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Smart Commentators Must Stop Minimizing Trump's Ongoing Threat To This Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/22/smart-commentators-must-stop-minimizing-trumps-ongoing-threat-election


Democracy was on the ballot, but it was the democrat party primary, not the general election. Democracy lost.

After that, it was just theatrics to distract us.


The fear mongers want you afraid and out of commission.

Don’t let them continue to rule your life.

There are millions of us patriots who would die for our country rather than see a fascist TV presidential impersonator stay in the White House past his term.

Be prepared to stand up for what you believe in.

If our ancestors hadn’t, we still would be living under England’s thumb.


Trump is full on rabid. They shot Ole Yeller, but Ole Yeller was one great dog before he got bit. Ole Yellow, not no much. I’ll cry no tears for the latter.


Absolutely on point.Treating this as merely petulance and not a true threat to the continuation of the flawed experiment in democracy is a serious mistake from those who have the ability to sound a much more serious alarm. If what Trump is doing isn’t worth a vigorous push back, then nothing is. Continuing to pretend this is a joke or theatre of the absurd may well lead to a place from which there is no return.


Trump’s threat of a coup is real.

Of especial concern is the new Sec. of Defense’s change to the lines of reporting for all of the special forces. As of last week, special forces commanders report directly to Miller–who is a retired special forces colonel–not to the senior generals and admirals in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

This means that Miller has control of a separate army within the US military.

However, David Sanger is a horrid reporter, who lies all the time about Russiagate, Syria, Ukraine, etc.


To which “theatrics” are you referring?

Giuliani’s evidence free ranting about Cuba-China-Venezuela hacking the vote counting for Biden?

Or are you saying that Trump is only engaging in “theatrics” to polish his post January 20th 2021 branding?

You’re right about the Democratic primary. As in 2016, the nomination was stolen from the vastly more popular candidate. Biden didn’t win the primary, and nor did HRC. So the 2016 and 2020 Democratic Party primaries were indeed theatrics.

However, it is NOT “theatrics” to say that Biden won the general election.

Thanks for you’re thoughts , Jeffrey, but I think you are very far off base. Trump 1.0 is history. He’s throwing a tantrum, and maybe positioning to make sure he doesn’t spend the rest of his life in jail, and likely setting up Biden to be such a failure that Trump 2.0 is an inevitability blity, but his current Presidency is over.

You can argue about law and the violations of law, precedence and the lack of precedence, but the telling factor is momentum. The judiciary, Republican Party, and Wall Street have fallen behind Biden. Nothing Trump can do will overcome the momentum of political forces that are driving the transition to Biden.


One of the plot points of book/film “7 Days in May”, which is set in some future with teleconferencing and the capacity to crop and zoom into moving images with little image degradation, is the take over by the fascist coup forces of TV networks AND telephone long distance control.

Are you prepared to resist any such DJT coup when 70,000 special operations commandos directly under the command of the new Sec. of Defense shut down major portions of the internet?

Do you have SW broad cast facilities you can fall back on?

Trump is doing all he can to make Biden look better because they both know that all of the people

who voted for either of them need to believe that they are superior ("smart"ter) than each other

while they all fall in line for the neoliberal-conservative agenda for the benefit of the same

corrupt lords of money.

“Nothing will fund-amentally change.”

More war, greater inequality, more environmental degradation, more obfuscation, Trump or Biden.

If you are sitting on the edge of your seat over this election’s outcome, you are not any smarter than

the rest of us who see that the republicans and democrats are not working for you.

Yes Jeff, and smart commentators might also recall this day, in1963,
forever making American elections, at best, only a choice between a
Trump or a Biden, because November 22nd in Dallas, Texas there was the event that secured the war machine’s dominance, by showing us all that any politician questioning America’s global role as mass slaughterer, would get a bullet through the head.


I think Trump is mostly doing it to enhance his post presidency brand, so he can make money.

However, fascists like Stephen Miller, a Trump WH senior adviser, are absolutely being real. Even if such types don’t succeed, come 2021, they’ll be claiming Biden illegitimate, much like Russigaters’ claims about Trump, and millions of die hard Trump supporters will believe such claims.

The likes of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are already making claims’ regards Biden’s “illegitimacy”.


Smart commentators would realize that sociopathic self centered individuals like trumpiss corruptass twitterensis need to be starved of attention they so desperately seek to even feel a bit alive. Kill him with silence!


The ruling class is not going to risk everything by allowing a coup.
Why should they? Biden is the product of the coup they carried out to prevent the relatively mild, moderate reforms proposed by Bernie Sanders to be chewed up and spat out by Congress and the Courts.
The people who run America aren’t going to allow anything to interrupt the game they have been playing since they put their “thumb”, much bigger and firmer, in place of George III’s.


I enjoyed Matthew Stevenson’s Lost Art of the Steal, for framing matters in historical perspective, and calming me down a little bit:

In 1876, power brokers in Congress decided the election. Hayes was made the president in exchange for agreeing to the end of Reconstruction in the South, which allowed the Democratic majority there to impose segregation over the states of the former confederacy.

In 2020, what does Trump have to offer Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona in order to overrule the popular vote in those states and send electors for Trump to Washington?

The answer is: not much. For one thing, for all his spin, Trump doesn’t “do deals.” He runs scams, in which he alone is the winner.


Incidentally, I’ve heard Vijay Prashad warmly recommend Gore Vidal’s 1876 – as his favorite from Vidal’s Washington series. The novel explores the bargaining which comprised the Hayes-Tilden Compromise – “from the bedroom to the boardroom” as Prashad put it.


“Pieties about “the soul of America” and “this can’t happen in a democracy” are worse than useless. They distract from the realities of power in play.”

When FDR came in to save capitalism, he knew that it wouldn’t work without giving the masses a few crumbs. The oligarchs objected, but Roosevelt had the courage to take them on and win concessions. Those who opposed him are gone now, but their progeny learned the lesson well: When you have power you use it. When you have control, you keep it. We are seeing the results of that belief now.

I think they waited this long because buying the government was working until the likes of Bernie Sanders and “the Squad” came along and began to open people’s eyes. They have changed the dialogue and even made the term “socialism” less undesirable to a new generation of the abused working class. It was time for decisive action.

There are people in the country and in the government today who care little or nothing about the law, the common people (who are there only to serve them and for no other purpose), or the “good of the country,” whatever that means. A cursory look at history will show that cruel dictators and dictatorships have arisen time and time again resulting in great suffering for everyone except those who caused it, But that is the purpose of seizing power and holding it, isn’t it? The U.S. president is often called the “most powerful man in the world.” because he can turn his superior weaponry on any part of the world in a moment’s time. It was inevitable that this power would sooner or later be turned inward.

It was always naively assumed that South American style politics could never happen here, and now that it’s happening, people are vehemently denying it is happening, and as the author points out, each time they take the next step in their widely broadcast plan, the Democratic party fools claim that they can’t go any further because they have no legal case.

What kind of legal case does a dictator need to assume power, arrest his opponents and call out the army to quell the subsequent riots?

The Trump Mafia hasn’t even played its trump card yet, which is taking this to the 6-3 Supreme Court who are right now working overtime on some super-specious legal mumbo-jumbo to give them a reason to void this election.

If you think that can’t happen, you’re probably brain dead,



Your fear will not save you or this nation. It will only make you complacent.

Find the courage to put complacency behind you, and the needs of the people before you.

Stand for what is right, or stay on your knees.


All your aspersion casting does is prove that you have no comprehension of what I wrote.

I find it especially telling that absent irony you posted your response on the internet.

Do you even know what SW radio is?

I can tell that you don’t know the definition of the noun “complacency”, because your response so perfectly encapsulates that state.

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Exactly. And those pretending that the Democrats are better in any way, shape or form are nor helping. They are merely serving to perpetuate the conditions which gave us Trump.


Theatrics in the sense that it made no real difference whether Trump or Biden won. It’s a complete and wholesale charade; either outcome, the oligarchs win.