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Smart Commentators Must Stop Minimizing Trump's Ongoing Threat To This Election

That’s similar to claiming there was no difference between Obama and McCain in 2008, many did exactly that while pretending that McCain’s VP didn’t matter.

Whereas in 2020 someone of that VP’s ilk was president, and his VP was even worse.

Signed neither a Biden voter nor an Obama voter.

Trump and Biden represent two major prongs of illegitimacy, no matter what the vote numbers show.

In addition to the smarmy louses who you cite, there is the reality that when Kamala Harris was the

AG of California, her staff thought she should go after Steve Mnuchin for thousands of predatory

evictions by his bank. She said no. Then, when she ran for the US senate, both Mnuchin and his

wife were donors to her campaign. They do not oppose each other or the predators who fund them.


Why are you saying Trump is illegitimate?

Are you saying he didn’t win the 2016 primary honesty?

Are you saying he didn’t win the general election in 2016?

I agree that DJT’s claims that he won in 2020 are illegitimate. But there’s plenty of legitimacy to the time in office over the last nearly 4 years. I remind you that in mid-November 2016, HRC refused to join in calling for a recount of Michigan.

I’m not clear why you’re bringing up Harris. Does the fact that she’s a louse, prison labor advocate, and non-prosecutor of Mnuchin mean that she didn’t win her elections in California and therefore illegitimately held office 3 different elected offices in the state?

Truer words were never said. 57 years and counting -

I have been reading a number of general’s memoirs lately, Jim Mattis, McChrystal, McMaster etc… And before them - Colin Powell.

All very interesting - but there is never even a peep about the assassination’s true cause - or its cover up.

The silence is deafening.

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There is nothing legitimate about democrats or republicans.

They are corporatizing capitalist who will say anything to manipulate their human resources into

running from one side to the other on this sinking ,self-devouring juggernaut which is inflated with

arrogant, toxic vanity and militarism.

That’s a different use of the adjective “legitimate” than when Trump claims that Biden didn’t win legitimately, or Trump’s racist and xenophobic claim that Obama was not a legitimate president.

I’m not unsympathetic to your general point, but it is essentially unrelated to this CD article and my question about your use of the term “illegitimate”.

Furthermore, and this is very serious, by saying “they’re all illegitimate”, you help the fascist Trump and the even worse around him.

Link please.

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Notice how all Trump can do these days is play golf. Oh, he’ll hold a few meetings to prove to Daddy he’s no loser, but he’s in a fugue state. The Michigan folks are ruled by the Mackinac Center, which is part of the Kochoptopus and financed by the DeVos family. They will certify Michigan as belonging to the Democrat head of the hydra.
I’m re-reading Mary Trump’s book about her dreadful family, that puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. Prussia, now part of Germany had horrific child abuse, well documented by Alice Miller’s book For Your Own Good. Like C-19, child abuse is a deadly, highly contagious virus that’s spread from generation to generation until someone breaks the chain. Trump has an inner critical Father, who has ruled his life from Day 1, and has ruled the USA since 11/9/16.
I wonder what will happen once Trump comes out of his fugue state. It probably won’t be good. Yes, it can happen here, a military-civilian coup that’s been steeped in reactionary verbage for 40 years. Even with Biden in the White House, there’s no guarantee we won’t be facing a Fifth Column movement led by Trump and his army.
There’s no history of anything until it happens. Then we know. The Indigenous peoples thought they would live their circular lives with the seasons, supported by the bison or the woodlands, even after the Europeans invaded. Then it all went south in just a few years for the Plains horse tribes.
Meanwhile, look for a super-super-spreader Covid event with Thanksgiving travel and mass gatherings. The cri de coeur of the bunch is-we will not be manipulated.


Link to what?

Everything I pointed out is easy to verify.

If you’re questioning the claim that Sec. of Defense Miller is now ostensibly in direct command of the special forces, CD’s comments don’t allow links.

But a quick websearch, which you should have done, will confirm my point.

And if you still believe the Russiagate fables pushed by CD, the NYTimes, NBC News, etc, I can’t help you.

Between these two books one can guess what probably happened to JFK.
. ~https://www.amazon.com/Devils-Chessboard-Dulles-Americas-Government/dp/0062276174/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1E7JS43P8AZ8Q&dchild=1&keywords=the+devil%27s+chessboard+by+david+talbot&qid=1606092556&sprefix=the+devil%27s+ch%2Caps%2C240&sr=8-1

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So verify it. Your making a very large assertion, that the Sec. of Defense is breaking the chain of command in the special operations community of the military. Years ago I was a member of one of those units, I’d like to see a link to the information you are referencing.


Learn to use Google. It’s really easy to find references to Miller taking direct command of the special forces on Nov. 18th, Wednesday last week.

It is astounding that I have to explain what a search engine is to you in the year 2020.

You can take up Common Dreams’ refusal to allow links in comments with Common Dreams.

Just count the votes and stay with due process.

The real danger, or at least the most intense danger, is the possibility of a declaration of martial law, as has happened often in recent CIA-administrated coup attempts in various countries.

Trump does not have the support to do this and has been bickering with his military and intelligence services for four years. Biden is an old machine politician and may or may not have such support.

This has not happened yet, however. Just count the votes. Stay with the process. Let all parties access the courts.

Yes, but Trump, and minions like Rudy Giuliani amongst others, are trying to control the states’ vote count.

Can’t be counting the votes of black people in closish states like MI, PA, and WI.

You see, in 2016, MI and WI “lost” a lot of Detroit and Milwaukee votes. Probably occurred in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Miami, and Tampa too. And the Trumpsters want a repeate of that help DJT had in 2016.

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You don’t have to explain shit to me, you either have a reference to back up your wild assertions or you don’t, and you don’t. We all still link here, despite the mod’s rules.
Get back to me when you can prove your point.


Let me help you out, here’s the link, it says nothing of your wild assertions, only that the “assistant secretary of defense for special operations/low-intensity conflict” is to report to the Sec. of Defense, not all of the special forces leaders. try a little harder at reading comprehension.



I clearly have to explain what a search engine, like Google, Yandex, or Yahoo, is to you.

These search engines are online compilations of websites’ keywords that have been run through basic sorting algorithms largely developed at Stanford University in the early 1990s.

You get to such websites by typing, for example “google dot com” in the URL bar, that’s the address bar at the top of say this Common Dreams website–or at the top of any other web page.

Once Google, or say Yandex loads, you’ll see a blank box into which you need to enter the search terms that interest you. Here for example it would be good if you used the terms: “Secretary Defense Miller Special Forces command”. You don’t need to use the quotation marks. Then you hit enter on your keyboard and a few seconds later you’ll see multiple links to relevant web pages regarding Secretary Miller taking direct control of the special forces on Wednesday November 18th 2020.

I find it telling that you ignored my point that Common Dreams does not allow links in comments, well at least didn’t when I tried to post such. But given your utter inability to follow up on my comment yourself I suspect you didn’t understand my comment about CD forbidding links. And nor, I suspect, will you understand the above instructions about how to find and then use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

You assert that you were in the special forces of some branch of the US military, or connected to such forces. I’m of two minds as to what to think about your claim. Either it’s true and you’re evincing a staggering level of incuriousness and therefore, if you’re an example of the US special forces, the USA is in big trouble–but happily the SF types won’t be real good at helping Trump’s potential coup. Or you’re just making things up. Those are the only two options.

Read before posting your link, which says what I claimed.

Furthermore, multiple articles, which you can find once you’ve learnt how to use a search engine, say exactly what I claim, not simply that some DoD under secretary now reports directly to the Sec. of Defense.

Secondly, whom do you suppose reports to said under secretary for “low intensity conflict”? That would be special forces commanders.

You have a reading comprehension problem, it does not say what you claimed. One person, “the assistant secretary of defense for special operations”, will be reporting directly to the secretary of defense, not all special forces commanders, as you claimed. I certainly don’t need your help or explanation on how to use search engines, I provided you with a reputable link to the information here on CD, that’s how we do things here, next time you do the same if you want other readers to take you seriously when asserting uncommon information.
Stop spreading false accusations like a trump supporter.
And I don’t give a duck fart whether you believe my background or not.

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And who reports to this under secretary?

Miller’s words when he announced the change:

“I am here today to announce that I have directed the Special Operations civilian leadership to report directly to me, instead of through the current bureaucratic channels.”

Furthermore you still have a reading problem regards how CD blocks the sharing of links, even if you tweaked yours so as to post it.

You clearly didn’t know what a search engine was, so I figured I’d explain it to you.

Trump supporters aren’t the only ones spreading false information. You didn’t follow the Russiagate reference I see. That was a fable CD pushed.

Back to Miller’s change to the special forces command structure, even from your link, it’s ominous, and of great concern when Trump is still going about sans evidence insisting that Cuba-Venezuela-China hacked the election for Biden. It is highly irresponsible of you to try to trivialize a significant command change. Trump fired Esper with a Twitter post days after the election, and Esper , as Sec. of Defense, had objected to Trump’s attempt to use the military against protesters in June 2020. You have managed to utterly ignore the context of Miller’s change. And Miller shouldn’t even be Sec. of Defense; Esper should be handing his job over to Biden’s people.

Furthermore, since you don’t know because you’ve at least not paid attention to Trump for 2 weeks, Trump has made all sorts of major changes at the Pentagon since Trump lost to Biden. These changes are of great concern. Are you not familiar with the subject of the CD article to which you are appending comments?

Next time, now that you know how: Use a search engine.