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Small Good Things: Do Not Talk To Other People That Way


Small Good Things: Do Not Talk To Other People That Way

Amidst our national nightmare, good people are scrambling to find ways to do good and support those feeling threatened. Efforts range from the kinda lame donning of safety pins to the generous signing up of thousands of New Yorkers to accompany fearful subway riders to the bravery of Muslims reaching out to their haters to explain, "This is both our homes." Sometimes, it just takes speaking. See a good guy confront a racist jerk at a Miami Starbucks, and be like him.


Wow. I'm full of admiration for this man who stood up to this Trump supporter.

Still, I'm not sure this is the course of action everyone should take. What if he pulled out a gun or actually hit him? (The Trump supporter does in fact threaten to punch him at one point.)

I know people aren't into calling the police these days, but I am wondering why the manager didn't dial 911. Or any of the other customers.

This is when you're supposed to do that. "There's a guy in here at Starbucks screaming names at the barrister and threatening to punch someone. Come quick. We don't know what he may do next."

It's Starbucks, so the police should then arrive .. in a NY second? Then let him tell them he's a Trump supporter - and everything in his life is now supposed to return to a bygone era.

That is a brave man who stood up to him.


Yes he showed courage and sometimes one needs to rise to the occasion come what may and there may not be time enough to call for help. All the other white folks stood around doing nothing. Why didn't they too join in in telling this bigot to leave? I was threatened the other day too and finally had to tell this individual to get lost. Luckily I was not physically attacked.

For the brave soul and all anti-bigots:


A suggestion to the women marching on January 21: Everyone of you wear a hijab in solidarity. I have tried that in the past and, yes was accosted by a white dude, who told me to go back to the ME. My response? "You don't look like you are Native American. So, why don't you go back to Europe?". He had nothing to say.

Clearly, each one of us must become the hero of our own life story. Solidarity!


I live in a state where long riffles, including AR-15 (most popular gun sold around here) can be openly carried. Yes. Fully loaded, ar-15, legal to open carry with no special permit required. So, this is not a place where people generally mouth off that much to strangers. Conservatism the norm here, of course (would a liberal state allow open carry such as this?).

I find just greeting people, who around here are minorities (in one way or another) really matters. Just say hi. Just acknowledge, smile. Lend a hand. Hold open a door (well, I am a sexist, a male who always opens for females).

If I can preach--it is not enough to "tolerate diversity", we should treasure it.


As I understand there is a disconnect people experience when they see something shocking...they often go into "pause" while it registers. Some don't--they're quicker on their feet as far as responding goes.


And so begins the second civil war...


Interesting comment....I've been accused of being a "nut" for even thinking about America descending into (racial or) civil war.....


I'm one of those "lame" safety pin wearers but that's just a small way I can constantly show support for those threatened by our new reality. Love the article even though you called me lame :smile:


I have been wearing a large paperclip on my scrubs at work this week. (The paperclip is a similar symbol to the safety pin, from The Resistance in Europe during WWII.) I'm wearing a large safety pin on my coats. To me it is a symbol of protest, a silent protest, so yes I guess in some minds that is "lame." I live and work in a very red area of my otherwise blue state. People have seen the paperclip on my uniform and several have asked why. So then a conversation begins. So if talking to each other right now is "lame" so be it.


we are not descending into civil war, we are in civil war, period. When a man or woman can
denigrate another person because of the color of their skin, the slant of their eyes, or just
because they have an accent, these are the signs that it has started.

I have initiated something I call the SAF-T-Pin for all that are brave even to wear it, on the left,
(because I sit on the left side of the aisle, with the Dems., Liberals, and Progressives, and
can't leave out Independents). It will tell a person of color or different background than I am,
I'm proud to sit or stand next to them and I am not afraid, because this is the second
time around for me. I've lived through the fifties and sixties, when the South had separate
drinking water fountains for blacks and whites, when there were separate bathrooms, when
black children could not go to the same schools whites attended. This is not new to me.
JFK was the first President who had a young black man escorted to school every day by a
police officer, and he ordered a policeman to escort that young man all the way through
You think you are seeing something now, wait til you go to a large city, if you are not in one
already, and the bus driver says , "All blanks to the back of the bus." Trump has already
started a computer list of Muslims. Who else do you think will be on the listin time?
Have you seen his proposed cabinet? And police, huh, what a laugh, most will be your worst
enemies in time. They will be militarized.

Therefore, you wear your pin, a large one, everyone ..on the left side of your shirt or blouse,
or lapel of jacket or on your "hoody.' It will be a sign of solidarity ..and if you need it, it may
help you gals to unpin it and use it only if you have to in an emergency. We are in a different
type of World now. It is a time of the New World Order. .. but as a very wise man, who is on
our side, always has said, 'If we stand together, there is nothing that we can't accomplish."
And this too, will pass. Don't be afraid to speak up for our brothers and sisters.

Remember the old story about the person who was walking down the block and he saw all
black people being rounded up, and because he was not black he did not help them. Then
he saw all Jews being rounded up and because he was not Jewish, he did not help them;
then he saw women being rounded up and raped, but he was not a woman so he did not
help them, then he saw all Muslims being rounded up and because he was not Muslim,
he did not help them, and when he turned around, he was all alone.


Good on you in your actions. It will take a bit more than a mere wearing of a safety pin symbolizing concerns.
Millions marched against the unconscionable illegal invasion of Iraq; it happened anyway. It will take more than millions marching; it will take real resistance to dismember the National Security State.....which if expanded will increase the oppression of both "free" thought and deed in this country.
I stand by my remarks; actions that have been occurring by the public and resisted by our government(s) indicated the turmoil within the political/societal system.


Vermont is a fairly liberal state, the only state to have elected socialists to congress (Norman Thomas and Bernie Sanders).

Vermont was also the only state for years to have concealed carry without a permit, now called Constitutional carry. Alaska wrote its concealed carry law directly from Vermont. It was introduced into the legislature by a liberal democrat by the name of Eric Croft.

Guns are more of an Urban vs Rural issue than a liberal vs conservative issue. But you are correct, where people carry weapons, they do tend to be more respectful of others. You rarely see any road rage drivers flipping the bird in Alaska.


By all means, be sure to exclude the Greens, Socialists and Anarchists since we don't have a seat in your chamber. After all, our belief and support for the issues of equality and justice for everyone must not have any value to you.

Keep up the message of elitism and division. That plan of action has proven to be quite effective ... for the ruling elites.

As for me, an anarchist, I'll stand hand-in-hand with ALL those being oppressed and exploited ... regardless of their political affiliation. That's what we've done for nearly 200 years.


Thank you, Sierra, for understanding what I am trying to do.


Dear mbrownec,
It is so unfortunate that you cannot hear my words of sincerity when I say this.
I am not an elitist in any sense of the word. To me the meaning of that word
is someone who thinks they are better than the next person.

I have taught all ages and statures of people be they young, old, black, white,
Hispanic, catholic, jewish, and rich or poor, and you fill in the rest.

Yes, I have had an exciting and enriched life as ell as a heartbreaking one,
therefore these experiences have really helped me to understand and help
people on all levels. If I were to tell any of my friends that I was accused of
being elite, they would think I was kidding. I love teaching and love life and
if you felt left out in any way towards anything, all I can say is that my scales
must balance, and I am all-inclusive and fair. Even my shades on my windows
must all be of equal height .. and of course I am inclusive of you and everyone
else and that is why I embarked on setting out to make EVERYONE feel
comfortable by wearing a SAF-T- pin to let them know that if I approach them,
or them me, that they are welcome in my World and in fact, OUR World. Think
about it, if I were of an elitist attitude, I would not even bother embarking on this
effort. It make sense.
Divisiveness, something else you mentioned, which is not me, well all I can say
is that people have called me a bridge to reality. I am very forthcoming with my
thoughts, make no mistake, but it is not in an effort to divide anyone. Bernie
would not have me working for his since 2015 if I did anything divisive, so sir,
you have the wrong idea about me.
And lastly, I would sit on the left side of the aisle, because that is in truth
where the Democrats sit when they hear the State of the Union Those are their
rules and I am a rules person, a registered Democrat who sometimes has a
spirited Liberal as well as Progressive attitude about me on certain issues. I
sincerely feel that all of us not strictly a size 10, in other words we are a compilation
of many facets when it comes to politics and that's why I voted for Bernie by
Provisional Ballot recently. He believes in certain things strongly and if he can
get a bill through by reaching across the aisle just for that particular Bill and idea,
he does it. Other things will not be changed in his mind. I am a lot like him in that
What people are not realizing, and even afraid to admit, is that we live, I believe,
in a highly socialist society. Our lives include socialist entities which we could not
live without, including the post office, fire department, police department,
military, public state beaches, library, social security, medicare, and even the
upkeep of the White House, as well as our prison system and roadways. These
are all social programs that people do not have a clue about. Yet when Bernie
was introduced as having Socialist leanings, people were not acceptive right away,
of this man. Now they love him.
My point is that we should not severely brand people, because I believe each of us
has a sprinkling of many different attributes of varied party platforms. It's just very
difficult to explain in a quick sound bite of an email. I wish you well !!


Thank you for your courteous and thoughtful response. I appreciate it.

While I don't want (or mean) to extract any of the meaningful content of your post, please allow me to correct the following widely held misconception:

What people are not realizing, and even afraid to admit, is that we live, I believe,
in a highly socialist society. Our lives include socialist entities which we could not
live without, including the post office, fire department, police department,
military, public state beaches, library, social security, medicare, and even the
upkeep of the White House, as well as our prison system and roadways.

The institutions and services included in the above snippet are examples of "socialized" entities ... not socialism.

For socialism to exist, the entity manufacturing a product, or providing a product or service must be under the ownership AND control of the working class (the actual workers and/or community) as explained in this partial statement:

THE SOCIALIST PARTY strives to establish a radical democracy that places people's lives under their own control - a non-racist, classless, feminist socialist society... where working people own and control the means of production and distribution through democratically-controlled public agencies, cooperatives, or other collective groups....**
**Source: Socialist Party USA

By the way, state socialism and state capitalism are totalitarian political systems under centralized rule that are in direct opposition to the real principles and ideals of socialism.

I have to contend with this State-planted misconception and false narrative every day. As a teacher, it would be like you having to correct the fallacy of of 2 + 2 = 5 every day.

Have a great day and weekend!


I thank you for all of that info and do understand it; however, (and when you get a chance),are
you as an obviously learned person happy with the fact that our taxes support all of the above?
My way of thinking is that if we support these services, by our taxes going to all of them , is
this something we should continue to do, considering we are not called a socialist country, nor
would I necessarily want to be.
This is not my major area of expertise; however, as I understand socialism was started partially
because it would be beneficial for a group of people, therefore calling it "social," not just being
for one person. Now in connection specifically with post offices, where we, the public pay
taxes for that "service" Sen. Sanders plans to eventually introduce banking at all of our post
offices. (I think this would be a great idea, my personal opinion, without knowing the full
dynamics), however wouldn't that throw a wrench into the "banking" portion of the post office..
perhaps an answer better to be given by Bernie. Another answer perhaps by Bernie, we as a
family had terrific pick of health insurance because my husband at time could choose from seven
excellent plans and would post office or taxpayers pay for this? Obviously answers that should
be given by Bernie, now that I write them down. Good conversation .. thanks.