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'Small Measure of Justice for Heather Heyer' as Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. Convicted of Murdering Her With His Car

'Small Measure of Justice for Heather Heyer' as Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. Convicted of Murdering Her With His Car

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Self-professed neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. was convicted of first-degree murder on Friday for killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer when he intentionally drove his car into a group of counterprotesters at last year's violent Unite the Right rally that brought droves of white supremacists to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Let’s get our Stochastic Terrorist in Chief a jumpsuit color coordinated with his complexion.


There goes one of your “fine people” Trump, who can make preparations for your entrance into the place you so rightly deserve to go.



The entire notion of the “white race”, much less “supreme” is and always has been ginned up by minds of such depravity and weakness that it is the magic (there goes another delusion) miracle that is used to slather irrationality and fear with excuses for insanity of action.

It is the lashing out of persons who have been used by the worst actors of the system as a domestic form of cannon fodder. It is one sick legacy of schizophrenic convenient blindness addicted to hormonal and adrenal triggers. Guns and gunning engines are the mechanical mirrors and ‘externalization’ by people who are subjected to fears inherent to the same dynamic of predatory capitalism. There is that dynamic cycling through economically and then socially again. Notable is that this system has set it up so that these psychological feed-back loops never go after the systemic perpetrators.


Heather Heyer’s mom, Susan Bro, carries on the fight for social justice. Chapeau, Mrs. Bro!


Heather wasn’t the first victim of the American Nazis.
Unfortunately, she won’t be the last either.
When Trump is removed from office, or loses a landslide in 2020, America’s brown shirts will come out in force.
Achtung Juden! (And everybody else that isn’t of “pure” blood)

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Plus I doubt is anyone is pure white! Now, this moron who is going to prison will be thought of as a martyr.

This neo-nazi scum murderer should perhaps be executed for his cowardly crime, that took the meaningful life of Heather Heyer…or spend the rest of his pathetic life being abused in prison…I have zero or less regard for him and/or the evil people that encouraged his crime…most notably the ginger pig himself, who is directly and indirectly responsible for crimes both high and low, here and abroad! His fate should be no less than the convicted murderer and cannot come too soon for my part!


Do an internet search with the words “terrorist” and “truck”. Then post here how those cases were different than Fields’.

Kristen, I agree but the fish rots from the head down and the fascist that never invited Heather Heyer’s Mother to the white, supremacy, house to offer his condolences is where the accountability starts!

Small comfort indeed, the sweet child is still dead. The entire Nazis brigade needs to be eliminated and any remnants swept into a junk heap of history. Nothing can make up for a life sacrificed on the alter of good deeds. Free speech isn’t permission to kill. Sell hate with free speech you are enabler and guilty of murder. This isn’t a turn the otherr cheek moment and “be nice”. These insane idiots only see reason and logic as weakness. Jim Jones and Hitler proved the point.