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Small Tweaks Won't Be Enough to Save American Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/small-tweaks-wont-be-enough-save-american-democracy


Wait, I think I heard something concerning this during the campaign.
Oh yeah, “nothing will fundamentally change.”
Yeah, that’s it.


We are very lucky to have the Pandemic, because otherwise we’d would have orange pumpkins in our political future for ever (as far as preserving democracy is concerned).
Biden came close to losing inspite of the public health debacle under the current occupant.
He was nominated by Representative Clyburn on 4 March before the Pandemic got under way, without a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning and before the virus got going.
The Democratic Party did not intend to win, IMO.
Biden is a nobody, really: A toothy smile behind aviator shades. A pleasant fellow, none-the-less.
We need to hope he can step up to the challenge, for the country.

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This article is based on the premise that there are 2 distinct political parties in the USA - this is not the case. There are 2 political brands playacting at opposition, bankrolled by the same elite donors, making policy written by elite donors.

Also, does it not occur to the author that the elites actually want to install fascist control here? Based on the evidence of the actions of our polity this seems the most likely goal.

The elites know that a socialist populism has emerged and is rising. They are using all of the resources at their disposal to replace a peaceful left wing populist uprising with a violent fascist uprising.

Perhaps the elites believe - China is living proof - that technology is at a point whereby it can secure them complete control of our society. A perfect police state.

And the elites installation of Biden/harris… well, if those are the saviors of our democracy, I welcome you to hell.


Sinclair Lewis’ (1935) It Can’t Happen Here was quite prescient, if eighty years premature. I read it (probably upon the advice of a fellow CD cyber peer) in August 2015 as I saw Trump’s ability to saw through his competition. To those that I told of how things would play out they think me brilliant, but I remind them that it was Lewis who was the Source. He just about nailed everything. The fascist pathology from the authoritarian “leader” to his imbecile and compliant followers. Nailed. Human nature doesn’t change much I guess. As Samuel Clemens penned, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. As the Grateful Dead sang, What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been. I hope there will be no more blood shed, but am too much a realist to expect such. I weep for the nation that I revere.


“Fortunately, Joe Biden will assume the presidency on January 20.”

  • Joseph Stiglitz

Much as I like his article - I pale at his last paragraph (above quote).

Trump is not gone yet - and I learned long ago, as Joseph Stiglitz has not apparently, not to count my chickens before they are hatched.

This is a good article. I agree with Joe Stiglitz .The situation that has gotten us into this mess is the neoliberal extremism this country is plunging into. Its not representative of our shared values at all.


Many of the policies that are causing SO many of our problems will be out of reach of politics, due to a highly anti-democratic system we designed.

The WTO and other trade deals that do an end run around it. .

Other than the fascist wet dream of the Patriot Act and the Iraq war,and War budgets in general, When has Biden EVER gone big and bold?
When it for the 99% he is generally against it.

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“Fortunately, Joe Biden will assume the presidency on January 20. But it will take more than one person—and more than one presidential term—to overcome America’s longstanding challenges.”

Not only does it need more than one person to overcome challenges like the striking economic inequality (fueled by legalized Super PAC bribery) it would need a completely different person than Joe Biden.

Sure it’s great that at least for now the orange nightmare is over soon but Biden is a corporate, neoliberal Democrat through and through, who is closer to the Republicans than to the progressives in his own party. He - even for decades before he became VP for Obama - is and has been one of the main culprits that the US is in the condition it is in today.

So it‘s really hard to put faith in this man, who so rarely has been on the right side of history and - judging by most of his recent comments and (lack of important) policy proposals hasn‘t learned a thing from his many political mistakes …


For ANYBODY to judge ANY of this, “fortunate” epitomizes our pathetic situation? LISTEN Liberals: this latest ratchet RIGHT, by your duopoly is intentionally blatant. DNC’s not only senile Marie Antoinette stereotypes, BEGGING all out armed insurrection by ALL the victims cynically crushed into exponential more usurious, indentured peonage… then, just blathering, dead-eyed that everything’s back to smug ofay NORMAL… as this strain will soon beat, even NASDAQ, as millions are evicted by other homeless peons, working off apps, reposessing Ubers, flipping delinquent mortgages, due to unpayable medical, plastic, EZ Credit & PayCheck loans on jobs that no longer exist? Harris, Biden, Warren & the rest were NEVER running against Trump, they were installed to crush US, by exposing the utter impossibly of anything, remotely like Bernie’s “candidacy” happening? DNC’s reactionary Biden/ Harris ticket was an Iron Boot atop our heads message, TRYING to set off insurrection, our conveniently militarized cops can suppress, to the delight of Yuppies & Creative Class. You don’t “invite” fascist Neocons to “join” a working class party anymore than you enact de-facto martial law to defend petit bourgeois “Democracy?”