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Snowden Revelations Led to 'Chilling Effect' on Pursuit of Knowledge: Study


Snowden Revelations Led to 'Chilling Effect' on Pursuit of Knowledge: Study

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden's 2013 mass surveillance revelations caused a drop in website browsing, particularly in internet searches for terms associated with extremism, an example of the most direct evidence yet that the spying operations exposed in the leak had a "chilling effect" on the lawful pursuit of information, an impending report has found.


Snowden advocates that people use the Tor browser. Using that engine, searches or visits to web pages are untraceable. Fear of browsing controversial sites is tied to ignorance. For those interested in it, go to https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en



Traffic Analysis can defeat Tor. You can read that on the Tor site. But it’s better than nothing. Also, keep in mind that Tor was invented by the US Navy. Back doors? You betcha.

This Peeping-Tom Government and it’s nosy sub-contractors has to go!


Wow! Thanks for info. Snowden recommended Tor in an interview. Surprised he didn’t issue the same cavea as you.



Snowden did explain how sophisticated node counting software could determine who you are on a at-length interview that I read, on the Intercept or someplace. But only the deep state has that capability, from what I gathered. Most companies and governments can’t do it. However, apparently the NSA subcontracts out 80 percent of their intell work to outfits like Booze Allen Hamilton and SAIC, Lockheed, etc, who can pin you down and do sell private info to anyone who pays for it.

Some scary chit. The mob keeps getting a hold of private data from dating services like credit cards, etc. Makes me suspect they buy it from these spook companies…


The proper response is to double or triple individual usage in seeking knowledge. They may be gathering data, but I doubt they will create the necessary number of jobs to actually plumb the data. We should be overwhelming them with our thirst for knowledge, not making their jobs easier by slacking off. We are not doing anything wrong when we search the web, and we shouldn’t be made to feel that we are. Go ahead and lock me up for researching the stories broadcast over the airwaves with an excruciating lack of detail, and an overabundance of spin. We are still free people if we choose to be.


We? What do you mean “We”? There is no we. That part of our reality died when JFK was taken out by the CIA.