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Smithsonian Reportedly Seeking Child Migrants' Drawings of Horrific Detention to Document "History as It Unfolds"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/smithsonian-reportedly-seeking-child-migrants-drawings-horrific-detention-document

The Trump Administration will likely try to cut off funding for the Smithsonian.


Heartbreaking to look at the drawings. These children are traumatized for life courtesy of the ideology of hatred and fear which is fascism.


Jesus Christ, the fucking UN should be on this too like a fly on shit!!


80% of the children in Trumper camps have their relatives phone numbers on them. Are the Trumpers taking their phone numbers to try to deport the families? Do they care or check to see IF they are citizens?. Or does one need to be white in Trumper world before seen as a “citizen”?

You don’t need Bachelet to state the obvious or what could just as easily be said by Nancy Pelosi.

Her human rights credibility is in the mud ever since she became just another regime change spokesperson for Big Oil and the Trump administration in Venezuela (also supported by fake leftists like Pelosi).

How she could ignore in her report the right wing Guido supporter lynchings of black and working class Venezuelans - or the impact of U.S. economic sanctions that have taken the lives of 40k Venezuelans in the last year alone - is stunning, and reeks of corruption.

She doesn’t get to hide behind the obvious and safe issue of children in cages like the rest of the Democrats who, btw, don’t have anything to say about American children in prisons all the time - and whose support of dinosaur foreign policy in Venezuela, like Honduras and El Salvador, is why these children and families are fleeing these nation’s to begin with. “Oh how horrible they’re in cages” - and meanwhile Democrats and Bachelet support more of the same to create that very refugee issue to begin with. This time, Venezuela.

Yeah, how wonderful to be a refugee from U.S. foreign policy destroying one’s society because our government hates it when people vote in socialists. Democracy is only ok if you pick corporatist props.

Children in cages is horrible, but quoting Bachelet at length when she’s backing another Iraq or Vietnam in Venezuela — and how many children would die in that — or have already died because of sanctions on medicines while she’s a doctor — or would become refugees like those from Honduras or El Salvador - makes me sick, Common Dreams.

How could you prop this fake up?


THIS is what the Smithsonian wants to put on display? Disgraceful that it’s come to this instead of dealing with the Problem and the Person responsible for the Problem!

What is happening is a violation of international law and US law as per treaty obligations according to such laws.

It is really disheartening to see this fact completely ignored for the most part.

The US of course has a VERY long history of atrocities. In fact, it’s just the way the US does things when it comes to foreign policy and the policing and imprisonment of it’s population mostly the poor and drug addicted.

But what is happening at the border is frightening on a new level. This is the work of a fascist Administration and this policy is being directed by a White Nationalist and a former Administration official who is also a psycho killer is directly profiting from it through the sick industry of building private prisons.

I’m enraged that the discussion around this in ANY media seems to center around arguments that seem to imply that simply having better conditions of captivity for these kids (and adults, but ESPECIALLY the kids) would somehow rectify the situation.

NO they would still be imprisoned away from their parents. It is just un-fucking-real.

Think the darkest sectors of the US government isn’t using this as practice for the rest of us? Is the chicken just going nuts? No need to answer.


You are 100% right. Bachelet is an ornament on John Bolton’s belt.

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I think that using the children’s art of their experience is a wonderful idea.

Art, no matter the language, is able to speak in ways that words can’t. Great idea Smithsonian: great evidence too of “camp” life from the voiceless! : )

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