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Snowden Knows Exactly Why No One Wants to Be a Whistleblower

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/04/snowden-knows-exactly-why-no-one-wants-be-whistleblower

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This is the republican mentality. It’s also how and why republicans have no shame when it comes to cheating on taxes and cheating the voting system. It’s winning first and fairness is somewhere lower on the list, or not found at all.

Snowden’s book Permanent Record came a couple of days ago. I’m currently in Chapter 2.


No wonder the feds filed suit against it. Doesn’t matter who, a neoliberal D or a neoliberal R they truly are the same species just with a little different identity politics thrown in. The entire system needs to be dismantled.

Anybody care to place odds on that happening without civilization crashing and us reliving our starving ancestors cannabilistic feeding pattern that seems to re-assert itself everytime EVERY civilization has crashed on this planet in the last 9,000 years?

What was that? You are an optimist? Must frequent gambling casinos and always come home a winner, eh?




This is so strange. Let’s just imagine and agree that the Hunter Biden thing is crooked. No laws appear to be broken. Nepotism someone said—that’s any bureaucracy, anywhere. People making money because of who they know? Washington, DC—right? Or anywhere. The absurdity is that a sitting president is digging into a perceived/anticipated political opponent’s past For dirt and asking foreign governments to help investigate (or there might be consequences/his own words). That’s pitiful. Can’t he win on his own?

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Hi Ticki:

When a person who was once a VP, like Biden, goes to other nations for family favors------I find that really OBJECTIONABLE and really a stupid thing for Biden to do. After being in politics for so long, a person would think that Biden would know better, unless of course, that kind of action is his usual M.O.
But then that entire Ukraine thing was the Peace Prize guys move, wasn’t it! : (


Truly, a Man for All Seasons. Thank you, Mr. Snowden, for the truth. We knew back in 2007 that AT&T was using optical splitters to copy traffic to… somewhere. A federal Judge brought the EFF’s lawsuit to a halt when the feds claimed official secrecy. The system is rotten. But fear and silence rule.

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Biden using his office for his son’s financial benefit is one thing. His pressuring of the Ukrainian President (whose installation he directly participated in) to fire a prosecutor to stop the investigation and prosecution of corruption in his son’s new company is quite another. And it all reeks to high heaven. True, it’s not likely any US laws pertain or were broken. But the whole thing stinks of corruption.

Trump’s attempt to force the revelation of that corruption - which has for the most part been given a pass by the main stream media or, worse, dismissed by many as “conspiracy theory” (when all salient points have been well documented) shows his clumsiness, ineptitude, arrogance in flouting the rules, etc. So he must face the consequences.

Yet it is truly alarming that despite the importance of the context to this story, it is being so quickly dismissed and ignored by self-proclaimed (and intellectually dishonest) advocates for democracy.