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Small Donations, Not Super PACs, Bring Big Funds for Bernie Sanders


Small Donations, Not Super PACs, Bring Big Funds for Bernie Sanders

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In just a few short months, Bernie Sanders' campaign for U.S. president in 2016 has rapidly hit a number of significant milestones, from overflowing crowds at rallies to a quick rise in voter polls—and on Thursday, he reached another one: a $15 million fundraising haul.


“…and the path to success for Hillary Clinton is to be bold and populist…” That turns my stomach. If Hillary says ANYthing progressive or populist, it is only to serve her purpose…piggyback on Bernie’s truth in order to fool some of the people all of the time. She’s an opportunist, a hawk, a liar, and a tool of the oligarchs. She doesn’t make a pimple on Bernie’s backside.


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C’mon Bernie, dump your support for the Israeli warmongers and the Pentagon and you’ll be the progressive tiger we’ve been waiting for.


Richard Trumka, the ham-handed, establishment appeasing, deal cutting carve-outer,another forked - tongued AFL-CIO head, has had to issue a warning to other union officials they are not allowed to formally endorse anyone in the run up to the primaries. Many of the rank and file were ready to join Bernie’s campaign and give the rest of the Democrat’s a migraine over the fast track vote. Their clout changes the landscape for the Clintonistas and Bidenbots. The Establishment’s attempt to put Biden in the mix, for his union support was predictable, but Obama has no coattails for " Smilen Joe " Biden. The legacy parties are seeing Bernie’s progressive-populist message get Big Mo. And, Sen. Sander’s has skillfully used his " I caucus with the Democrats in the Senate " to give him space to differentiate his policies from the Corporatists’ wing. The us vs. them fight will be good for the country as it reinvigorates the Occupy movement’s grievances and arguments to a much larger audience. Without the MSM and Establishment’s ability to frame past events as the work of " provocateurs " and " extremists ", too. Bernie has taken the high ground and it will be hard for the DNC to regain it without destroying HillBillary and " Smilen’ Joe " in the process. Bring on the fireworks, Bernie supporters, and have a great 4th of July. There is much to celebrate.


Translation: Destroy your campaign right as it gains the upper hand, Bernie, so a few disgruntled outliers can throw shade onto divisive foreign policy and bi-lateral defense budget issues. Bernie ain’t buying it, though, because we’re still talking about kitchen table politics at the moment. Nice try, though.


Your translation is, I’m afraid, faulty.

I’m as happy as you are to see the crowds and publicity Bernie is drawing and I hope it continues, but his foreign and “defense” policies that I mentioned are basic life-and-death matters that any real leftist cannot tolerate. I understand his reasons for his stance on these matters, but he has been wrong, very wrong. These are not positions conducive to a presidential candidate who purports to appeal to leftist sentiments.

These are not trivial matters, they are of supreme importance in a candidate’s platform.

So his support for these policies should be renounced as soon as it is practical for him to do so. If he does so he will have my support. If he does not renounce them, he will alienate a substantial element of potential support.

The Green Party has the correct position on these matters. So should Bernie.

Do you agree with his foreign and defense policies that I object to, mrsannhitts?


No. But, it’s Ohbummer’s, Rice’s and Kerry’s job right now. And, they’ll disregard all views, anyway. Bernie will just be undercut by Hawks and AIPAC lovers like WaPo and NYT flackers. Stay on kitchen table politics and let’s see what happens with Iran, MENA Mess.


The Green Party got 1/2 of 1 % of the vote in 2012. That’s the way to advance the Progressive Agenda! Hah!


Go Bernie! first time i gave or will help elect a hero like Bernie! Go Bernie!!!