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Snowden: Canadians Face 'Intrusive' Spy Bill That Echoes US Patriot Act


Snowden: Canadians Face 'Intrusive' Spy Bill That Echoes US Patriot Act

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a teleconference hosted by the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression at Ryerson University on Wednesday, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the country's intelligence agencies have the "weakest oversight" in the Western world, and that new anti-terror legislation championed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper was "an emulation of the American Patriot Act."


Yup, Little Prince Stevie is facing an election, Oct 2015 at the latest. He wants to be seen as toughonterrortoughonterrortoughonterror. Which is really hard to do hiding face-down in a closet… like he did when the “gunman” was running around Parliament with a two-shot magazine, bolt-action antique rifle. All the shots heard were from “security” staff.

That and the “train terrorists” currently on trial who were coached into thinking about derailing a train by… a planted FBI agent. Yup, a real tough guy, when he’s able to hide behind robo-calls and onmibus-bills. That’s when he’s not refusing to shake hands with Putin, while behind Putin’s back he demands “Russia get out of Ukraine”, knowing full well Russia has no troops IN Ukraine…

Chicken hawk, just like his Repub-Tea-Party backers.


“No fair trial available…” That’s got to be an understatement.
Before going public, surely Snowden contemplated the likelihood that he will never be able to return to the U.S.
And Harper, right out of the Bush playbook.


EDWARD SNOWDEN!!! There is not now and never will be such a thing as a fair trial for you in the U.S. of Amerika. Stay where you are or get to someplace else, safe, where you can build a life for yourself. You are a hero, but I will not live long enough to see you given a hero’s welcome… Obama should hand over his Nobel Prize to you…


My advice to Snowden is: "DO NOT return to the US. There is no hope of a fair trial and you will end up in prison for a long, long time, perhaps life.