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Snowden Celebrates 'Broadly Influential' Ruling Against NSA Dragnet



Even if the NSA wants to comply with the ruling, how would that would be measured? And what entity would do it?


they would report to congress on their compliance.
they wouldn't lie, surely ?


In the late 1990s, then President Bill Clinton, called for some 20 gov't agencies to end their data collection practices, started under John Negroponte with the approval of the Bush and Reagan Adms. I believe only 7 of those agencies acknowledged they ever complied with that executive order. Of course, Mr. Negroponte was Ambassador to the Philippines under Pres. Clinton, too. Soooo there's thaaaaatt little tidbit, too. Does the expression " thicker than thieves " ring a bell, here? Who is, indeed, watching the watchers?


Government started mass surveillance of conscientious objectors during WW1. Eugene Debs was put in prison for speaking the truth about war and trying to stop it. England , Germany, France, Czar and all the other greedy rulers also jailed and killed the conscientious objectors. I was declared insane and politically incorrect for my stance against the lying sums of power. They lie about the good ones and put fear of job loss to anyone that agrees with the peaceniks. Reason why the hippies were lied about and John Lennon were placed under surveillance. Cowards and bullies in government belong in mental hospitals, they are the parasites that infect humanity.


Thank you, Judge Leon. From the bottom of our hearts. May more of your kind step forward.



Some good news. At least one Judge recognizes the evil that unlimited snooping morphs into. Government outsources eighty percent of it's snooping to private sub-contractors like Lockheed and Booze Allen Hamilton and Stratfor. These corps handle our private info and even sell it to whomever wishes to buy it.

They say that since they are not the government, they are free to find "new markets" for it. Translation: give this info to your employer, your insurance company, your enemies, other governments, even possibly organized crime who wishes to buy it.

The Right to be left alone is paramount to the foundation of a free people.


"Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law (or a black site). Miranda who?"


The US government has bragged and spoken openly in public about how this and other surveillance programs collect the phone calls, e-mails and other correspondences of all amerikan citizens. So how in the hell can a federal appeals court have the gall to say that any amerikan citizen doesn't have standing to bring a case against either the president or the NSA in such an instance as this!.


Helmut Schmidt, was West German Chancellor when I was stationed in West Germany from 1975 to1977. Amerika should have such leadership, but probably never will!