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Snowden and Allies Issue Warnings as Australia Unleashes Mass Spying


Snowden and Allies Issue Warnings as Australia Unleashes Mass Spying

As new controversial metadata laws went into effect in Australia on Tuesday, whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Twitter to warn the country's residents about the privacy violations that come along with the legislation.

The new laws require Australian telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs) to store user metadata—like phone records and IP addresses—for two years, during which time it may be accessed by law enforcement without a warrant. Civil liberties and internet freedom groups have criticized the laws as invasive and unconstitutional.


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Stepping back for a moment - I look at the language/words of the megainfo subdominant culture that subsumes meaning to the lowest of the debased common 'mean'- in all senses of the word. If the reason for being is described as 'capital', which must take value from 'other' in order to exist, we are describing a form of non-existance. An identity that demands that others die in order for the non-xistance construct to consume. This entire 'externalized cost', so long assiduously lied about, rationalized and kept invisible, is the distortion of all the ways that natural life is interdependent and mutually supportive.

Systemic dysfunction, the very reason for its methodologies as it is in this case, the utter and complete dependency on destruction of the 'full spectrum' of anything that does not fit into what is ultimately its own self-described non-existance construct. Talk about thinking a death wish is a way of living. Not. Got pharmaceuticals to numb the delusion about refugees from the globalized madness being "migrants" and not being us, we ourselves, the future, our ancestral histories and realities? And what are people saying with their lives all over the planet?


No worries mate; chuck another prawn on the barbie. And have a beer.


Revolution? Not necessary at all.

How much is this system costing the people of the USA? (on edit; and every other nation that uses the total spymaster system)

How much longer do you really think you can continue to pay?

Look at the price of oil, that's the thing the US dollar is based on. If the renewables continue to take off as they are, the value of the USA's dollar will continue to fall. What does the USA manufacture, other than weapons, which you can sell to finance the Empire?

Things that can't continue; don't.


Hillary Clinton called Snowden a criminal last night and said he did great harm to the U. S. and should be in jail with no qualifiers. Sanders said he did us a service, but broke the law, and Chaffee said he did us a solid and should be welcomed home with open arms. Interesting, and about the only thing I totally agree with Chaffee on. At least Bernie doesn't want to lock him up and throw away the key like Hillary does. All things considered, I still agree with Bernie on more things than anyone else up there.


I get what your saying, but using cryptic aspects of languge yourself doesnt help get the importance of what your saying. Remember your audience.


Interesting admonishment to consider. What you regard as "cryptic" I regard as descriptive. If I attempt to shape my thoughts according to a 'perception' of 'remembering' an "audience" a number of contradictions and apparent paradoxes are encountered. It would seem to imply a perception that comments in a thread, even in aggregate, represent a bounded and actionable totality (audience), whereas I regard forums such as this as a only a portion of an already circumscribed conversation. Its a difficult conundrum of 'communication', sans physical interactive input, full exploration of a conversation and keeping in mind what is absent as well as present - another form of 'remembering'.
If we address each other with judgement through admonition to alter to suit an abstract framing of an even more abstract circumscription of "audience" - what then is lost and what is gained?


Money is a fiction. How much is there of a fictional product?


Perhaps communication?


But what is the time scale for this 'everything'? and surely it varies depending on what you are talking about. I can't see the value of such platitudes but maybe I'm missing your specific point?


If money is fiction, try borrowing some.


What's your point? Are you saying that money's not fiction or that if something is fiction then you can do with it what you want? God is fiction, but just try to invent a new one and see what happens. Nation states are fiction but just go trying to 'adjust' some borders. Mathematics is fiction but 1 + 1 will always = 2 as long as you are within that particular system. I suggest it is important to recognize when you are operating within such an artificial construct and look for alternatives.


False dichotomies are not helpful to discussion. I was merely pointing out that such a saying is of little value when the time reference is omitted. That seems to have offended you, or perhaps the term 'platitude' which I, mistakenly, thought was descriptive and relatively innocuous. My apologies for using what must be an inapt description of what you said.


Invent a new god? I've helped with that. His name is Bob, he is the lord of wormholes. Exists online in the game known as Eve online.

Easier than making cake.

I'm sorry, but you're not really worth arguing with.


What is being lost here is that this is an imminent menace and practical steps can be taken to defeat it . It is important to spread the word . Forewarned is forearmed .