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Snowden Opened This Door for NSA Reform


Snowden Opened This Door for NSA Reform

Trevor Timm

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a version of the USA Freedom Act, a bill touted by its authors as surveillance reform that will end the NSA’s mass, suspicionless collection of Americans’ personal data. Given that parts of the Patriot Act expired on June 1st, and that the government is pretending the expiration is a “crisis” rather than an opportunity, President Obama [signed the bill into law soon after].


This is not to belittle this author, but look at how far down the rabbit hole we have come, that “reform” or hopes of “more reform” are deemed desirable of activities by a Deep State of governance that are on their face patently illegal according to Constitutional guarantees.

It is an acquiescence of the worst sort.


Politicians always err on the side of overkill.


How do you define overkill in this instance?


Your point drives home the repulsive realization that “their” decades long and deliberate theft of our Constitutional freedoms and rule of law through clever thought perception control is finally coming to fruition- Fascist think tanks like the Koch’s Heritage Foundation have carried out the work of notable scumbags like School of Chicago’s Milton Friedman into convincing Americans that the Libertarian type selfish and self made man is what we should be all about-There is no room for social programs, housing or feeding the poor- Austerity, gentrification of neighborhoods, privatization of anything from real estate to water is the reality on the street…
They have re-educated generations right under our noses to be ignorant of their rights and made to feel powerless to do anything about losing them- Americans have become atomized and isolated by Television, terrorized by the ubiquitous presence of police, marginalized by A Government that couldn’t care less, impoverished by Trade Agreements and Wall Street Crookery, and decensitized by War and reminders of violence- No jobs, no education, no money, no hope….The ultimate goal is to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights- All of this in the 800th Anniversary year since the signing of the Magna Carta…
We have nearly hit bottom-Where do we go from here?


We need to reduce US massive surveillance a long ways to make it
less than what the old Soviet Union did to its citizens.
It is necessary, to make democracy safe.

See http://gnu.org/philosophy/surveillance-vs-democracy.html