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'Slumlord' Jared Kushner Condemned for Family Real Estate Company's False Filings


'Slumlord' Jared Kushner Condemned for Family Real Estate Company's False Filings

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

When Jared Kushner was chief executive of Kushner Cos., his family's New York City-based real estate firm, the company "routinely filed false paperwork with the city declaring it had zero rent-regulated tenants in dozens of buildings it owned across the city when, in fact, it had hundreds," according to a report by the Associated Press.


Dear Jared, now might be a good time to let your father-in-law how sick of “winning” you are.


Now who wouldn’t give their next weeks pay to bitch slap that little worm.


I read about over last night, not able to sleep. In my mind this is out-right fraud! Go straight to jail sucker, be a man and turn yourself in!!!


How do you get to blame third parties for " document preparation.?
This is the sort of thing that sets the blood of commoners to boil.
Your business. Your legal documents. Filed on time with the appropriate Agency.
This is the “dog ate my homework” equivalent, writ large.


Nothing will happen. Trump himself is a barometer for the single driving thing that came out of the 1980’s beyond all of it-militarism, war on the poor, etc. Our national property obsession has given us a carny fraud “real estate” celebrity as PRESIDENT. And to some degree, more Americans have participated in this than they may have wanted themselves
In the 1980s, the real estate sector went wild, and it’s never really stopped. It’s not GE. It’s not tech. It’s not steel And it’s not agriculture. And it’s especially American, down to selling swampland in Florida. I sure wish Americans would have woken up years ago-owning a home is NOT the be all and end all of existence. Now over half the country lives in hell because of this sector. They were allowed to do it, in part because, as Marx might have said, so many were thinking the rainbow would land in their pot. The property obsessed Americans are getting what they created, starting with ripping off the natives for Manhattan. Nothing bad is going to stick with Kushner. Millions of Americans would like to be in his shoes. It’s like a mass sociopath party, this property obsession of Yankees. And it is burying the world.


There’s a portrait in Kushner’s attic growing uglier by the minute.


Corruption and greed has not been held accountable for decades. In many cases it has been made legal but when we have no accountability except for fines, people learn from others and do the same. Corruption and greed is just a line item on their balance sheet as a cost of doing business (fines).


When Wall Street took over real estate was the downfall of “the american dream” and the good investment for the future for most of us in middle and lower classes. And we thought we did not have a class system.


A malignancy spreading from a depraved, shallow, ego-driven creature to his family, and to a relatively small percentage of the nation - a percentage that was conned by the need for “change” is now dwindling instead of remaining relatively constant - the supporters of such a malignant personality and utter absence of common decency and integrity waking-up to the threats to the nation and world from a seriously depraved mental case…


A family of crooks–rotten to the core every one of them. Their mistake was stepping into the public spotlight, where their corruption is brightly highlighted. Rats thrive in the shadows.


Love your reference! :smiley:


Please don’t disparage rats. They are lovely creatures in their own way, unlike the sociopathic monsters like Trump and his ilk.


Wall Street and Washington have conspired to suck all of the capital out of local communities and send it to Wall Street. Almost all of the 401(k), pension and IRA funds have been funneled to Wall Street by design. There is nothing left of capital generated on a local basis. Therefore, instead of locally owned and operated stores we get Wall Street chain big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. We have seen wholesale destruction of mainstreet over the past 35 years. Also, does anyone believe that the 2008 mortgage crisis would have happened if all real estate loans were generated locally by local banks and held locally where people would know what is going on. Oh, then you couldn’t have a hedge fund that could de-fraud retirees in Germany with faked up tranches of junk sub-prime mortgages. We live in a fraud perpetrated by Wall Street and their well paid servants in Washington.

Also, big state owned retirement funds like CALPERS put their money with the big boys on Wall Street. I say it should all be invested in California and locally. But then the head honchos at CALPERS can’t fly around and act big with the Wall Street types.


Slumlord? Reading the article, Kushner is not a slumlord, but a gentrification-lord, which is at least as bad.

But don’t expect writers for urban-snob-elite media or ivy league academia like Smith and Boykin to ever criticize the war on the poor called “urban gentrification” - even when the writers themselves are black USAns.


Jared Kushners stock has been plummeting.

Don’t be surprised if he jumps out of a 30 story window of one of his “Debt Laden” buildings soon.


The slime rises to the top.


This is very on target and talks about particular issues half of the country is clueless on. Like here in Southern California-we had arguably the nation’s finest retail. Whether it’s your thing or not, the LA based department store chains were built for the middle class (there were about six) and now they are gone but people don’t seem to know why People (many) don’t want Target and Walmart, they would rather spend a little more and get better stuff. And not have to do it through Amazon. We now have FEWER choices, even though Reagan’s capitalist orgy promised more. Funny how that one is…;.


Right on with everything we say. Ellen Brown has an article that I have to read that was posted yesterday on CD, she is so great.


He’s a joke, but the bigger joke is he being brought in as Trumps top advisor. Organized crime rules.