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Snowden Leak Reveals Obama Government Ordered NSA, CIA to Spy on Venezuela Oil Firm

Snowden Leak Reveals Obama Government Ordered NSA, CIA to Spy on Venezuela Oil Firm

Charles Davis and Andrew Fishman, TeleSUR

The U.S. National Security Agency accessed the internal communications of Venezuela's state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela and acquired sensitive data it planned to exploit in order to spy on the company’s top officials, according to a highly classified NSA document that reveals the operation was carried out in concert with the U.S. embassy in Caracas.

The March 2011 document, labeled, “top secret,” and provided by former NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden, is being reported on in an exclusive partnership between teleSUR and The Intercept.

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The US has been messing with Venezuela for decades.

Chavez really pissed off the Bush Dynasty when he called “W” a “terrorist”, “murderer”, “madman” and “asshole”.in 2004-2005.


They could have found out how NOT to run an oil company. PDVSA is the golden goose that was practically cooked.

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Don’t forget “el diablo”.


“El diablo estuvo aquí ayer, y huele a azufre todavía!”

  • Chavez’s speech to the UN General Assembly, 2006

Yes, I was playing the “straight man”…figured someone would mention “El Diablo” and the “smell of sulfur”!

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Edward Snowden “has blood on his hands” according to that lying, fascist and war criminal Woolsey and is guilty for helping the terrorist attacks in France, then according to that egregious logic, I guess the Stasi General can blame Snowden for exposing the National Security Agency’s spying in Venezuela!

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I can see how domestic data collection is illegal, but isn’t purpose of an intelligence agency to spy on foreign entities? which is what they actually did here?

We just moved from “whistle-blower” territory here into espionage area. I can see why Mr. Snowden is staying away from the US. One can only image the level of info the Russian got for his continuing “political asylum” and protection.

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What he said about “W” was the truth. I know it’s not nice to say that about someone but the truth hurts “W”.

Israel was not spied on. That would upset AIPAC, the Religious Right and most politicians of any party. The USA is a slave to Israel.

Yes, but when is El Diablo going to meet Justice - brave-citizen-administered summary Justice if necessary???

Ummm, USS Liberty? Want more?

WOW lamonte, amazingly there is another member here who does genuflect to Mr. Snowden. Looks like to me you called it. Anything else Mr. Snowden does to help Mr. Putin, I’m sure he will be forever grateful and take care of.

The most ridiculous thing about this “intelligence” work is that… when Chavez took over PDVSA, all his people broke in and stole the computers and all over Venezuela you could buy laptops in the street with all the documents, emails and secret information about the company. Or your second best bet was to pay anybody in the company $100 and they would give you all that information hours later. In PDVSA nobody cares about anything.