cooling power, causing a thermal runaway problem just like the one that happened at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

The problem is caused by loss of the ultimate heatsink and its a design flaw common to varying degrees to all nuclear fission designs. Huge corporate push is on to hide the fact that a real solution to this problem has not been found, under tons of bulshit. Nuclear Fission is NOT clean energy and the taxpayers are guaranteed to foot the potentially astronomical costs of nuclear accident, and the ones cause by a solar storm would come on top of the huge cost of losing power grids, for potentially long peiods of time due to the solar storm itself (like the one in 1859, which would destroy power transmission systems globally. We just narrowly missed one just a few years ago. We know about it because it did hit a space probe that was millions of miles away. An dit was huge. This is exactly like a game of Russian Roulette, sooner or later a bullet will be in that chamber when it fires and it will hit Earth.)

So building more nuclear plants is insanity as the old ones we have now urgently need to be patched so that they can handle being cut off from power for years, right now their backup systems are only designed to run for a short period of time.

Dont listen to the sock puppet firms who are bulshiting us.

The only approach that makes sense is lowering consumption of energy substantially, and decentralizing both energy bgeneration and use, putting the generation where the energy is used. BUT we still have winterm, when solar energy is greatly diminished. This means that energy usage needs to go down. Luckily this isnt as difficult now as they would have us think because the US is incredibly wasteful when it comes to energy, using more energy per capita than any other large country, and the corona-virus epidemic has likely cut that usage a lot already.

Whenever anybody gives me a buy ior die ultimatum, I always bail. Thatsa good strategy and so far, its always served me well, I have always been glad I didnt buy. The cost of everything, is falling due to rapid declines in prices. Everything will get cheaper. And at the same time, many of the jobs we used to have may never return. That means our priorities must shift.

Trade deals on procurement give global contracting firms - for example, construction and energy firms, expected to be set up in Least Developed Countries first shot at many jobs involving tax money if the money is coming from WTO members, and guess what, we started the WTO, my friends.

Americans will never be able to bid low enough to get those jobs. Whoever is telling you these deals will create lots of American jobs is living in the distant past before the last 25 years of trade deals. Or just plain lying to you. Quite the opposite, the Biden Administration will most certainly revive TISA and TTIP and GATS and the AGP (or GPA) and many others are already in place. Also new deals, between us and huge countries like India that channel jobs to their firms because they cost less, they pay wages a fraction of what wages here are. When workers are working here, they really hate to even pay them minimum wage and are disputing our country’s legal ability to make them pay their temporary guest workers that much. They think its an outrageous injustice. This is the future. What this means is that mass layoffs will not result in new jobs for millions of US workers. Many US jobs may be us but the jobs themselves may be lost for good. That’s the goal behind these trade agreements.

There are likely many more in the pipeline and they remove voters from having any influence on all these huge areas. Candidates like to get our votes, even the supposedly good ones lie to us a lot, because the truth would result in mass depression and young people would likely be demanding we leave these deals and go back to real democracy like we had before.

Which would make their stocks lose value, and introduce unpredictability for corporations, they would have to buy all risk insurance like they used to, which is expensive! Wages would have to rise, and immigrants who had moved here would be paid well, instead of losing their jobs to despot owned firms that are corrupt buddies of the worst leaders in the world.

So more deals are coming as fast as they can push them through. They view our naivete as a huge opportunity, so they must work fast, “ignorance is strength” as Orwell said. This is exactly the kinds of things he meant!

probably others that will outsource more and more good service jobs. The jobs that are tradable services are a huge percentage. Not quite 80% of the economy, but very few are exempt from these deals, very few.

War is exempt, politicians are exempt. As far as I know lighthouses are still exempt but TISA will probably doom ut to being outsourced and put up for international bidding too.

I am sure people here can think of others. Things that are completely noncommercial and free and have no commercial competition wont be outsourced and offshored.

Because that’s what American industry wants, because its cheaper.

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Any article that compares today to FDR is lying because trade deals like GATS outlawed the whole New deal. We just have been lied to so we dont realize it yet. Social Security is going to be defunded by the shift to guest workers. We can bet on it. Medicares subsidies will be destroyed by “expanding” it - read the WTO rules.

The country’s people will be cut free of all our income generating opportunities or rather the ones we thought were ours. Turns out they were sold off long ago, traded away, for valuable prizes which lined our oligarchs pockets with easy money, and now a debt suddenly exists which we must pay in jobs. Since we got rich, we don’t need them, they say, so rich we could eliminate welfare and force other countries to do it too. Our system is just perfect, ya know.

It will hurt, especially the millions of people who thought they were finally getting a bit out of the perpetual worry zone, when actually the hell has barely begun.

Nation without nation to lay its head, diaspora of wanderers, on our own, up the creek without a paddle. Everything turned to “global value chains” which take advantage of the loopholes that allow big firms to employ workers for almost nothing - modern day slavery, all (ha!) to be fair, (so we are not discriminating against our foreign oligarch pals).

With the effect of destroying all of us, alike.


“California Gov Newsom recently issued an executive order requiring all new passenger cars and trucks sold in California to be zero-emission by 2035. The 2019 business and utility sectors made several groundbreaking deals, with Amazon purchasing 100,000 (battery electric) delivery vehicles.”

This quote from the NRDC report leads me to conclude that environmental organizations say “we” have solutions when they don’t. Amazon’s investment in global trade directs battery resources away from where they’re most needed. Zero emission BEVs should be limited to lightweight and low daily miles driven vehicles. Plug-in hybrid PHEV tech is more appropriate for high mileage freight truck and delivery vans.

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Biden is not capable of doing anything. He is a figurehead. Imagining that somehow the system of governance that is served by both parties, will do anything to reduce its’ profitability is delusional. That people still write as if this is a possibility is a grievous lack of priorities. Nuclear as an option? The same nuclear products that are currently murdering life around the planet, as they last for thousands of years? More madness. Writing as if somehow, the one party system will change wastes our time, when we do not have time to waste. Relevant author please, next?!


We can assume that Biden will move in the wrong direction: more war to increase economic inequality. with ecology in its usual role as sacrificial lamb.

Let’s address what we do anyway, or instead.

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Our jobs and lives are the carrot, Bardemu.

Yes… Amongst the wisest ‘gurus’ on the climate are Greta Thunberg, and people still don’t get what she says: ‘we have to act like the house is on fire, because it is!’

Methinks someone just bit the carrot, Zed.

Live simply so that others can simply live. Churn is guaranteed to work out very badly if it happens now, really the only thing we can do that isnt already rigged to be a disaster is stop doing anything until we have won back democracy and since they sold it were going to have to buy it back if we fall for the lies. They arent going to just leave people be. In particular, they want to replace all the affordable housing with housing so expensive it will literally kill millions of people by making them all homeless. because they are already planning to trade the jobs away too, you’ll see. Soon.

Have you ever seen an old couple eating out of garbage cans, trying to avoid retching from the smell, or with all their possessions trying to preserve some kind of life with all their heirloom furniture wet and moldy under a freeway overpass, literally dying every day. I have, too many times to remember.

Weve totally fallen for a shameless trick, BOTH PARTIES ARE COLLUDING, this is all an ACT, you idiots.l

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In other words, Biden has no plan whatsoever to withdraw from fossil fuel addiction. His only plan is to continue forward with business as usual, because business as usual is what catapulted him into the ruling class.


It not just Biden and the USA that has to act here. Virtually every Country that signed onto the Paris Climate Accords is taking a “slow and steady” approach.

The typical neo-liberal response is “market based solutions”.

You can not solve problems by using the same sort of thinking that created them. (Albert Einstein)

Biden needs to go faster and bigger launching trials on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice. Unless Biden ends the GOP’s half century crime spree, the GOP will become more powerful than ever and climate deterioration will accelerate faster than ever irrespective of who is in the White House.