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Snowden Document Reveals Huge Scope of Canada's Domestic Surveillance


Snowden Document Reveals Huge Scope of Canada's Domestic Surveillance

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Canada's electronic spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), collects millions of emails and other information from its citizens and stores them for "days to months," according to a document leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and revealed by CBC News in collaboration with The Intercept on Wednesday.


Just one more reason to “Heave Steve” in 2015. The Conservative Party should be reduced to zero seats in the next parliament.

In other news, Little Prince Stevie kisses the ring as Bill Gates visits Ottawa looking for more Cdn taxpayer dollars, no doubt for the “maternal health” cover for the HarperCon international anti-reproductive rights scam. Nothing like a charm offensive to blunt revelations of lying and cheating.


Everything I read on this matter has the Liberal Party of Canada fully onboard with this as well. Indeed the laws passed which allowed this came to house courtesy of the same, Much like the USA there no substantive differences between the Liberal and Conservative party. Both must go.


True, but it is doubtful the Fiberals would have concocted this level of institutional insanity and paranoia to spy so widely on Cdn citizens. Trudeau is trying to avoid being called softonterrorismsoftonterrorismsoftonterrorism, which the HarperCons learned from their Tea Party backers.

With Trudeau, there is at least SOME chance a leash will be applied to the Cdn US/NATO/NSA dogs of war. With Harper there is none.

Canada needs a Liberal/NDP/Green minority gov’t for the next forever. That way we don’t just elect a new dictator every 4 years. I would prefer to abolish political parties, but people love labels to attach themselves to.


Technology has allowed the governments to spy on its citizens. I could also allow the citizens to spy on their governments. The digital age could enslave us. It could also set us free. Aaron Swartz knew this. That may be why he is dead. The people have far more experts in computer technology and communication than the government does. If a few good minds joined efforts, we could learn more about our government than our government has learned about us. I believe the government is aware of this. I think paranoia is motivating the unprecedented number of whistle blower prosecutions. I believe that all the treasonous criminality in our government will someday be exposed. The truth will be told, and big changes will come about.


We can only hope the Justin apple falls on the truly centrist side of the tree. Turns out maybe PET’s National Energy Policy was not such a bad thing, now that we are a vassal energy-state of the US,and our economy is held ransom to the geo-political whims of Saudi royalty. The HarperCons have sold us out to the Koch Bros et.al. Yes, the Koch boys are the major individual holders of lease/contracts in the Tar Sands, which is why K-XL and more pipelines will be built, and an area the size of Britain raped for Tar Sands production.