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Small Farmers Are Foundation to Food Security, Not Corporations Like Monsanto


Small Farmers Are Foundation to Food Security, Not Corporations Like Monsanto

Vandana Shiva

May 22 has been declared International Biodiversity Day by the United Nations. It gives us an opportunity to become aware of the rich biodiversity that has been evolved by our farmers as co-creators with nature. It also provides an opportunity to acknowledge the threats to our biodiversity and our rights from IPR monopolies and monocultures.


Giant corporations care about one thing only - profits - any way, any how regardless how destructive to individuals, society, or nations/cultures.
The only way to escape the domination and worship of money and build a sustainable future in agriculture, or in any field, is to remove money from politics and the ability of corrupt politicians and their masters to select candidates, buy elections, and influence/pass legislation and 'deals" like the TPP & TTIP Trojan Horse corporate scams!


It goes WAY beyond profit. There is enormous harm being done.

Centuries ago when the New Conquistadors landed, they could take down trees with axes, and intimidate the Indigenous peoples with primitive cannons and guns. Today... the technology so vastly accelerates their crimes against human beings and nature.

This is about control, and about inverting the ethos that is the fundament of law: and it's rooted in the idea of "First do no harm."

The entire axiom has been reversed so that those DOING the harm force others to stop them, pay for extensive legal action to block them, or find scientists who are not compromised to finance their own studies to PROVE the harm being done.

Furthermore, the entities raping, pillaging, and plundering the world (and increasingly, its peoples), are already sickeningly rich. Remember, about 400 people own what the other 8 billion own!

There's an inversion of LIFE, itself, going on.


Speaking of our sacred duty to earth and community and thinking of those that have stood for those communities and the earth. And missing John Trudell.........


Apparently, Russia has decided to throw out GMO crops, and change their agriculture to become the world's biggest exporter of organic foods. That came out today ...


"Maybe we should be developing our loyalty to this planet, and this earth, and our future, our descendents, more than we should be to governing political systems that have created all these problems. "



The primary mission of Monsanto, Wal-Mart, all of the insurance and drug companies goies way beyond profit...their goal is monopoly. The more money there is in politics, the more mergers and acquisitions the politicians and their appointees enable and the more monopolies we end up with.

The upcoming Bayer/Monsanto merger is one of many examples.