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Snowden Calls 'Shadow Brokers' Hack of NSA Hackers 'Significant' Turn in Spy Wars


Snowden Calls 'Shadow Brokers' Hack of NSA Hackers 'Significant' Turn in Spy Wars

Nika Knight, staff writer

The National Security Administration (NSA) was allegedly hacked by a mysterious group calling itself "The Shadow Brokers," and the "most powerful espionage tools" of the NSA's elite hacker team, as the Washington Post put it, were leaked to the internet this weekend.

The Post reported late Tuesday:


In astrology, the 8th Zodiac sign, Scorpio is directly associated with "the underworld" and spying.

Although challenged in terms of its planetary status, Pluto (also known as Hades) is the planet and mythological principle associated with Scorpio.

Pluto has been passing through the strict, conservative, authoritarian, patriarchal sign of Capricorn since 2007 as the surveillance state, a virtual expanded underground, has come to intrude upon the world of "visible light."

Jung might say that humanity's shadow had finally taken over its lived experience.

In the poignant film, "The Lives of Others," it's the LIFE of the spy (eavesdropping and secretly watching others) that becomes the subject of the film. Along the lines of those spiritual insights that remind that those enacting the torture will be harmed by it... what kind of lives can be lived by those whose entire lives are based on peering, uninvited, into the private lives of other human beings?

It's a modern, high-tech and VERY dangerous ongoing rendition of Mad Magazine's "Spy versus Spy."

The greater the intent to spy on citizens the more opaque The Control State (Deep State) becomes.

Fortunately, anything that violates the laws of balance, karma, and free will (for too long) will meet an unforeseen remedy.


Cyber equivalent of "and I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down."


In the mean time the cultural/economic model from which this arises continues to introduce its material equivalent in the plundering the planet, generating massive mountains and sumps of waste and poison. Just as it is fully blinkered with digitizing its out-on-a-limb-with-saw-in-one-hand, narrowing the growth edge to 'mono' everything - whoppee! the event horizon of the singularity as vanishing point. The latter being all that is plausibly deniable, all the derivatives, all the exclusion, GDP chimera, impoverishment, cuts, and the list goes on (the greatest area of growth via derivative mentality and methodology bar none).

The arts have been made to sound as though they are utterly irrelevant - having been scorned, shunned and sidelined.. it is time to always wonder how my shoulder can be put to the wheel.

Now for something completely different - A brief counter argument well spoken by Peter Sellars via commencement address in 2015


I think this news makes a mess of things for on- line voting lovers.


Who wins the cyberspy war when it is based on making the rich richer and the rest poorer? Are we to assume good hackers are stupid enough to fall for that?


Blaming Russia for this hack would also be a good way for our neocons to get at Snowden.


The irony is that if the major powers, and a few minor players, get into an all out cyber war the entire international system would collapse within short order.

Without a single bomb exploding.


Forgive my ignorance. As an ordinary mortal who up to now has been able to understand cyber attacks and leaks, can someone explain in plain English to regular folks what this story means? It looks very important but I need
less jargon and clear explanations to understand it. Links? Ideas, anyone?


Am I wrong in assuming that smarter people will realize we are all in this together?


They haven't so far.


What if they have realized that it is falling by its own weight?


On a related subject - the hacked DNC emails - NPR in an interview Wednesday morning "David Greene asked Wikileaks founder Julian Assange five times to reveal the sources of the leaked information he has published on the internet."
"A major tenet of American journalism is that reporters protect their sources. Wikileaks is certainly not a traditional news organization, but Greene’s persistent attempts to get Assange to violate confidentiality was alarming, especially considering that there has been no challenge to the authenticity of the material in question."

NPR has been overtly pro-Clinton, disparaging/ignoring of Sanders during the manipulated primaries, including by NPR's slanted coverage - typical for them, but by this they attempted to shift focus from the content of the actual DNC emails to the source - a failed attempt, that casts further doubt on NPR's integrity.


Deleted, responded to wrong post.


I don't know that it is Russia, necessarily, nor that we should assume that Snowden is correct.

However, Russian has identifiable motives, and Snowden's willingness to risk biting t he hand that feeds him for truth should probably just be seen as established by now.

Thank goodness somebody did it, though.


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Well, Russia just needed a little inside help and you gotta hand it to the FSB. They got the right guy this time.

My guess is, simply releasing some Powerpoint slides doesn't give you Moscow protection with tweeting privileges.


Perhaps the wiser without the more clever.


Redraven explained it pretty nice but didn't really emphasize the enormous danger of what just happened.

A master hacker is someone who is intimately acquainted with both software and hardware. A master hacker will purchase a Cisco PIX firewall (just think of it as a computer), take it apart physically and also go thru it's programming in detail. In doing so the master hacker finds a way to circumvent all the protection this machine offers. S/he the proceeds to write his/her own code to insert in the machine and take control of it. That usually is the hodgepodge of letters an numbers you see in Hollywood movies about hackers. That's fine, not many people can do that.

Now someone who isn't that skilled will not be able to do that so they get a software engineer to put a nice picture interface around all that hackers work so a third grader (in IT parlance we call these script kiddies) can do the same thing as the master hacker. This is the kind of thing that was released upon us. People with minimal knowledge and supervision can now gain access to highly sensitive information.

Good thing is, apparently, the exploits were circa 2013 so a lot of them were fixed by the manufacturer. Problem is, as raven said, laziness. My bet is a lot of users never bothered to apply those upgrades. I guess the future will tell.


One may reasonably substitute neoliberals for neocons. :smirk:


And stacked on top of all that funny money at the base, is a great pyramid of derivatives, a great variety of variously abstruse financial instruments, bets and promises that are logged on someone's books as if they had solid value.

Like the "collateralized debt obligations" and "credit default swaps" that purported to magically turn billions of dollars of doomed mortgages into booked assets with many times the value of the bad debts they were built on (leading to the global financial meltdown of 2008).

The imagined financial "value" of all the derivatives that exist is unknowable, but has been reasonably estimated to be up to $15 quintillion or even higher. More than one hundred times more "wealth" than the annual gross world product.

"House of cards" is far too simple a metaphor for what has been constructed financially.