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Snowden's Plea to Top Technologists: Build an Internet for the People


Snowden's Plea to Top Technologists: Build an Internet for the People

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The internet is not for businesses, governments, or spies. It's for users—and it's up to the independent web engineers to keep it safe for them.

That was the most recent message from National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, who surprised a meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in Prague, Czech Republic on Monday with a webcast Q&A.


Wow! Edward Snowden, who was a supporter of arch libertarian Ron Paul, has now become a socialist! Is this for real?


The “spying” has nothing to do with security. What the NSA has been doing with data gathering has been going on for years and is well documented if you do the research. That is all a smokescreen for the more nefarious plan. All the data is collected to directly market products and services to people. By sucking up the information, “they” are able to personalize marketing and to better “capture” the consumer. Remember: in this country, it’s all about the money. He is no hero to me. He’s a product.


People evolve.


These answers are hard to believe … do they have anything to do with the subject of the story, the content of what he said? Who cares whom he supported, what he was perceived as, whether he is a hero or not – what he says now is what we are dealing with, no? He is not running for President as far as I know. Peace!


I admire Snowden because he’s just a man who saw injustice and did something about it. He simply wanted to be able to look at himself in the mirror in the morning and like what he saw. Unlike other “heroes” (soldiers who voluntarily sign up for and get paid for their dangerous exploits), Snowden sacrificed the comfort and quality of his life to improve the lives of every one of us in a real and lasting way, whether or not you actually have an internet connection.

He’s a man, and a fine one indeed, regardless of his political leanings, which I’m sure are becoming more radicalized with every passing day in exile. We need his voice; thankfully he continues to use it.

If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s interview of Snowden in Russia, check it out.


You apparently have ZERO understanding of history and why it is that corporate-totalitarian governments make vast efforts to spy on citizens.

While fascism means that corporate and state interests have merged into a relatively seamless whole, it takes military muscle to keep illegitimate government leaders in place. AND that is what the surveillance is all about. Just as FBI sends informants into Environmental Activists groups, Women’s rights organizations, and the Black community (given its earlier inroads into Civil Rights), POWER wants to know–and preempt–any potential threat to itself.

Turning the significant and quite pervasive influence of a spy-net that’s under military contractors’ control into merely the matter of selling products is a deceit and Talking Point used often in this forum (and others) likely by those paid to hide the truth. Alternative narratives are their forte and all they require is the repetition of the same Talking Points regardless of how many times they are refuted or offset by far broader, more compelling arguments… and evidence!


It’s been three years since I have commented here. Let me know if you ever evolve or become someone who responds or who can chastise with kindness. My opinions are my own and I don’t need an essay from you telling me what I need to know. BTW, we live in an oligarchy. Don’t reply. You are distasteful to me, I say in all sincerity.


Alas! Poor Edward has outlasted his usefulness. His disclosures were like a giant red pill of reality administered to an unappreciative and otherwise disbelieving world. Now, like Chelsea Manning, he has shown himself out of any useful way to hold the attention of a world that is appreciative of his courage and just as puzzled about what to do next about the implications of such disclosures as is he.