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Small-Scale Farming Could Restore America’s Rural Towns


Small-Scale Farming Could Restore America’s Rural Towns

Sarah van Gelder

Boarded-up business districts. Abandoned warehouses. Barns and homes covered by tarps slowly collapsing into the earth. It was startling how often this scene repeated as I drove through the rural areas of the Midwest, South, and West on the road trip that resulted in the book The Revolution Where You Live.


That would be great.


Another reason why the Amish & Mennonite farms succeed is that both sects emphasize hard work & drug free living. Considering the prescription abuse epidemic, amongst the other social ills, rampaging through rural and semi-rural America, this question must be posed: Are they up to this?


This would certainly be a boom to rural economies.

My Brother-in-law is doing this in Western Maryland and is very successful.

Organically grown food is so much better for us.


It's an uphill battle for sure.
Big Ag is extremely powerful and owns the part of the government that funnels it taxpayer money and markets.
Sort of like the isurance industry and ObamaCare.

This guy has spent a lot of time fighting the unholy alliance of government and big agriculture:


We grow an acre garden , and store some veggies for the Winter. It's not a farm. We also donate some extras to a local food bank. Did you hear this? Dump wants to make personal gardening illegal so the big businesses can make more profits. Stephen Colbert did a skit about this.


The question must be posed? Why?


Have you seen the state of health indicators in rural America? Whole sections of it are in the throes of a serious prescription drug abuse epidemic, particularly in Appalachia. While I do not doubt the ability or willingness of the Amish & Mennonites, I have serious doubts about the rest of the population to do the serious hard work necessary.


Marie,seriously. Do you think Congress will approve funds for 'Garden Police'?

I'd shoot anyone rooting around in my garden.


You've got that right. Hey, what's up with this HUGE build up of the military?


That is very sad. Sounds like this is a form of escape?


It's all a ruse to siphon huge sums from American taxpayers, and funnel it through the backdoor to the Trump family.


With Wendell Berry, I think that for small-scale, regenerative, in-harmony-with-nature, farming to become economically feasible and lead to rural economic revitalization it will first require a radical dismantling of our current industrial scale, capital intensive, chemical dependent and nature devastating farming system.

The below quote is from Wendell Berry's essay "In Distrust of Movements":

"Industrialism, which is the name of our economy, and which is now virtually the only economy of the world, has been from its beginnings in a state of riot. It is based squarely upon the principle of violence toward everything on which it depends, and it has not mattered whether the form of industrialism was communist or capitalist or whatever; the violence toward nature, human communities, traditional agricultures and local economies has been constant. The bad news is coming in, literally, from all over the world. Can such an economy be fixed without being radically changed? I don't think it can."

Full Text: https://archive.org/stream/TheDistrustsOfMovements-WendellBerry/WBerry_djvu.txt


Citation please.


Seriously, citation please. I'd love to have that documented.