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Snowden, Ellsberg Issue Heartfelt Support for Almost-Free Chelsea Manning

Snowden, Ellsberg Issue Heartfelt Support for Almost-Free Chelsea Manning

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama's commutation Tuesday of Chelsea Manning's 35-year prison sentence brought about ecstatic reactions from the whistleblower's supporters, who have waged a campaign for her freedom for years.

A commutation is not the same as a pardon. Manning’s conviction of espionage still stands and the rights she lost won’t be restored. Basically she’s a released convict.

The commutation of Chelsea Manning is a good thing, but what this poor woman has been put through probably has adversely, damaged her mental state.

She totally embarrassed the narrative of the government, and it is an abomination that she went to prison at all for being a hero that exposed the truth! But that is why the egregious treatment and incarceration of Chelsea was made to send a message to any other potential whistle blowers.

One down, at least one to go. How about Snowden himself?

I love the comment O. made regarding Manning. He stated Manning’s imprisonment will be a lesson to anyone who outs the govt. again. (A paraphrase but that’s what he stated). Meaning very clear, that is what awaits anyone considering truth-telling. Gotta love this sociopath Neocon, genocidal free speech freedom of the press hater. He didn’t need to remind us as he takes his sorry ass out the door. We know that already. He has gone after more whistle-blowers than all other Presidents combined, and ruined them financially and professionally.

Scandal free? Hardly. This is one, and a biggie. MSM has made a big deal that his 8 years have been scandal free, and that is more propaganda BS. Trade deals. Saving Big Banking and Wall Street. Regime changes. War expansion. Kill List. Drone Wars (now globally without authorization). International war crimes. Ignoring sovereignty. Spying expansion. Killing of civilians (increased). This is a short list of his scandals and crimes. Oh, and destroying the DP with major assistance by HRC and Slick Willy.

He should have pardoned Manning. H’e’s going to be free but he’s still a convicted felon so he is so fuc***. In fact, he should have given Manning the Medal of Freedom instead of that wimp Biden and all his celebrity stars who have done nothing for freedom. That also goes for Snowden. Peltier. Assange should have been invited to the White House and a party tossed for him. That also applies to all those he went after for telling the truth. They are heroes (and I hate that word for it is so tainted now). He pardoned Cartwright who was a real crook and traitor, a war criminal, and was proud of that. Wow.

That is what a real humanitarian and believer in truths would have done. O. is none of these.

Goodbye O. and good fu***** riddance.

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Correct. Nadia Prupis, the author of this article, must provide a correction to her misleading narrative. Wikileaks’ tweet, which is public record, refers to Assange accepting US extradition (if there is any - as none is public), in exchange for a Manning pardon - which is not the same as a commutation.

Obama still calls what he did a crime - without a slight mention of the crimes that Manning exposed.

She joins a long list of people in other places and regimes who were imprisoned for similar reasons and whose imprisonment is considered a badge of honor. There are many - with a huge number in eastern europe and latin america in most recent history - but two that come to mind are Nehru in India and Mandela in South Africa…who wrote beautiful books while in confinement and who came out of prison better and stronger people. It will be interesting to see what Manning does after he has lived the system from inside.

Assange used the word clemency, which includes commutation, not pardon. But expect Assange to remain at the embassy until the rape charges go away.