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Smarter Foreign Policies or Bigger Blowbacks?


Smarter Foreign Policies or Bigger Blowbacks?

Ralph Nader

Are Washington’s relentless bombings and military immersions in sectarian battles within Arab and neighboring regions accelerating the spread of terrorist attacks? Yes. The recent rash of terror attacks in Kuwait, Tunisia, Somalia, France, and other countries are tragic examples of the strategic failures of our government and its very heavy reliance on military interventions, including the omnipresent drones that terrorize civilians.


Of course Mr. Nader, a lifelong public servant who’s committed his time and considerable intelligence to bettering life for citizens has it right about the moral, financial, tactical, and psychological losses incurred by the senseless spread of Middle East Wars.

Unfortunately, Mr. Nader is not willing to consider that all of this was planned and part of a necessary trigger that could be used to invoke a New World Order, roll back civil liberties (under the guise of fighting a war on terror), and essentially “cull” the human herd while making the old aristocratic families even more obscenely rich.

This item truly requires re-examination in light of the massive evidence & testimony available on You Tube and other places. For in recognizing the extent of the Inside Job, it then becomes evident that lighting fuses in the Middle East to cause breakdowns in those nations–added to internecine conflicts–would enrich the military-industrial complex while reducing population numbers. For the sociopathic killers-in-chief, that’s a double winner.

"Osama bin Laden wanted economic damage and suffering in the U.S. after 9/11 far more than he wanted to cause a mass loss of life. He is getting his wish for U.S. immolation, year after year.

“When is our government going to admit that fighting terror with more mechanized state terror is not working? We have much more to lose than those adversaries in these impoverished countries.”

THAT is how sick things are at the top… the IMPLOSIONS are part OF their plan! Not an accident, nor evidence of “the law of unforeseen consequences.”


Thank you Siouxrose for saying what needed to be said! Maybe this will start the conversation.


“America” is nothing more than a tool in the “Grand Scheme of Things”, whatever that exactly is. Any benefits 'Murca gets are but lubrication for the machine. As George Carlin was wont to say, if you were born in America you got a front row seat to the freak show.


Yes indeed. Although most murkins didn’t learn anything from the Viet Nam occupation, Wall Street and its military industrial complex learned that when profitable wars end, revenues dry up. They never want that to happen again and will do what it takes to assure eternal occupations and wars.


Osama Bin Laden did the Military Industrial Complex a huge favor. Now America no longer needs to declare war on another nation, it can just wage eternal war on terror in several nations at the same time and make the share holders of war and destruction millionaires.


The War on Terror or, more accurately, the War of Terror has always been about expanding military presence around the world and the acquisition of more power by the ruling elite and, in that, it has been wildly successful. It’s been sold though fear mongering as a way of making us safer, but even a cursory examination of the results reveals the folly of that claim. Worst of all, it’s now so firmly entrenched in the political landscape that it’s highly unlikely that it can simply be voted out of existence. After all, there will always be another terrorist organization or another convenient boogeyman to keep the war machine running and careers and profits soaring.


But Ralph, don’t you know that those jet aeroplanes that crashed into those tall buildings were empty? There was nobody on them; it was all drone technology (and of course, we don’t know if this 911 thing really happened). There was no actual person named “Osama Bin Ladin.” That is why we never saw a corpse after that Hollywood extravaganza that was filmed in New Mexico.


Why are the Hawks putting the USA on a suicide mission? This war is lost before it started.
The Nazis destroyed themselves because of their arrogance, a history lesson we have not learned.
Do we see the parallel?
Shame on our power elites!! The Prez, & both houses.
Damned their arrogance,Damned their greed!!
If there is a Hell Bush, the Neocons,the spineless democrats that voted with them, will be in a special place in Hell alongside Hitler & the Nazi’s.
Pray they don’t take us down with them.
Are we strong enough as a people to stand up to this war machine?Will it take a revolution? Will the revolution be met with state sponsored violence?Looks that way.


It all started w 2 stolen elections Ralph!
The Neocon agenda is truly sinister in nature.


Only 2 stolen elections?


Ralph must know that 911 was planned by the U.S. and Israel. The fear of the media backlash prevents Ralph from uttering the truth.


Thomas , there is a case to be made for the aeroplanes being a hologram. In one picture you can see an intact nose of a plane sticking out the other side of a building which is physically not possible. We don’t know what happened to the planes or passengers that took off from Boston. Cheney made sure there were no witnesses by keeping the airforce grounded.


"One significant terror attack can, once again, turn our country
upside–down and continue to divert our resources and attention away from
very serious health and safety priorities that can save countless
American lives here at home.

Osama bin Laden wanted economic damage
and suffering in the U.S. after 9/11 far more than he wanted to cause a
mass loss of life. He is getting his wish for U.S. immolation, year
after year."

God it is just so painful to see once again these brilliant people regurgitating the bullshit official narrative of 9/11.

Nader is worthy of endless praise for his fight for justice and an equitable society.

But Nader is not worthy of praise for repeating the big lie whether out of convenience, self-preservation, cognitive dissonance, complete ignorance, or a highly unlikely belief that all questions have been answered given Nader’s relentless curiosity in every other realm of his professional life.


It takes one nanosecond of critical thought to absolutely know that the planes weren’t holograms or CGI. Those “theories” are intended to discredit the credible research that has been done by many Truthers.

Intentional or not, repeating such bullshit amounts to catapulting the propaganda as the official narrative looks quite sane by comparison.

The other major bullshit theory that is promoted by Judy Woods is the DEW (directed energy weapons) theory. She has spent years trying to distract from the real evidence that has been presented by a particular group of architects and engineers.


You’re welcome. Sadly, a lot of people–many of which I respect–resist THIS particular conversation. It’s really necessary since everything begins with a seed or seed event, and the qualify of the evolution of any event set into motion takes its essence from its beginnings. The entire Middle East implosion–by dark design–stems from a false trigger.

I can’t recall the speaker (possibly someone interviewed on Democracy-Now) who explained that people LIVE in their beliefs to a large extent. And that’s why shattering beliefs that operate like unquestioned sacred cows can actually make people feel “homeless.” That once Truth shatters their fondest, comforting illusions (however false and deluded) they “can’t go home again.” This, and the fact that certain topics operate as the 3rd rail to Mainstream media (i.e. corporately controlled with content strongly edited to favor “Official Narratives” over actual events, causes and players, and so forth) makes the hard truths of our time conspicuous BY their absence from open conversation and serious discussion.

In this way, the fake, superficial, and artificially imposed “reality” forms a veneer over all those things that are kept out of the public’s purview. Increasingly, what’s left out controls more and more of the public’s quality of life and pool of choices. But the limited frame is marked by turns as Freedom, or What Adults Do, or What’s Real … so that any alternatives to these unnaturally defined parameters seem outrageous or out of Left Field.


Oh yes ThomasMarx, it’s all about guys who grabbed a few box cutters on their way to the airport ready to fly passenger aircraft with having had only taken flying lessons for small aircraft.

That makes one helluva lot of sense doesn’t it? The rest of your snide projection on Truthers is just so much bullshit.


Note the similarities with all of the following “make-war” protocols and how little they do to heal, fix, or remedy the situation(s) they are in place purportedly TO repair:

  1. The War on Cancer… an entire medical & pharmaceutical infrastructure has grown up to essentially “occupy” this “war zone.” Meanwhile, the Libertarians, 1% corporate owners, and assorted sociopaths have managed to gut EPA funding and/or regulation so that phenomenal amounts of toxic chemicals now routinely enter into our soil, air, water, and food supply. And note how Cancer’s rates are rising.

  2. The War on Drugs: arguably, the single most effective staple in giving rise to a prison-industrial complex that also maintains thousands of lawyers, judges, and policing forces… for what? Has any drug use gone down? Have any drug cartels gone out of business?

  3. The “War on Terror” started by those who lit the fuses that led to so much horrific bleeding, loss of infrastructure, and millions of displaced civilians throughout the Middle East. The casualties are sickening and growing by the hour. Anyone with half a brain–or any one of the millions of believers in Christ–should not find it hard to figure out that what you do unto others, will eventually be done unto you. So all this militarism based on “spreading Democracy” or making white skinned Anglo-Europeans safe qualifies as one of the greatest lies ever told.

  4. The war on agricultural pests: Regardless of the hype and hoopla over such odious things as Monsanto’s Frankenstein geneticists melding pesticides INTO plants, the LAW writ into nature (which Darwin explained) always allows a percentage of living beings to adapt. And once that percentage adapts, it’s immune. The “geniuses” who continue fighting nature with chemicals should know that they can never wipe anything out… and mostly the one thing they are succeeding at doing is speeding up Natural Selection.

These approaches have built their own cultures and with these entities in place and generating lots of “jobs,” it becomes inordinately difficult, as you stated, to take them apart.

What these approaches also mean is that there is an endless upping of the ante in terms of chemicals used, chemical dosages and ways intended to outsmart Mother Nature. The detritus of this sum of profligate poisoning of far too much of the natural world ends up in our tissues. Hence: rising Cancer, Diabetes, Autism, Depression, and Obesity rates. Poisoned bodies cannot BE healthy bodies and whatsoever is done to the Earth, our Divine Mother, extends to OUR issues.

It works the same way with adding more law enforcement to the war on drugs, or more armed gendarmes to the war on terror.

These are impossible fools’ errands.

WAR is always about destroying. It cannot build any thing of virtue.

But idiots who are identified with war due to dysfunctions in their concept of masculinity make war. And since war (in all the ways I’ve just related, and more) is so profitable, the sociopathic 1% see in war, a way to continue their plunder of persons and the planet.

It’s a diabolical travesty.


Ralph, when the wheels come off the Bernie bus we’re going to be left with Jill Stein, who has great policies and zero name recognition.

Please run again, hopefully on a dual-ticket with Jill.


The dark paradox of Violence…

Apply it to Einstein’s axiom that “You cannot solve a problem from the LEVEL of thinking that brought it about,” or went into its making.

IF access to guns ever changed anything, it’s mostly been to prop up the armed dominators who have brought the world to 3 simultaneous and perhaps equally dangerous junctures:

  1. The absolute FRAUD made of global finance through the printing of sums so vast, no one can wrap their minds around what they mean
  2. The total collapse of nature that’s unraveling all around us (see my link… if you dare!)
  3. The planned spread of war added to financing the worst of 3rd world dictators and showering unstable regions with weaponry

Link (and for open-minded readers, keep in mind that this well-done documentary of 22 minutes is only for June, 2015. This outfit–SOTT has produced impressive material on a month to month basis, and it’s mortifying to view it all):