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Snipers Used? Israeli Forces Open Fire on Gaza Protesters, Killing Six


Snipers Used? Israeli Forces Open Fire on Gaza Protesters, Killing Six

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Israeli forces on Friday killed six Palestinians, including at least two teenagers, who were taking part in a demonstration along the Gaza border.

Hundreds of protesters were gathered there in solidarity with Palestinians residing in the West Bank, where a spate of violence in recent weeks has added to fears of growing unrest.


Never Again!
Yeah, right.


"Never again" morphed into "kill them all, let God sort them out".


What a terrible place that is. I'm in my fifties, it was as a teen when I began to read and grow concerned over the troubles in Palestine /Israel . I truly wish an agreement comes about quickly that will ensure peace.


Perhaps, according to some supporters of such actions belief system, he was crucified centuries ago by those who enforce the death penalty for the crime of throwing rocks?


Perhaps I'm incorrect, but I believe modern Zionism wouldn't have been related to Jesus unless you want to talk about Moses or later David.

Just being sarcastic about the current practice of some Christian sects who support the actions of the current Israeli government with their hopes they will bring on the apocalypse and consequently bring about the return of Christ.

Who knows? Maybe Bibi will satisfy those yearnings? How many settlers can he continue to bring into the land that is Israel and continue expanding into land originally agreed to for Palestinians? No matter how he, et al, continue to kill Palestinians or attack neighbors with all that wonderful weaponry "we" provide, any hope for peace IMHO is hopeless. Agree or disagree? No doubt
someone will try to make something negative about a single sarcastic comment.