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'Slowbalization': Is the Slowing Global Economy a Boon or Bane?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/15/slowbalization-slowing-global-economy-boon-or-bane

Although it may appear as such, there is no U.S.-China trade war, only aDonald Trump/GOP-China trade war.

The United States of America has been taken hostage by a really bad reality TV Show host and a group of Greedy Old Pricks.

We’re just been bound and gagged and are being taken for a ride and waiting for the vehicle to be driven into the ditch along with our economy.

We made america wealthy by selling agricultural products to peoples of other nations.
example: state of Washington wheat to asia. 27% of Illinois corn is sold to China.
Second: minerals which include oil and gas as well as coal. Our best coal goes to Japapn
Third: Manufactured goods. We were the only place left without factories damaged in 1945.
So, we provided all machined parts, aircraft parts, tractors, etc. to everyone else in the world.

We should not try to set up false barriers to trade, such as tariffs. We can shut up and compete. In manufacture, think high quality, safe shop floor factories, and durable products.

We need not reduce our standard of living, as we already have for 25 years, and can regain leadership in products other than military weapons.

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Absolutely. Before I had reached the tender age of 21, I had worked in a paint factory, a steel plant, and a chemical plant.

I know that 2 out of those 3 are gone and have been for quite a long time. I’m not sure about the third.

The only reason I missed Woodstock, was because I had got a really swell paying job at Bethlehem Steel Corp. in the Coke Ovens.

It was the summer of 1969.

I needed the money for College.

Cest la Vie.

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Bethlehem Steel at Sparrows Point provided the highest quality metalurgy and true flat plate in the world. Plant is gone. The Burns Harbor, Indiana plant is now owned by arcelor. In late 1990, the Beth metalurgist forgot to add boron to a heat. Could not cold form the plate !! He is now the biggy at arcelor plant in East Chicago. He owes me 7 million dollars !!

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Keeping with my main environmental issue of travel and transport, and noting that every major metropolis around the world is clogged with traffic, I ask: How is the automobile like globalization? Consider the 4 main modes of urban/suburban travel: cars/trucks, mass transit, walking, bicycling. Likewise consider the 5 basic economic scales of economy: local, regional, state, national, global. The automobile is an impediment to the other modes of urban travel and its own optimal function. Likewise the global economy disempowers the lesser, though no less fundamental scales of economy and to its own optimal function. Just as we need to reign in traffic and driving as a perceived necessity, so too we must consider the global economy injurious the lesser scales of economy that must be in place and functioning should a sudden disruption of fuel supplies the Koch Corporation under the tyrant Trump have planned to leave most of the world’s people without means to survive. The filthy rich have their reclusive sustainable estates ready for what they will call Armageddon.

When we witness nine private jets headed due south from Chicago at the same time, we know to drive southwest quickly. The sky will soon fall upon us.

I first noticed this group headed west from Ann Arbor after a U of M football game. Heck, they flew side by side !!

Waiting for the ‘crisis’ of global warming folks to mention the gasoline engine automobile, pick up truck as a causal. Cities will not have these engines in use. Time frame about seven years. Improved instrumentations taking air pollution measurements above and down wind of cities are providing accurate data. I actually think we have had this info from NASA and weather satellites but kept under wraps.


It’s a good thing.

Anything that helps defeat Trump in 2020.

OSU 62
Accepted students to attend 1962. Arrived ready to go with bigge ACT. Told no, no dorm room for you bud. Therefore, go home. 72 hours later, local draft board invitation arrives to go army.

A generation later, the hard working top Chemistry and Math student in MICHIGAN is awarded full scholarship to U of M by Chevrolet. Yup, likely worth 39 thousand per year. Today would be worth your 62 thousand.

We will accept the 39 with joy!!!

This generation, it is even improved. Four are blessed with college scholarships.

And the OHIO school district in my rust belt home town has nothing, nothing.

I have worked for and with some very terrific peoples who are Ohio State Univ alumnae.
My brother lives 4 houses from Woody.
I enjoy the rose garden, high street and the olentangy.
Univ. of Washington in Seattle is deja vue - same architect. He simply reused his blueprints.

Yep, Bethlehem Steel at Sparrows Point Maryland. Summer of 1969. When I left there in late August, I vowed that I would never return there.

Almost went up in flames one day while walking on top of the Coke Ovens. Three gas tenders saved me by patting out the flames. Went to the infirmary, and was back on the ovens in less than two hours.

Are you ever going to collect that 7 million dollars?

I am very happy someone was nearby at S.P.

I had a 750 gallon steel storage tank roll over with me halfway in to place x-ray film for weld quality check. Could not breath. last word was ‘help’. two guys were in the office next having coffee. They came in and rolled the tank upright. I simply fell inside. They saved my life and I have not forgotten. Wood chocks and steel casters replaced with rubber tired, motored rollers.

No, but my grandchildren and great grandchildren know how to be perfect !! Worth billions.

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