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Sniper’s War and Anti-Terrorist Terrorism


Sniper’s War and Anti-Terrorist Terrorism

Tom Palaima

Have you ever been sniped at – a bullet “cracking” as it just misses you? Probably not, unless you’re ex-Army or Marines, a grunt fighting on foot, like my friend Ben Whitney (a pseudonym), a Vietnam vet and professor of history who has good reasons for wanting our joint piece to appear under my name only.


I can not help it , but on reading this I am getting a "Israeli snipers shooting at Civialns are terrorists and bad, US Snipers gunning people down “well trained and good” impression.

Such actions would be regarded as unlawful in United States military circles and provoke public outcry. Our national reaction to the Kent State shootings (four dead and nine wounded civilians) on May 4, 1970 is still alive and unresolved fifty years later.

This sentence in particular stood out. First and foremost it was not snipers that murdered those people at Kent State. Secondly the reason there that outcry was because the peoples murdered were White Americans. US snipers in a program like operation Phoenix in Vietnam murdered civilans with regularity and there was not that same outcry. Nor did US Military circles deem the actions as unlawful. (See Civilians shot in Iraq when protesting wherein there no US soldiers charged and the US Military defended their actions as another example)



Lately , everything is starting to sound like My Lai-----but I read that just one helicopter pilot stopped it-------------was Calley the only one blamed?------easier to name one for it-----makes it more of an anomaly for the military-------a rogue soldier was it, they said? --------------and in Israel we had a rogue caterpillar driver------------- and protestor Rachel Corrie was dead-------even her own government didn’t care, did you, America.
Maybe wars should only use paintballs---------and the war players at the end ----the biggest number with no paint on them — that side wins.


Thank you Tom Palaima, for writing what needs to be written.

Thank you Common Dreams for posting it.

This is murder. It is unjustifiable.


Thank you Wise Owl. We must remember them.

Cold-blooded murder…and they got away with it!


My take on the Chris Kyle story, the “hero” who had 200 kills, is a little different: A little boy is sent off across the street with a thermos of tea for his sick grandfather. A paranoid sniper sees a Muslim terrorist carrying a “bomb” and bravely stops the menace in its tracks. A distraught mother runs to her dead child, she is now in possession of the “bomb.” Our brave hero also stops this threat to the US forces. Now medals for bravery can be handed out… Intuitively, the use of snipers against a civilian population must always be a war crime.


I heard Kyle on radio interviewed. He was really very chilling. Just a cold, cold blooded murderer with an official excuse.