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'Snowflake' Sessions Ripped for Carving Out Anti-Dissent Safe Space at 'Free Speech' Lecture


'Snowflake' Sessions Ripped for Carving Out Anti-Dissent Safe Space at 'Free Speech' Lecture

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"To invite somebody who purports to be an authority on free speech who so profoundly misunderstands the theories and law of free speech in our country…is laughable."


Snowflake, Sxxk Axx Sessions…DJT’s Igor (grotesque countenance and all). What a malevolent monster they have created in eight-plus months in office…a time filled with hate, hubris, dishonor, cruelty, and coercion. Real gruesome creatures from the deep dark underworld. Shame on the Georgetown admin for giving this overt racist, misognynist, and homophobe a platform from which to vomit his vitriole.


Trust me Geezer,

If anyone has even the slightest belief in the Bible and it’s teachings, they will assure you that these sinners who have absolutely no remorse for their greed and hatred, surely shall burn in Everlasting Hell.


“Protected speech” in the most literal sense


Irony and hypocrisy, though endemic to their actions, are not part of the Republican lexicon – nor is shame.


During his lecture—heard by an invite-only crowd pre-selected to “ensure a sympathetic audience”—Sessions defended President Donald Trump’s attacks on NFL players protesting police brutality and racial inequities, saying: “The president has free speech rights too.”

That’s true Jeffrey, but not slander and the goon is the top law officer of the country. Justice is suppose to be blind, you and this cretin are cock eyed.


Is it really freedom of speech when others get to choose the words?


Quite true but also personal wealth and abuse of power isn’t something the Democratic Party is theoretically based on. Without removing private contributions from our campaign financing things can only get worse.


Sessions is creepy personified. His doubling down on the war on cannabis reveals his pill pushing paymasters. That along with ignoring states that have passed laws against the highway civil forfeiture ripoff of citizens by the cop police state without any crime being committed. He said about cannabis, " it’s almost as bad as heroin. Good people don’t use it." Still stuck back in reefer madness ignorant lies.


If Jeffie Baby was Paid for this speech, someone at Georgetown University has some “Splainin’ to do, Lucy”.


such a dastardly hypocrite. he and his boss make a perfect team of dum dums!


“The president has free speech rights too.” But the problem is Jeffy boy, he doesn’t know how to speak. All that comes out of his mouth is babbling like a 5 year old.


Yes, the Toddler-in-Chief is rather limited in his language skills, not to mention all of his other intellectual capacities.


Republicans control the House, Senate, Supremes, Pentagon and the rule is chaos because they do not control us. Our little tails are wagging the dog. Sessions is a nonsensical, racist, illiterate runt from Bama. Now he’s a national disease but merely the rot from the leper colony. We win. We take it back and change our world for the better. There is no other alternative. peace.


The Constitution is written at a utilitarian level of ethics: the most good for the most people, the least harm for the least. Since the 1980’s, that ethic has been betrayed. Power and money are the predominant value, serving the desires of the elite, who control government.

The government serves the elite. Judges are selected, now, in service to that elite. Most lawyers decide whether to handle a case based on money, not ethics. Try filing a lawsuit if you’re not wealthy. By inviting and protecting Sessions, Georgetown University was being loyal to its class, the powerful, the elite. They protect their own. If we are here to serve our values, the students and faculty at Georgetown need to question their values and how best to serve their values. Georgetown U is serving its values and will continue to do so. Why be angry with a refrigerator for not making toast? This is just another wake-up call. Reality is not what we were taught to believe.


There is an eerie similarity between Reagan’s bizarre babbling and Trump’s, especially in Reagan’s second term when the Alzheimer’s really became noticeable to anyone that has dealt with a relative with it.

Both are similar in age, both came out of Hollywood, both extremely activist right wing Republican pro-wealthy elite oligarchy and military hawks, both were obvious racists, both incredibly derogatory and into name-calling publicly towards anybody they don’t like, both against the Bill of Rights embedded in the Constitution…

The one big difference I see is that Reagan became more confused and less outwardly hostile (though his cabinet continued the right wing assault on sanity) but Trump seems to get visibly more violently angry with every day that passes along with his wingnut cabinet choices that push the boundaries of what used to be considered padded room time-thinking.

We are in seriously deep doo-doo. But then look at the whacked-out screeching from Hillary and how she trashes Bernie the only politician the US has worth a damn even with all his faults… Oh my yes, deep doo-doo either way, no doubt about it.

Impeach Trump and you get…Pence and a real-life version of ‘A Handmaid’s Tale.’ Anybody else look at what the guy has voted for politically? Scary!

Impeach Pence and you get…the Speaker of the House. Need I say more?

I mean, really, these are considered viable choices???


and numerous people in the current (and past) admin are still saying ‘Cannabis’ has absolutely no medical use. Absurd. Obscene. Evil to no end.


I certainly hope the left latches on to calling Sessions, “Snowflake,” whenever we refer to him.


This does not seem to be something new, maybe just taking it to another level. Since 2004, both political parties have roped off areas for protest. In Boston in 2004 (Dem convention) they had a cage of chain link fencing set up and protestors could go in there to “protest”…

The descent to a police state has been going on a long time and it is bi-partisan.


Great observation!