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Snowden Says Cyberweapons Dump Underscores NSA Hacking Tools Are Not Secure

Snowden Says Cyberweapons Dump Underscores NSA Hacking Tools Are Not Secure

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hackers and security experts are raising alarm over a massive cyberweapons dump that they say underscores the danger of government spy agencies developing intrusive surveillance tools.

It was only a matter of time…

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Numbnuts Sackóshit Athon - do I sound sufficiently disgusted and outraged yet? Please give the autoerotics PaLLETS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, load them on a C-130 and then ask Madison Avenue and Wall Street where they want them to land!!!
How many more examples do we need of the dysfunctionality of the “profit” driven colonization of life on this planet by predatory capitalism? Zero sum games have outcomes SO PREDICTABLE that they can support speculative models ( can u say MAFIA??) till the cows come home; till the moon turns blue; until all economic advisers swirl down the drain. that might be why there is a .001% and a 99.9% in this SYSTEM


When all transactions are auto encrypted on a fully transparent exchange database as bitcoin uses, records will be visible and the access will be limited.

Truly decentralized transparent access.
Fuck the masochistic fascistic cannibalistic top down status quo.

OOneway to stay safe is to either unplug your ethernet cable to your computer after internet use or go into computer managent and turn the card off, which will turn the power off. If you dont, someone still has access even when your computer is turned off. The CIA can turn your computer, on or anyone, can turn it back on if you do neither of these simple tasks. Or you can keep believing that noone is after your information. As I’ve said in the past, they can also zombify your computer, as well as plant illegal material, and you’ll never know. Maybe it will take more cyberweapon dumps for someone to believe. Funny how I’ve said these things months before this dump. Oh well, who cares.

AND, microwave ovens ARE watching you !

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The Australian government, for one, must move to do all government business on a commonwealth government linux distribution, with open-source office tools. It is unconscionable that any department at all uses Microsoft products, infested with go-knows-what spyware.

Thank you Edward Snowden.

One correction;

… and the government’s claim that “nobody but us” has access to these surveillance tools is false now and forever.

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hacking tools are not secure … I’m shocked.