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Smashing All Previous Records, 2015 on Track to Be Hottest Year Yet


Smashing All Previous Records, 2015 on Track to Be Hottest Year Yet

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

...and 2016 may likely be even hotter, scientists warn


Here’s a milestone which just went generally unnoticed:
Halfway to 2 C — According to NASA, We Just Blew Past an Ominous Milestone

NASA, despite all their funding cuts, still presents their data in very useful, easily understood formats. On this brief page, you can see monthly, quarterly, and yearly global temperature data, going back to 1880. We just had the hottest June on record. From their GISS maps page, you can make a global map of temperature anomalies for any specified time-span (like the first map in the article linked above).


It seems that it’s time for us to find Chicken Little. We need to buy him a nice dinner, blow him, and appologize profusely.
It has become all too clear, the sky is indeed falling.


I’m sorry to inform you BigB that Chicken Little was killed in the wee AM hours by a falling meteorite near the intersection of Route 1 and Interstate 95. The early hours of the tragedy have spawned much speculation but…

… why the chicken was crossing the road remains a mystery.


Heat, baby, Heat!

Heat that kills
Summer’s here and the dying is easy.
That heavy heat that weighs a ton
Heat, baby, Heat!
When winter comes
the living is easy.


Scary graph.


Not half as scary as the one twenty years from now.


The biggest user of fossil fuels in the world is the American Military Complex. With over 800 bases worldwide its ships, planes and vehicles are on the move 24 hours a day. All its equipment is built cheaply with little to no emission controls on its engines.
If anyone is serious about controlling anthropogenic global warming then the first place to start is with the worst offending. Will this happen ? Never.
The earth will eventually rebel and wipe us out. The earth will recover and we will be left as a few centimetres of rock interspersed with small bits of plastic.


I don’t think the Pentagon cares. Even they admit that many of the wars in the future will be the result of Climate Change.
When there’s a war, the American Military Complex supplies weapons to both sides.
There’s big money to be made off of Climate Change.


When you think about just how serious is our environmental crisis all our petty squabbles seem to shrink into ridiculous insignificance.


I’ve been growing food (organically) since the 70’s primarily in the Midwest but also on the West Coast and one thing you could pretty much count on was a fairly stable range of weather variables that made success possible, for the most part anyhow. These sorts of temp and weather extremes blow that whole process to pieces. Growers are already modifying the way they do things but this is going to get very very interesting. And uncomfortable.

Same with bee keeping and animals husbandry. Big changes are upon us.


I don’t remember when or where I read it but I’m sure it is still about true today; the budget for air conditioning alone in those 800 military bases is greater than the entire budget for the Department of Education.


A few centimeters of radioactive rock, interspersed with small bits of plastic.


Does anyone think there’s anybody who should stop doing anything?

For concerted action, i agree shutting down war is step one. Mass action for political transformation is necessary. But so is each of us: Anything we do to not feed the monster, and anything we do to feed the Earth, is good. Think of what you do with your time, your money, your hands, your life. Try to feed the Earth, and not feed the monster.

i recommend stopping driving cars and flying in airplanes, to the utmost degree you can manage.


Even the Pope’s parade must be “rained on”.Y es we do have climate change: no, it is not primarily due to human intervention. These statements may be easily confirmed simply by researching the subject on-line.In depth research will readily reveal the substantial numbers of experts who not only disagree with anthromomorphic climate change, they explain and illustrate their researches to back that up. However the “kicker”, so to speak, that places this debate squarely in the ball park, comes when we examine where we are in the milky way. Our little cluster of it is doing what it has always done; it is not only swirling, rotating all it’s constituent parts within itself, but the whole of our cluster is also fulfilling a six thousand year orbit within a greater portion of the Universe. Woven into this orbit are locations which cause our Planet to endure “Ice Ages”; nothing we humans can say or do will ever influence that fact. The Earth is currently very close to the beginning of our next “Ice Age”; when it comes North America all the way down to New York, and Europe, all the way down to Spain, will be covered in Ice and Mountainous Glaciers. Please, just consider, how will human intervention measure up when compared to the great energy and might of the Universe? Our time would be better employed deciding what we may do to mitigate the disastrous effects all this will have on the human race. The United States and Israel have created the devastation neccessary to cause millions to migrate, even that is too big for world authorities to deal with; the desire to escape the approaching Ice Age conditions will be orders of magnitude greater. The cold will be monumental, all our food growing land areas will be severely curtailed, human populations will be very severely reduced. In fact all the problems we complain of now, will all be solved by Earth’s orbit.


what planet do you live on?


Sumer is Icumin in
Lhude pant goddamm
Sweateth skin and sweareth kin
Lhude gasp goddamm. Goddamm!


Someone has a broken cosmology.


Indeed moronic!


Mairead - Evidently you envision a more rapid decline in civilization and a faster slide into semi-literate vernacular dystopia than I do. Lol.

It is my greatest hope that even though deep in the midst of the most dysfunctional of dystopias’, of dreadfully dire …um? …dread (wow it happens so fast already…sheesh!) and a noticeable shortage of fresh fruit in smoothies that the proper use of when and where to use a semi-colon will be preserved as the highest pinnacle of human achievement…!

Of course that one guy…one… who had that stupid hat with a built in battery powered fan at a computer show (and wouldn’t sell it at any price nor be influenced by a somewhat embarrassing display of pleading and abject whining - being at a computer show hardly anyone thought that behavior out of place anyway)… a hat with a built in fan might just supplant the semi-colon as the height of human achievement at least at some point in the future … but it is too early to tell.

Hmm? After rereading your … post …

… so you’ve met my former in laws have you?