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Snowden Docs Reveal Canada a Major Player in Global Spy Ops


Snowden Docs Reveal Canada a Major Player in Global Spy Ops

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Canada's spy agency, the Communication Security Establishment (CSE), is major player in global hacking operations and boasts a vast array of cyberwarfare tools, revealed in news reports on Monday, that rivals that of the United States' National Security Agency.


Canadians who know what Harper is up to are totally opposed to his toadying to the US warmonger agenda. But like the US/NATO countries, the Cdn corporate media are totally captive to 0.01% control.

The election is in October, Liberal/NDP voters need to strategically decimate the HarperCons. A Liberal minority for the foreseeable future would be the best deal Cdn citizens could hope for. In the Pearson/Douglas era, it got us universal health care and a peace-keeper military. Harper kept his stated promise that “you won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it”. On that we agree. Harper has destroyed my caring, inclusive Canada and replaced it with a US-vassal militarist police state.

Heave Steve in 2015.


Overall i totally agree. My only quibble is that any alternative to Harpo and his very dangerous fear-mongering mob, be it Liberal or NDP, minority or majority, is far better than the corporate stooges in Harpo’s Conservative party.

Good to see ya on the ‘Heave Steve’ bandwagon.


i think Bhutan is both Democratic and none American ass-kissing.


I have no faith in any Cdn “party” or current “leadership” to completely disengage from the US-centric 0.01% teat. A pox on all their houses. The best we can hope for is a more moderate form of despotism until the multi-currency BRICS breaks US hegemony. Not that the 0.01% hasn’t got their grubby fingers in the BRICS as well, it is just a chance at a consensus-driven oligarchy, rather than the narrow US-centric Bretton Woods/FED/IMF/WTO/World Bankster system.


Bhutan better watch out, if they have an export as critical to US national security as Grenada’s nutmeg production. The US is always on the lookout for undefended countries successfully to invade, like Grenada or Haiti. Otherwise the US is pretty much batting zero since WW2. We can give the US some of the credit, but truth is, the USSR actually won WW2 at a cost that would have crippled the US forever.


i think Bhutan’s biggest export is Happiness. But as Happiness is an antidote to fear, i suspect they are a threat to fear-mongering corporate capitalist governments everywhere