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Small Island Nation Takes Superpowers to Court over Nukes


Small Island Nation Takes Superpowers to Court over Nukes

Nika Knight, staff writer

Decades after parts of its territory were "vaporized" by United States nuclear testing, the Republic of the Marshall Islands on Monday launched an international court battle against nuclear superpowers.

The Pacific island country has sued nine nations for violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed in 1970, and now three of those lawsuits are proceeding in the International Court of Justice in the Hague.


Yes! Sue the bastards!!!


So much of a case. So little a chance. Oh, where's Israel in all of this? Just asking.


Israel is right in the center of the issue of nuclear annihilation, as they never signed the NPT and do not allow any inspections of their nuclear weapons program or sites. Israel's nuclear-armed allies protect and defend nuclear terrorism!


People in charge who can stop the employment of nuclear fission and fusion everywhere HAVE GONE MAD! They have robbed our cauldrons future. And for what?


Thanks but no thanks to automatic spell checker! "CHILDREN" not cauldron! lol


After watching the Republican's last debate, I don't figure it's going to be long until some idiot uses nuclear weapons. George Bush, The Idiot, could not even pronounce "nuquelar."


Interesting that the cricket-playing nations have accepted going to court, whereas the non-cricket nations are "just not playing cricket" about the issue. It bowls a maiden over.


But Fukushima is safe Right