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Snowden on Mass Surveillance:


Snowden on Mass Surveillance:

Jon Queally, staff writer

Two years since he met with a trio of journalists in a Hong Kong hotel room and explained for the first time why he leaked some of the NSA's most closely-guarded secrets about its global surveillance empire, whistleblower Edward Snowden has penned an op-ed for the New York Times declaring relief that his decision was not in vain and championed those who have picked up the fight against the expansive practices of the world's most powerful intelligence agencies.


Mr. Snowden has been a hero of mine since he published his findings. I strongly held the belief from the beginning that Mr. Bush’s Total Information Awareness reaction to the various “intelligence” agencies in the US and around the world and his PATRIOT act and war propaganda were manifesting George Orwell’s vision. We were never even close to a perfect democracy in this country, but there was at least the opportunity for those of us who were independent creative thinkers to be critical of the way things are without much worry that we’d be put on a no-fly list, a dangerous persons list, a suspected terrorist list, banished from the USA and misdefined as a threat to society. Mr. Snowden’s reaction was to stand alone, if necessary. The one thing about his exposure of the ugly American was his grand efforts to “not get caught.” He’s much younger than I and was consequently not encouraged by his education to include getting caught and taking his punishment in the tradition of Thoreau, Gandhi, MLK and other great Americans. The tricks employed by timid folks not wanting to get caught at doing whatever nefarious deeds they perform are thereby confused with the bravery required to stand up against all the forces that make us fear. Winston Smith of 1984 was a sneak. This confuses the masses into concluding that Mr. Snowden’s hiding to make his revelations somehow made them improper, even traitorous. They were not. We should speak the truth to power and fear no man like Daniel Ellsberg did. Real heroism, even sainthood, lies therein. “If you’ve been to jail for justice, you’re a friend of mine.”


" Much more works needs to be done ", to paraphrase Mr. Snowden, has to be the understatement of the year. Of course, the year is only half over. Maybe we’ll hear something to top that, like Condi’s " who could of imagined… ", from 2001. But that was an outright gov’t sponsored lie ( false flag ), so maybe it doesn’t count as understatement. One thing is certain, our loss of privacy rights and the destruction of the 4th Amendment in the 21st Century, cannot be overstated. " The beatings will continue until the morale improves. "


Thank you. Brought your A game, today, it appears.


There’s probably something to be said for lifting the veil on ‘back door’ strategies in general. From ‘dark money’, secret “trade agreements” that, gee whiz, just happen to address the citizen relationship to state and federal government - by every historical measure it is time to sunset a whole slew of provisions AND revolving door players.


Bush “the idiot” will be painted as a great president for the 1%. All of his policies did everything to transfer wealth and power to these sociopaths.


Our most expensive military has not been able to defeat an enemy who does not have a formal army in years.


Beside the fact that the US has had only fraudulently justified wars in my lifetime. Instead of wars we need prosecution for our ‘for profit’ criminal wars of terror and aggression.


Most informed Americans understand that there are elements within our own government that are waging a war on freedom under the banner of a war on terror. As documented in the book, “The Secret History of the New World Order”, Jesuits wrote the Patriot Act six months before the inside 9/11 attacks, which were used as an excuse to pass the Patriot Act and create the Department of Homeland Security. The first Director of DHS was Michael Chertoff, a known Knight of Malta, which order receives their orders from the Jesuit General at the Vatican. To show that this was not a coincidence, Knight of Malta, Herbert Hoover, created the FBI and Knights of Malta, Allen Dulles and William Donovan created the CIA.


Maybe. From the NDN 6/5: There was a buzz in the Naples air Friday afternoon — an energy typically associated with sports heroes and rock stars. . . .Supporters lined Naples streets hoisting signs that read “Welcome President Bush” and “We (heart) you W,” and struggled to catch a brief glimpse of the president. Though seemingly fewer in number, critics also turned out to express their displeasure with a man who is as polarizing as he is powerful. . . . The event was held at the multimillion-dollar Naples estate of Jack Donahue, a prominent philanthropist and the co-founder of Federated Investors Inc., who is in some circles considered the father of the modern mutual fund. . . .[Alas] About 250 people turned out for Friday’s luncheon, which required a minimum contribution of $2,300. Additional tiers were set up for donors who raised more than $20,000, and more than $50,000 for Florida Republicans, according to the Lincoln Diaz-Balart campaign.

“During the two-hour luncheon, attendees dined on beef tenderloin, salad with vinaigrette dressing and a fruit tart for dessert, Lincoln Diaz-Balart campaign spokeswoman Ana Carbonell said. . . .“The president once again demonstrated that he’s a very principled leader,” Greer said as he left the fundraiser. “When he has the opportunity to convey his beliefs and what he wants to do, it’s very energizing.”. . .The message, “President Bush, Thank You for Keeping America Safe,” was written across a series of four signs on the lawn at 3901 Gordon Drive.”


Snowden seems to think we are recovering from the trauma of 9/11. In one way that is good, in another it is not so good. If the first false flag is no longer effective, the logical thing for them to do is to have another one. A repeat of the 9/11 would not be as effective. It would have to be bigger. I think we may be seeing a chemical, biological, or even a nuclear attack next time.