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Slow Bern: The Sanders Candidacy In Perspective


Slow Bern: The Sanders Candidacy In Perspective

Chris Siebert

It’s true folks, Hillary Clinton has caught up with Bernie Sanders, and they are now tied in delegates. This is becoming a real race!

The fact that Sen. Sanders is running such a successful campaign is quite historic in the context of our recent political history. It’s wonderful that so many people are excited by Bernie, especially young people. He is shaking up the campaign and the democratic party, which really needs some shaking.


"...the progressive agenda will be set back for years if a republican become president."

Can't disagree with that. And, much of climate change is irreversible and the effects can last for thousands of years. So the effects of electing a Republican could be still felt in the year 10,000 and beyond and could easily lead to the end of modern human civilization. Anyone who follows climate science knows that is not hyperbole.


I find it condescending for somebody to put in front of me a political roadmap that describes what I have to do under different scenarios.

Mr. Siebert, if you want to go ahead and vote for a Republican ("vote for Hillary under your scenario #3"), you go do that, but don't try to advise me on what I must do. If you haven't figured out that Hillary Clinton is a Republican, I'm afraid many people will be selling you bridges in Brooklyn, Hillary Clinton among them.

If Bernie Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, we are f*ck*d. It means that a Republican will win the presidency, regardless of whether they honestly call themselves "Republican" or prefer to masquerade as something else. As for me, I will either write-in somebody or vote Green or Socialist, etc., I'll decide later. But nobody will instruct me to vote Republican, alright Mr. Siebert?


This is pure genius! What a Frame for the Christian Evangelical voting bloc that thinks Trump is the answers to their prayers:

"Bernie electable? You may laugh. But for those who don’t think that America will elect a Jewish socialist hippie carpenter, let’s not forget that tens of millions of Americans worship the archetypal Jewish socialist hippie carpenter every Sunday (and one with very long hair)."

I am not sold on this:

"3. If Sec. Clinton wins the nomination, we must support her because the progressive agenda will be set back for years if a republican become president."

Let's hope that numbers 3 and 4 don't come into play!


Do you honestly think that Mrs. Clinton's veiled support for TIPP and TPP will do anything BUT set back meaningful counteractions against global warming?

She's trying to sound like Bernie because her pro-beltway positions in everything from standing with Wall Street and K Street and the MIC would otherwise make her unelectable. How she will govern is almost self-evident. And the picture isn't bright for Nature or human life.


I am sorry, but if Hillary Clinton steals the nomination, I will be voting for Jill Stein.


Nothing to be sorry about.


If Hillary is the nominated democrat, we will have several weeks to figure out a plan b among those who see through Hillary to Honduras and collapse of the Arab Spring.


Am behind Bernie, but we are so far behind the curve on practically every issue.
Here again (and again) comes the prospect of voting for the lesser of two evils.
HRC will (if we're lucky) only incrementally slow our circling of the drain (much like Obama).


TPTB can bring out their super delegates and put up the candidate they want, but I don't have to vote for her. I'll vote Green or write in Bernie, and I don't want anyone telling me that by voting my conscience I'm throwing my vote away or enabling the Republicans. The Democrats have counted for far too long on the Republican boogeyman to herd us into line, even if they don't do anything more than throw us a sop or two once we've voted for them. They need to learn that if they do that, they will lose, plain and simple.

Yes, it will hurt. But it's the only thing that will change them. The lesser evil thing hasn't worked out particularly well for anyone who isn't rich.


If Clinton is the candidate the "progressive agenda" will already be without a champion.

Chris, if the Democratic establishment wants to commit suicide I say let them and a new party will collect everyone who has put up with the bullshit for too long. As corrupt and manipulated as it is, they still can't make the majority of America like Hillary Clinton, but they continue to put lipstick on that pig anyway.

Oh! I said lipstick and pig, so it must be a sexist insult. Nope. Not. It just seems so right, I mean she is the oligarchy pretending to be a friend of the little people. What absolute rubbish. Besides, that saying comes to mind every time her philandering husband hits the stump, the real architect of the financial collapse.


"The progressive agenda was setback" (actually derailed) when the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) with all legislation related to economics moving further rightward with a few social goodies tossed in.


As a professional astrologer, you should be able to examine the relevant star charts and predict who is going to win the nominations of the two wings of the corporate party and who is going to win the presidency, so hoping should be irrelevant for you, no? Hoping should be for people like me who are not attuned to the cosmic consciousness.



Sorry Mr. Music Man,

Item Number 3 just doesn't cut it. I will never vote for the Cannibal Clinton Dynasty!

Not going to happen!

We got rid of one Dynasty: Jeb!;
Now it's one more to go! Killary must be defeated. I'm sorely tempted to vote for Trump since he lambasted the warmonger bush mafia, but he and Hillary are both minions of Wall Street which is the source of all our problems.

You vote for Clinton and you're voting for more Wall Street Bankster fraud against the American people. She's going to put in economist Larry Summers again who is preaching Negative Interest rates on our accounts (which is theft of up to ten percent of your money every year!) - An underhanded bailout of bankster gambling, by any other name.

CD should shun this type of pathetic Democrat Party propaganda.


Not so. Clinton had and has the majority of delegates, not the majority people. You are obviously not operating at ground level. I, and many others I know, will not vote for Clinton even if she cheats her way in. Her record is dogie do-do and can't be trusted.


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I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she offered me one of her $250,000 speaking fees. I'm 100% behind Bernie and if I have to go to plan B, Jill Stein, the best candidate, will get my vote. Chris Siebert and Thomas Hartman, who think the Democratic Party is the morally superior party can go jump in Lake Superior.


Let's see, this writer thinks that those who refuse to vote in the primary for someone who represents everything they hate will suddenly find it acceptable to do so in the general election? Does he actually believe that all the people who are finally--FINALLY--determining that with Sanders there is a reason to get involved in an election process again (or for the first time) will transfer their enthusiastic support to his war-mongering, equivocating, truth-dodging, elite establishment opponent as though there really isn't that much difference between them after all? That's delusional.


I think many in the DNC and DLC know full well that Hillary Clinton, and the Clintons in general, are not loved by the progressives in this country. In fact, I am sure their polling tells them what everyone knows: Hillary's negatives are higher than any other candidate in modern politics. The Clinton baggage would fill up Grand Central Station. I and many others will vote our conscience and vote for Jill Stein if Clinton is the nominee somehow. She has no grass roots support, no support among young voters, and the voters who are voting for her simply haven't paid any attention to the Clinton policies. So if the DNC and the DLC want to have a Democrat in the WH, they are going to have to start backing Bernie. The momentum is there, and he will bring in lots more young voters for a nice down ticket effect. I will never, ever vote to put the Clintons back in the WH. Never. I don't care if they were running against Satan. Never.


Thanks Thomas, for me those two families represent the deep state; literally...