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Smart Girls: More Than Their Dresses


Smart Girls: More Than Their Dresses

During last night's dazzlingly tedious Oscars, the most notable moments were those insistent, inspiring ones when the real world disrupted the glitzy proceedings. After campaigns protesting the awards' racism - #OscarsSoWhite - and sexism - #AskHerMore - came the unlikely victory of "Citizenfour," Patricia Arquette's fierce call for wage equity, the moving glory of "Glory," and calls for justice for the black, immigrant, female, gay and weird among us.


Uppity women Unite !


I suppose we should thank Abby for watching the dog and pony show that I for one refused to watch. Yes, I just compared the beautiful, sexy, overpaid, entertainment objects to canines and equines. I hope the animal world will forgive me.

Saw this morning, on my disinformation distribution device, that the show registered a significant decline in viewership. What a pity. Not.


I have not seen the Oscars for more than twenty years. I have not missed a thing.

As for politics, when the American people finally wake up to who is really the cause of all of their woes….it will be too late to do anything and they will started killing each other for the elementary bones of existence.

Acting is yes a talent and most of the American people are acting like nothing is wrong. Well…at least the ones I know are doing that.

As for the awards and the flashing of those that have…when the “stuff” ( censored before the 'new" CD does it for me) when the “stuff” hits the fan…they had better duck and cover because gated communities …those walls are just not high enough if you are hungry enough.