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Snowden: Prepared for Prison, But Won't Serve to Discourage Other Whistleblowers

Snowden: Prepared for Prison, But Won't Serve to Discourage Other Whistleblowers

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Edward Snowden repeatedly reached out to the U.S. Department of Justice in search of a plea deal—and even expressed willingness to serve time in prison—but has so far received no response, the NSA whistleblower told BBC Panorama in an interview slated to air Monday night.

While it would send a positive message if Edward Snowden was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I would hate to see his name so tarnished by putting him in the same category as the war criminals such as Obama and Kissinger who received it in the past.


He’s a whistleblower who told the world how they’re spied on. The people who control the spies are going to want him dead.

Not that Snowden’s death would do anyone any good at all.


Why should he serve any jail time? He should get a medal.


“Others, however, have struck a far harsher tone. Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA, told Panorama in Monday’s interview that Snowden is ‘going to die in Moscow. He’s not coming home.’”

General Hayden doesn’t make that decision.


Michael Hayden is the real traitor,both to Americans and the world,but he’ll be rewarded by the corrupt system and be seen on MSM as one of the ‘serious people’ while a hero like Snowden is marginalized and in exile.


Mr Snowden has already been effectively stripped of his US citizenship without trial. For a patriot, as he is, no punishment could be worse.
I want to say, as a person who has read some of the reams of materials that were released by these whistle-blowers that they reveal astounding stupidity and most venal criminality in our foreign policy establishment. And that is quite aside from the yes-men (and women) telling the home office everything it wants to hear. It is no great wonder these insiders hate Messers Snowden, Manning and Assage so vehemently.
Even for me, hardened cynic and dissident against the regime as I am, I am constantly embarrassed at the low quality of the low life allowed to serve in the nation’s policy establishment.


Snowden brings out the hatefulness of small men, like ‘General’ Hayden, and others in the US governing elites. Lying to congress, bank fraud, bombing people and hospitals… no problem, soon forgotten, moving on…but Snowden’s deed revealed the dirt of ‘business as usual’ in the US government. The ‘dirty’ people hate to have the sun shine in on their machinations. It’s almost funny how childish and emotional these righteous killer types are when someone lifts their ‘blankie’!
Let’s hope that the world’s fair minded people will find a way to adequately reward Edward Snowden for his courage and his service to humanity - and thereby encourage others to do the same, when their humanity and love - yes, ‘love’- for people, life, a better world, commands them to act for all of us!


So would Sanders give Snowden any jail time?

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Truth-telling is often costly,and the greater the truth the higher the price. Quoting longtime activist Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015) “The only way to survive is by taking care of one another.” Edward Snowden undoubtedly shared that thought and for sharing that belief and will pay his entire life.


Edward Snowden, you are a hero of the first caliber. Do not make any deals with the Amerikan government—they lie and kill. You do not deserve one second in any prison, so do not minimize your courageous and precocious wisdom or the significance of your contributions to freeing the world. If you miss “home,” don’t waver…build a new home someplace safe, out of the insidious reach of this pathological government and their henchmen. I think you are awesome, and I don’t want one more moment of adversity for you.


I read Gen. Michael Hayden’s comment as a direct threat . I perceive him as saying that the CIA can and will reach him anywhere and kill him on the streets of Moscow . Our shadow government really has reached that level of depravity .


This is the verdict : Light has come into the world , but people loved darkness instead of light , because their deeds were evil . Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into light for fear their deeds will be exposed .

  • John 3 : 20
    Edward Snowden is certainly a bringer of light to this world and his evil government hates him for it with undying hatred .

Please, Edward Snowden, don’t make any deals with the U.S. government. They will honor any agreement with you the way they did treaties with the Indians.


Snowden would be a fool to return. U.S. officials would violate any agreement and lock him up for life.
Isn’t it ironic that in modern wars, the real heroes are hounded and persecuted by the authorities while the real criminals are lauded and allowed to retire with fat federal pensions? They write their memoirs in which they blame the unnecessary wars on everyone but themselves.
And so it goes. It’s sad, really – America had such great potential and it has become just another petty fascist state.


damn good question, i would say NOT…

Thanks, SJ. Snowden is wise beyond his years, but I’m terrified that he might hold this one teensy area of naïveté…and cave to the “deal makers” for whatever reason(s). I can’t think of any type of promise of indemnity, amnesty, forgiveness, etc. that I would trust from these snakes.


"Others, however, have struck a far harsher tone. Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA, told Panorama in Monday’s interview that Snowden is “going to die in Moscow. He’s not coming home.”

Looking at the gun-murder statistics in the USA, even if Snowden had not done what he did, he was quite possibly guaranteed a longer life-span by moving to Moscow. Ironic, really…


Maybe we need liberal organizations to create a new prize – internationally –
for whistleblowers?

We should also have some way for the public to show their support and understanding of the need for whistleblowers – their importance to our freedom and democracy.


Very much agree –
I would feel terrible if Snowden came back to imprisonment.
And I think as long as he remains free, we’re all safer.
Safer from lies they can tell about him when he could no longer speak out.
And a better example for potential whistleblowers who don’t have to imagine
giving up their lives entirely to a jail cell.
I like that he continues to speak out on issues, contributing what he knows, as well.
Thank you, Edward Snowden for efforts to get truth to the American people, despite the many sacrifices imposed upon you.
Instead, you should be rewarded for your courage.