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Snowden: Petraeus Leaked 'Far More Highly Classified' Info Than I Did


Snowden: Petraeus Leaked 'Far More Highly Classified' Info Than I Did

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Former Gen. David Petraeus, who is on President-elect Donald Trump's expanding list for secretary of state, leaked "far more highly classified" than Edward Snowden did—and did so for no public benefit—yet spent no time in prison.


Just as we have seen with the Talibundies at Malheur engaging in crimes tacitly sanctioned by the gubmit verses Water Protectors' non criminal activities being criminalized, we see General Betrayus rewarded with a big bucks Wall Street gig and possible cabinet appointment while Snowden remains in exile.


How about another comparison: the punishments Petraeus reveived vs. Chelsea Manning.


Edward Snowden was a whistleblower who was trying to improve the United States. That is why they are throwing the book at him. Snowden was obviously a criminal.

Petraeus was just trying to make a buck (with his book) and get laid (with his book writer).
The US celebrates such actions because he was making money for himself selling out Our Country - The American Way.
Petraeus is obviously an American Hero.


The Pirate Party in Iceland, which is trying to form a coalition government, stated that it would be in favor of Snowden receiving the Nobel Prize.


"Despite awareness of this, his desire to sleep with his biographer was greater than his concern for agents' safety. He did get laid, though."
Similar to Cheney outing a covert CIA agent.
What patriots these people be.


And reydelcamino, "So it goes", as Kurt Vonnegut used to say. What would he have said if he had lived to experience the utter madness of it all.

We the people of the US are going to get a hell of a lot more of this as the Drumpf slithers on, backed by the mindless, shameless, craven US Congress and the swamp scum that will populate the Executive Branch of the US government. I feel no shame - I voted for Stein. I believe if a period of collapse envelopes this pathetic nation, it will be the end for us all, Armageddon, joyfully awaited by some who seek redemption and feared by many more others that are still in their right minds.


Petraeus, after having his misdemeanor slap on the wrist, said that he had "paid a heavy price" (!!!!!) for his "past mistake" of revealing classified information for his own personal vanity.

He "paid a heavy price." This bears repeating. He "paid a heavy price."

--And Edward Snowden, fearing for his life in exile in Russia? --And Chelsea Manning, imprisoned and abused in prison?

But Petraeus paid a heavy price. Yeah, sure, whatever you say, you ruling class lackey.


You have to love what his former superior officer, Adm. James Fallon said about this 4-star POS:

"...an ass-kissing little chicken shit!" When I repeated this to my wife she remarked "But of course, and that's how you get ahead."