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Snowden Speaks Out for Assange: 'If You Would Deny a Thing to Your Enemy, It Is Not a Right'

Snowden Speaks Out for Assange: 'If You Would Deny a Thing to Your Enemy, It Is Not a Right'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following confirmation that the U.S. Department of Justice does have a sealed complaint against Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange—seemingly based on his work exposing the classified secrets of high-level U.S. government institutions and officials—NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on Friday afternoon spoke out against any arrest or prosecution of the journalist, saying that one "cannot support the prosecution of a publisher for publishing without narrowing the basic rights every newspaper relies on."


Snowden still deemed as a whistleblower? He a choir boy compared to the real ones that did not have to leave this country out of fear!

Odd in the strangest kind of way, that American ‘civilization’ 2018, supposedly a modern democratic state with the highest national ‘virtues’ and liberal values, has the global power, the right and might to criminalize, incarcerate, torture, and even murder a man, a journalist performing his job, who told the truth just as he should.
Dark days are here - fascism waving the bible. This normal attests to authoritarian domination. You could say this is manifest destiny. Time to change the channel.


can you please explain?

Bring the patriots home.
Let us call out the people who hate and fear monger for what they are and shame them


Today’s journalists and politicos are such pussies. Just think, what would have happened had the information leaked by Snowden, or published by wiki leaks, would have made it across the desks of Murrow, Conkite, or Ed Bradley. Do you suppose they would have published it ASAP?
You’re goddamn right they would have.


Julian Assange should not be arrested for he published news that all people and all nations needed to read. Punishing him, DOJ, does not create an innocent and blame less America. Freedom of speech has no problems with the Truth—but apparently the DOJ has a problem with it.
And too, the NY tImes and many others used Wikileaks information, is the NY Times going to be prosecuted too— the publisher and those journalists? How about the Washington Post? How about all of the media that benefited from this information?
And besides that, shouldn’t you go back in time and arrest all those war criminals that still move about freely in America, like Bush and Cheney and Powell and Hillary and Bill and Obama too? And too , let us not forget Scooter Libby who went into jail and then out pretty quickly. Imagine that, outting a CIA agent has no penalty, I guess Why is it that elected official criminals go free, and truth tellers are persecuted? Riddle me that, oh Land of the Free!


Stardust makes a good point.

Why do truth tellers face persecution and those in power with no ethical or moral direction allowed to hide behind their elitist positions, go free?

Why indeed.

The answer to this riddle is gonna hurt many to read.

The reason for this Madness is summed up in this 7 letter word: Duopoly

For 242 years We the People have collectively bought a lie that these two political parties were worthy of our support.

They are not.


I’m almost afraid to ask, but does anyone have any solid knowledge about where the 700 club’s loyalties lie?

Actually much information was withheld by editors or news division management in the past. It’s just that most folks were unaware of the withheld info. The Intelligence agencies work hand in hand with publications to stifle ‘inconvenient’ facts of the state.(secrets) The internet and independent and rogue journalists have opened the eyes of people who are really wanting to know the crimes of the state where they live. Assange represents a ‘rogue’ journalist in a unique position to ‘report’ the crimes of the state. To prosecute him trashes the 1st amendment in the most vile way possible. Snowden’s case is somewhat different. He broke certain laws to expose the state breaking laws in unlimited surveillance of every person that lives here. He certainly isn’t a spy which is what our govt is charging him with. Espionage caries severe penalties and is used to ‘make an example’ to folks the state claims are its enemy. Assange is no criminal at all. He’s a rogue journalist and a ‘thorn’ in the US’s nasty secrets.


The US government, hot on the trail of revenge, is showing its full blown fascism, Assange is not the enemy of the American people, he is in fact, their protector from the illegal, immoral and unethical ravages of the American government and its integrity challenged leaders, The terrible plans and activities of a degenerate Washington swamp need to be revealed to protect Americans from a fate worst than death, the total destruction of their social and national decency and the end of their freedom!


Think that Ed Murrow would have – but Cronkite was also intelligence.

What of Pentagon Papers/Daniel Elsberg – perhaps the last challenge to the Establishment
we’ve seen before Snowden and Assange … In all three of those cases how often does the
MSM refer to or explore the full possibilities of the betrayal of the American public which is
buried in them? In fact, Ken Burns just did a program on Vietnam for PBS where he didn’t
even mention the Pentagon Papers or the fakery of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident – and I don’t
know, was the “Phoenix Program” mentioned either?

Snowden, Manning, Assange, imo, haven’t revealed only single outrageous truths – they’ve
shown us the whole insanity of the fascism of those controlling this government.

We exist in a land of make believe here which has been true since the first days of this nation –
and that make believe is masking layers upon layers of violence and fascism, myths.

Love Snowden, but I’m not sure that he has said what he meant as clearly as he might have.
And usually what he says is 1000% clear. I get the idea that the threat to Assange is a threat
to all of our free press, but we’re talking about a government now that tortures and which is
applying thuglike and fascist rules to everything they touch and do.


Even without getting into legal rights and the implications for the rest of us,
Assange and Snowden are clearly the good guys, and on our side.

Look where that puts our government.


You can only release what you have access to. He did.

It is not always easy to get leaked information into the hands of people who will do something about it, though the presence of Wikileaks has, for now, changed that quite a bit. Snowden managed to do that.

It is extremely dangerous to release such information. Albeit with some very distinct help, Snowden managed to get to Russia and relative safety. This is also a considerable success, and an encouraging one. People who failed to leave the country accomplished nothing by that.

I don’t know what standards you wish to hold whistleblowers to. There really is no standard set, is there?

I don’t know that it makes much sense to worry or analyze which whistleblower is the best. Maybe we had best only be the whistleblowers that we ourselves might be–and hopefully that does not mean that too many of us have to participate!

Assange is not on my side.

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Depends on your definition of ‘side’. If you are on the side of those starving little children, killing school bus loads of children with drone missiles, creating millions of refuges world wide, mass murder of civilians …etc etc . It is likely, Assange is glad you are not on his.


Not –

Just what is your “side”?

A government that operates in secret isn’t a democracy.

And is basically a war on citizens.

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That’s because you are on the wrong side.

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“While everyone will have to wait and see what the charges detail…”

It’s pretty clear what law he broke: Thou Shalt Not Embarrass Your Betters By Publishing Their Own Words.

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Do you know what the charges are against him? How do you know he’s being charged merely for publishing something? I mean, what if he was part of a coordinated campaign to hack and leak proprietary information and prosecutors have clear evidence of this? He’s a thief in if that is the case, not a journalist.

We’ll have to see what the indictments actually are first, right? I’ll defend his right to a fair trial, but I want to see what he is accused of before treating him like a hero.